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Hideouts are a structure which allow recruitment of Thieves and Riflemen. It was added in the Double Trouble DLC [1]Units can be purchased using gold, provided the player controls the building.

After recruitment, the player must select a tile outside the building to place the new unit on. Each building can only recruit one unit per turn. Hideouts can be captured and controlled in the same way Villages can. Hideouts must be adjacent to a land tile in order to deploy units.

Available Units[edit]

Appearance Description Cost Move Range Effective Vulnerable
Rifleman Map Sprite.png
Felheim Rifleman Map Sprite.png Heavensong Rifleman Map Sprite.png Floran Rifleman Map Sprite.png A long-range ground unit. Can't target enemies in forests. Critical hit when down to its last shot. 750 4 9
Thief Thief Map Sprite.png Felheim Thief Map Sprite.png Heavensong Thief Map Sprite.png Floran Thief Map Sprite.png A vulnerable unit that cannot attack, but is able to steal 300 gold from any enemy building - and 1000 when ransacking a Stronghold! 400 6
Appearance Description Cost Move Range Effective Vulnerable


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