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Unit Icon Commander.png
Banner Felheim.png Felheim Legion
Valder Portrait.png
"Ruling necromancer of the Felheim Legion, Valder secured control of the Fell Gauntlet at a young age and with it, the power to raise the dead. Valder aims to show the world there is more to a zombie than a shambling corpse."
Campaign Difficulty Difficulty Star.pngDifficulty Star.png
Unit Details
Valder Battle Sprite.png
Age: 34
Height: 168 cm (5'5")
Favorite Thing: The Fell Gauntlet
Least Favorite Thing: Oranges
Unit Type
Valder Map Sprite.png
Most powerful unit type. Able to charge and use a special ability. If they fall the battle is lost.
Movement: 4
Range: 1
Sight: 4
Capture: Yes
“Valder is the ruler of Felheim, and wielder of the Fell Gauntlet. A combination of keen intellect, consummate martial skill, and potent magics makes him a singularly capable and intimidating foe.”
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Valder is a commander in the Felheim Legion. Control over the vast masses of the undead falls to whoever wields the Fell Gauntlet, and Valder secured it at a young age.[1]


Valder is the ruler of Felheim, and wielder of the Fell Gauntlet. A combination of keen intellect, consummate martial skill and potent magics make him a singularly capable and intimidating foe.

Valder grew up in a 'fallow era' - so named because the Gauntlet's whereabouts were unknown in this period. In fallow eras, Felheim always became turbulent. Pockets of civility remained, but were adrift on a sea of rampant savagery. The dead, unchecked and ungoverned, wreaked havoc, forcing the living into acts of desperation.[2]


Valder's Groove is Raise Dead, creating an allied, full-health Soldier unit adjacent to him, which can act immediately.

Raise Dead charges very quickly, allowing Valder to rapidly increase the size of his army should he remain aggressive. Raised skeletons are able to move and attack on the same turn they're raised and thus allow Valder to strike a foe many tiles away.

Animation Groove Name Description Range Charge Speed
Groove Animation Valder.gif Raise Dead Valder raises a skeleton from the ground. The skeleton is immediately active. ☐☐☐▧☐☐☐
Very Fast


  • Valder is voiced by Sean Chiplock.[3]


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