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Towers are a structure which allows recruitment of air units. Units can be purchased using gold, provided the player controls the building.

After recruitment, the player must select a tile outside the building to place the new unit on. Each building can only recruit one unit per turn. Towers can be captured and controlled in the same way Villages can.

“What's an airport, again?”
— Andy, from Advance Wars

Available Units[edit]

Appearance Description Cost Move Range Effective Vulnerable
Unit Icon Balloon.png
Balloon Map Sprite.png Felheim Balloon Map Sprite.png Heavensong Balloon Map Sprite.png Floran Balloon Map Sprite.png Aircraft able to transport all ground units. 500 6 0
Unit Icon Harpy.png
Harpy Map Sprite.png Vampire Map Sprite.png Tengu Map Sprite.png Floran Aeronaut Map Sprite.png Immensely mobile units, useful for crossing enemy lines. Critical hit when above a mountain. 600 5 1
Sky Rider
Unit Icon Witch.png
Witch Map Sprite.png Wraith Map Sprite.png Stormowl Map Sprite.png Floran Sky Rider Map Sprite.png Air-to-air unit. Critical hit when target is not adjacent to its own allied witch. Hex deals 10% damage to all unit types. 800 7 1
Unit Icon Dragon.png
Dragon Map Sprite.png Hellbat Map Sprite.png Ryuu Map Sprite.png Floran Dragon Map Sprite.png Incredibly powerful air-to-ground unit. Critical hit when target is standing on a road. 1,250 8 1
Appearance Description Cost Move Range Effective Vulnerable