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Unit Icon Commander.png
Banner Cherrystone.png Cherrystone Kingdom
Mercia Portrait.png
"The well-meaning but inexperienced Queen Mercia is more at home on the battlefield than in the throne room. Having just inherited the rule of Cherrystone Kingdom, she yearns to do her late Father and her people proud."
Campaign Difficulty Difficulty Star.png
Unit Details
Mercia Battle Sprite.png
Unit Type
Mercia Map Sprite.png
Most powerful unit type. Able to charge and use a special ability. If they fall the battle is lost.
Movement: 4
Range: 1
Capture: yes
“Queen Mercia is the young daughter of King Mercival II, the legendary and beloved ruler of the Cherrystone Kingdom. She is well-meaning, but inexperienced in the matters of diplomacy. Much more comfortable on the battlefield than on the throne, she hopes she can use her energetic and fearless spirit to rule the country she has now inherited, and gain the respect of those around her.”
Development Blog

Mercia is a commander in the Cherrystone Kingdom.


See also: Grooves.

Mercia's groove is Heal Aura. When used, it heals all units in a large radius.[1]


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