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Unit Icon Trebuchet.png
Trebuchet Battle Sprite.png
Unit Type
Trebuchet Map Sprite.png
Powerful long range unit, unable to move and attack in the same turn. Critical hit at max range.
Recruited at Barracks
Cost: Gold Icon.png 900
Movement: 6
Range: 6
Capture: No

Trebuchets are ranged vehicle ground units which cannot capture buildings. They're available to recruit from a Barracks for 900 gold.

Although they cannot capture structures, they can attack any units inside their range without moving, provided they haven't moved the same turn.

Passive Ability[edit]

They'll deal increased damage when attacking units at the outside tiles of their attack range.

Trebuchet Units[edit]

Unit Name Faction
Trebuchet Map Sprite.png Trebuchet Cherrystone Kingdom
Trebuchet Blue Map Sprite.png Trebuchet Felheim Legion
Image Missing.png Trebuchet Heavensong Empire
Image Missing.png Treebuchet Floran Tribes