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Unit Icon Commander.png
Banner Requiem.png Requiem
Elodie Portrait.png
"Guardian of Requiem"
Campaign Difficulty
Unit Details
Elodie Battle Sprite.png
Age: Dead
Height: 198 cm
Favorite Thing: Music
Least Favorite Thing: Requiem
Unit Type
Elodie Map Sprite.png
Most powerful unit type. Able to use a special ability. If they fall the battle is lost.
Movement: 4
Range: 1
Sight: 4
Capture: yes
“The phantom princess of the fallen nation of Cacophony, Elodie is bound to the ruinous weapon, Requiem. To protect the world she died for, she will wield it against anyone she believes might covet the cataclysmic power it commands.”

Elodie is a commander and the Princess of Cacophony, a kingdom that was lost thousands of years ago. She sacrificed herself to the mystical weapon known as Requiem, tethering her soul to it in order to become its guardian. Now a wraith, Elodie exists solely to prevent anyone else from falling victim to Requiem's corrupting influence and becoming its new wielder.

Elodie's army does not have unique sprites and is composed of re-colored units taken from each of the four main factions. Elodie is unlocked by completing the Campaign mission An Ancient Adversary.


Elodie's Groove is Nocturne of Woe, which entrances an adjacent enemy unit and brings it under her control, allowing it to be used as a standard unit in her army for as long as it survives.

Animation Groove Name Description Range Charge Speed
Groove Animation Elodie.gif Nocturne of Woe Requiem entrances an enemy unit, bringing it under Elodie's control. ☐☐☐▧☐☐☐


  • Elodie is voiced by Rachael Messer.[1]
  • Elodie and her history were hinted at before the release of Wargroove by a series of rhyming couplets at the end of some development blog posts, which can be combined to form a short poem:
“Born to a dynasty soon to fall,
My kingdom lost to ruin’s thrall…”
Dev Blog: Return of the Progress Report
“I lived a life eclipsed by war
And bear its scars forever more.”
Dev Blog: Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus
“And now in darkness I reside,
Sacrificed to turn the tide…”
Dev Blog: That’s a real head-scratcher!
“A memory of long ago…
A jailer shackled to her foe.”
Dev Blog: New Website & Steam Page Live!
“While evil sleeps I will remain,
And when it wakes I’ll rise again…”
Dev Blog: Speaking your language!


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