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Cacophony is an ancient civilisation of Aurania, brought to ruin long ago in an event called The Great Dissonance.


Cacophony commanders include the spirits of its royal family: Maestra, Harmon, and Elodie, as well as corrupted wielders of Requiem, such as Dark Mercia. Despite having full-body Commander portraits, Maestra and Harmon are not available for regular gameplay outside specifically designed Scenarios.



Cacopony's nation controlled the West half of Aurania, including much of the land now inhabitied by the Felheim Legion, Cherrystone Kingdom, Floran Tribes, and bordered what is now known as the Lost Leagues, which was once controlled by Silmor.

Cacophonous Magic[edit]

“Our understanding of the nature and laws of Cacophonous Magic is lost, having expired along with its creators.”
Lore Codex: Magic/Tech

Cacophony was home to a unique, and forgotten school of magic, titled Cacophonous Magic. However, relics of its study remain, powering Requiem, the Fell Gauntlet, and other lost weapons built from Cacopony.

The magic is incredibly powerful, creating tools capable of incredible feats, including technological wonders (e.g. Koji's Mega Tenko), world domination, instant terraforming of a continent, and even sentience. However, it can often corrupt its users to abuse these powers for selfish, and often destructive, purposes.

Though little is known of how Cacophonous Magic works, it can often be identified by a distinctive bright, purple light that bubbles and flairs from its source.

The Cherryblade was built long ago with a magic designed to act as an opposite to Cacophonous Magic. Though this technique has also been lost, the Cherryblade remains as a seal against Requiem's calamitous domain.


While Cacophony has a unique banner, it does not have unique unit sprites; in their respective Campaign missions, Elodie takes control of re-colored units from all four main factions, Harmon uses Felheim units, and Maestra uses Heavensong units. In all other contexts, Cacophony commanders lead re-colored Cherrystone Kingdom units by default.


  • Soldier with Skin Type 1
    In the game's code, the faction only uses the Vampire White skin tone, which is used for Vampire units and undead Felheim Commanders such as Ragna and Sigrid. However, because no unit is given a Cacophony-specific variation, it instead uses Cherrystone's units, which have human skin tones.
  • In the Map Editor and game files, the Cacophony faction is called the 'Guardian' faction. This is likely in reference to Elodie as the guardian of Requiem.
  • Unlike other factions, the Cacophony faction emblem is not displayed by any of its units.