Lord of the Dead

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Lord of the Dead
Campaign: Act 1, Mission 4

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With Cherrystone overwhelmed, Mercia must get her people to safety.
Safely evacuate all villagers and escape Cherrystone!
Get Mercia to safety!
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Map Type: Campaign
No of Players: 1
Alliances: 1v1
Fog of War: No
Reward Stars: Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
S-Rank: 11 Turns
Aurania codex entry
Arcade mode unlock
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❮ Worst Enemies Forever
Beyond the Border ❯

Lord of the Dead is the 4th mission in Act 1 of the single player campaign.



Thumb Lord of the Dead.png


Opening cutscene:

(Enter Valder & company.)
<Valder>: So we meet at last... Queen Mercia of Cherrystone.
<Emeric>: My Queen, that's Valder, Lord of the Felheim Legion, master of the Fell Gauntlet.
<Mercia>: That's Valder?! Oh no!
<Valder>: Ragna has power, but lacks discipline.
<Valder>: I fall short on neither.
<Emeric>: This is a battle we cannot win.
<Mercia>: So we retreat... But where do we go?
<Emeric>: The Gloomwoods. It's our only option.
<Mercia>: The Gloomwoods... But...
<Caesar>: Whine...
<Valder>: Does the Queen of Cherrystone give up her throne so easily?
<Caesar>: Grrr!
<Mercia>: It's okay, Caesar.
<Mercia>: Let's start the retreat. We have no choice...

Dialogue box at start of Mercia's turn 1:

Mercia Sad.png Has word spread? Does everyone know we're leaving?
Emeric Neutral.png They do - the citizenry is already on the move.
Emeric Neutral.png They're coming via the west road, but the Felheim Legion isn't far behind.
Mercia Sad.png We have to get them out of here, fast!
Emeric Neutral.png Indeed. We had best use the Wagon to ferry them toward out Stronghold.
Emeric Neutral.png Vehicles like these cover a lot of ground, on roads especially. They're the fastest way to
Emeric Neutral.png reach the front line.
Emeric Neutral.png I suggest you climb into this one yourself, and then order it out towards the Villagers.

Dialogue box upon entering Wagon:

Emeric Neutral.png Now you can move the Wagon south, closer to the location of the Villagers.
Emeric Neutral.png The Wagon can only hold one unit at a time, and Villagers count as a unit. When you arrive,
Emeric Neutral.png exit the Wagon using 'Drop' so that the Villagers can climb aboard.

Dialogue box upon exiting Wagon:

Mercia Happy.png Okay, I made it! I'd better get these Villagers into the Wagon.
Emeric Neutral.png Yes, you can drop them off near our Barracks.
Mercia Neutral.png Now I'm here, I can look out for enemy troops.
Emeric Neutral.png Yes, and with the Wagon near the Barracks, you're able to ferry more units to your side.
Emeric Neutral.png Alternate the use of the Wagon to transport your troops to battle and the Villagers to
Emeric Neutral.png safety.
Mercia Happy.png I will! Thank you, Emeric.

Dialogue box at start of Valder's turn 1:

Mercia Sad.png The Felheim Legion! I have to protect the Villagers! What if we lose one of the groups?!
Emeric Neutral.png Go! As a Commander, you're strong enough to handle this first wave on your own.

Dialogue box at end of Mercia's turn 2:

Emeric Neutral.png More refugees have arrived on the west road, and others will follow.

Dialogue box at start of Mercia's turn 4:

Mercia Neutral.png I feel... I don't know... fired up?
Emeric Neutral.png It's your Groove, Queen Mercia - you have charged it for the very first time.
Emeric Neutral.png Grooves are a gift. Commanders like you and I charge them as we battle.
Emeric Neutral.png You must use your Groove to benefit your forces.
Mercia Neutral.png I want to use it to heal them.
Emeric Neutral.png Focus your energy and cast a Healing Aura. It will restore some measure of health to you
Emeric Neutral.png and any nearby friends and allies.
Emeric Neutral.png When used at the right time, this ability may very well turn the tide of battle.

Dialogue box upon using Healing Aura:

Mercia Happy.png That was amazing! Can I do that all the time?
Emeric Neutral.png Only when you have fought enough to charge your Groove fully.
Emeric Neutral.png The charge will slowly buid up on its own, but fighting and defeating enemies will accelerate
Emeric Neutral.png the process.
Emeric Neutral.png Therefore, if a weakened enemy is nearby, it's sensible to land the finishing blow yourself,
Emeric Neutral.png the quicker to charge your Groove.
Emeric Neutral.png But remember, we can't afford to lose you, so don't overstretch yourself.
Mercia Neutral.png Okay, I understand! Thanks, Emeric.

Dialogue box at end of Mercia's turn 4:

Mercia Neutral.png More Villagers. We'll keep you safe!

Dialogue box at end of Mercia's turn 6:

Emeric Neutral.png Another group of refugees, Your Majesty.

Dialogue box at end of Mercia's turn 8:

Emeric Neutral.png These are the last of the refugees. Once they're safe, you must escape too!

Dialogue box at start of Mercia's turn 10:

Emeric Neutral.png This weather... Valder must be near.
Emeric Neutral.png We must hurry! Though it will be harder now - our ranged ground units won't be able to fire
Emeric Neutral.png as far in sever weather...

Dialogue box at start of Valder's turn 10:

Valder Neutral.png Fleeing your kingdom... A true queen would face ruin with her head held high.
Mercia Sad.png Valder!
Emeric Neutral.png My Queen, do not engage Valder in battle.
Emeric Neutral.png You can't defeat him, but you can save these people.
Mercia Neutral.png You're right. I won't let them down!

Dialogue box upon saving last Villager:

Emeric Neutral.png That was the last of the Villagers. Time to get yourself to safety too, Queen Mercia.
Mercia Neutral.png I'm on my way.

Dialogue box upon saving Mercia:

Emeric Happy.png You've made it! Well done, my Queen.

Cutscene immediately following dialogue box:

<Ragna>: Grrr!
<Ragna>: She escaped!
<Valder>: Ragna...
<Valder>: Follow them.
<Ragna>: Yeah!
<Ragna>: I'll hunt them down and turn 'em into mincemeat!
(Exit Ragna.)
<Valder>: ...
<Valder>: Sigrid, go with her. Make sure this gets done properly.
<Sigrid>: And you...?
<Valder>: felheim needs its master. I trust you to oversee this task.
<Sigrid>: Very well.
(Exit Sigrid.)
<Valder>: ...

Cutscene following map complete screen:

<Mercia>: That was close.
<Emeric>: We can't rest here, it's not safe.
<Emeric>: And we can't return without reinforcements.
<Mercia>: Can't we just regroup and...?
<Emeric>: Valder is a skilled commander. And the gauntlet he wields is an artefact of immense power.
<Emeric>: To defeat him, we'll have to destroy it.
<Emeric>: But we haven't the strength to do that alone.
<Mercia>: So what do we do?
<Emeric>: We need to head east to Heavensong and seek aid from Empress Tenri.
<Mercia>: Tenri...
<Emeric>: Your father and the Empress were old friends.
<Emeric>: If anyone can help us, it's her.
<Mercia>: That's a long journey...
<Mercia>: But we have to try!
(Exit Mercia, Emeric and Caesar.)
(Enter Sedge.)
<???>: Fresssh prey...
(Exit Sedge.)