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Unit Icon Rifleman.png
Rifleman Battle Sprite.png
Unit Type
Rifleman Map Sprite.png
A long-range ground unit. Can't target enemies in forests. Critical hit when down to its last shot.
Recruited at Hideout
Cost: Gold Icon.png 750
Movement: 4
Range: 9
Sight: 3
Capture: Yes
“A Rifleman spends their whole life training to become an expert marksman – watch out, you don’t want to be in this unit’s line of sight, lest you be blown across the map!”

Rifleman are ranged ground units added in the Double Trouble DLC.[1] They can capture buildings, but unlike Archers cannot move and attack during the same turn. They're unable to target enemies in forests, in the air, or in water. They're available to recruit from a Hideout for 750 gold.

Riflemen use ammo, and have three shots. They have a special command available, 'Reload' which restores their ammo to three and ends their turn.

Critical Hit[edit]

Riflemen have 3 shots of ammo, when they fire their final piece of ammo it will always critical strike.[2]

"Managing ammunition is key when working with Riflemen. Reloading at every opportunity is not always the best course of action, as the Rifleman's final bullet provides a powerful crit. These units cannot move and shoot in the same turn, so careful prepositioning is important. Also note that Riflemen are unable to target opponents standing on forest tiles."

Rifleman Units[edit]

Unit Name Faction Description
Rifleman Map Sprite.png Marksman Cherrystone Kingdom "While training, Marksmen undertake target practice from morning to night, honing their skills in order to become the finest shots Cherrystone has to offer. In addition to this, each individual recruit also works under the tutelage of smiths and artisans to build their own rifle. In this way, they learn the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of the tool upon which their lives and livelihoods rely."
Felheim Rifleman Map Sprite.png Dreadeye Felheim Legion "Initial teething problems in Felheim’s Dreadeye programme included fractured clavicles, displaced humeri, dislodged skulls and, in the severe case of one Private Ivar, full skeletal fragmentation. However, now that sufficient padding has been added to these marksmen’s tunics in order to absorb the full shock of rifle kickback, the programme is really finding its feet. Unlike Private Ivar."
Heavensong Rifleman Map Sprite.png Eagle eye Heavensong Empire "Like their avian namesake, the Eagle-Eyes are peerless hunters. Their training is rigorous and unforgiving - only the most skilled marksmen are allowed to train for the position, and only a small percentage of those individuals successfully graduate. Recruits hone their skills in patience and observation as well as accuracy to the point where they seldom miss their target. They wear the mask of the eagle as a mark of their excellence."
Floran Rifleman Map Sprite.png Gunner Floran Tribes "In your mind’s eye, picture a tree, hedge or patch of grass. Now, picture that same tree, hedge or patch of grass with a Floran Sniper in it. Take careful note of any visual differences that may occur between the first and the second mental picture. In what ways did the tree, hedge, or patch of grass change over the course of your imaginings? If your answer to this question is, "No change was visible", then you have correctly completed this exercise. If a Floran Sniper is hiding in the brush, you will not see them..."


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