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Unit Icon Commander.png
Banner Outlaws.png Outlaws
Vesper Portrait.png
"Sly, deceitful and abrasive, Vesper certainly makes an impression - not least because this notorious criminal is capable of conjuring a demonic smoke beast with just a whip and a flourish. A real bête noire, n'est-ce pas?"
Campaign Difficulty
Unit Details
Vesper Battle Sprite.png
Age: 36.
Height: 165 cm.
Favorite Thing: Fumomancy.
Least Favorite Thing: Pop psychology.
Unit Type
Vesper Map Sprite.png
Most powerful unit type. Able to use a special ability. If they fall the battle is lost.
Movement: 4
Range: 1
Sight: N/A
Capture: yes
“... the maleficent Vesper.”

Vesper is a commander in the Outlaws. She was the third commander revealed in the DLC Double Trouble.[1]

Vesper uses a whip which can summon smoke creatures.


"Do we ever truly cast aside the dreams of our childhood? To consign something so powerful to the void of nothingness is surely beyond the might of common man. No, they are part of us, and cannot be so easily discarded. These dreams, we carry them always, to be buoyed or burdened by them as we may." -Algar Bode - writer, philosopher, cat enthusiast. A clearing, in a wood, in the Lost Leagues of Aurania, two small children are playing. One, a little boy with pale blue-green hair, is hunkered down watching a beetle climbing through the moss. Occasionally he tries to herd the beetle, prodding at it with the tip of a twig. The beetle entirely ignores his efforts. A few feet away, a white-haired little girl is clambering up a fallen tree trunk, ascending the gentle slope on hands and knees. When she reaches the highest point she can, she stands - proudly surveying the conquered clearing. It is only now she takes notice of the little boy. Quietly, with clumsy movements, she begins to conjure something - a shifting, dense ball of pitch-black smoke. She takes careful aim. She launches her missile. The smoke strikes the little boy squarely on the back of the head. Exploding on impact, it engulfs the child in a noxious cloud, instantaneously covering him head to toe in soot. There is a brief moment of shocked silence, and then the girl bursts into a fit of laughter. The boy wheels round, a mossy clod of earth clutched in his hand. He sends the clod hurtling through the air, hitting the girl in the face and sending her, sputtering, backwards off of the tree trunk. In the ensuing chaos, amidst the hurled debris of dirt, dust and smoke, a friendship is born. As children, Vesper and Wulfar shared a deep kinship. They were energetic, intelligent children who were deeply proud of their outlaw heritage. Both wanted to lead the clan one day, and they often spoke of taking turns - one year on, one year off - so that they could each do so without having to run against each other in the elections for chieftain. They were best friends, and always there for one another. It was Vesper who summoned a three-headed smoke dog to chase Ronny Hinchcliff up a tree after he had knocked Wulfar down over a game of marbles. And it was Wulfar who snuck into Old Man Kilgar’s back yard to retrieve Vesper’s kite when it fought free of her grip and sailed recklessly into the oak tree that graced the cantankerous old man’s back garden. They were never stuck, or scared, or lost when the other was around. Then, when they were 15, things changed. That year, a new family joined their clan. The family's youngest daughter was called Alia, and she was of an age with Vesper and Wulfar. Alia was smart, funny and kind, and could bury a spear five inches into a tree trunk from 20 paces. Vesper was smitten. Then, as now, Vesper was almost obnoxiously forward. Yet somehow, when it came to Alia, she was unable to speak her mind. She became flushed, nervous and tongue-tied each time she tried to tell Alia how she felt. The longer they knew each other, the deeper Vesper’s adoration grew, and the more difficult it became to admit to Alia how she truly felt. One night, after more than a year of friendship, Vesper summoned all her courage, and made her way to Alia’s house, treading the well-known path to her friend’s front door as the evening shadows lengthened. She climbed the front step and raised her hand to knock, pausing abruptly when she heard voices from the back garden. The voices where soft and low, but instantly recognisable - it was Alia and Wulfar. Vesper crept around the side of the house, hugging the shadows. Reaching the back garden, she peered around the corner. From her dark vantage point she could see her two friends. They sat together, lit from behind by the sun’s dying light, dark figures wreathed in gold. They were sitting so close to one another - heads together, holding hands, fingers intertwined, speaking softly. They looked like one being, whole and content. The excited nerves she’d felt in anticipation of speaking to Alia had dissipated, replaced by a leaden feeling in her stomach. Alia and Wulfar were in love. Vesper lost control. Smoke began to flow from her fingertips. Tenuous wisps building to a roiling flood that drowned the golden light of dusk and swallowed her whole. The air turned to poison. The cloud enveloped Wulfar and Alia before they even knew it was upon them, putrid fumes burning their lungs. They stumbled blindly through the smoke, Wulfar dragging Alia, coughing and sobbing, out of the rancid cloud. He recognised the magic. He called for Vesper, but she didn’t answer. He stumbled back into the toxic darkness, but stayed barely a moment before he was forced to lurch back out again, hacking and spluttering, gasping for breath. He need not have bothered with this rescue attempt - Vesper had fled. She and Wulfar would not see each other again for another two decades."


Vesper's Groove is Smoke Shroud.

This groove uses a magical smoke to make units within this smoke untargetable and cannot be counter-attacked for one turn. It can be placed anywhere on the map and has a 2 square radius.

However, in the Double Trouble Campaign mission, Vesper uses her Groove to summon two fragile Smoke sisters as opposed to using smoke shroud. The smoke sisters are able to use smoke shroud though.