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An injured unit restoring health by reinforcing using a building's HP.

Buildings are a special tile type which can generate income or recruit units. Villages which are not under the player's control can be captured by moving an eligible unit beside the building and selecting the "Capture" option. Buildings are colored to represent the faction which controls them. Buildings which are not owned by a faction will appear colored gray.

Building Types[edit]


Strongholds are special buildings which trigger a win when captured. They are the largest building type and have a unique appearance for each faction. They can be attacked like any other structure by moving a unit to a tile beside it and selecting "Capture". Strongholds are usually well protected, and breaking moving past an enemy defense to capture is often difficult.

HQ Cherrystone Kingdom.png
HQ Felheim Legion.png
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Cherrystone Kingdom Felheim Legion Heavensong Empire Floran Tribes


The primary purpose of Villages is to generate income. Each Village that a faction owns will earn them gold at the beginning of each of their turns. Neutral Villages earn no gold for any faction until they are captured. Capturing enemy Villages is a standard tactic for reducing an enemy faction's income and slowing the growth of their army.

Unit Recruitment[edit]

Special building types allow the player to recruit new units using gold. Each unit building can only recruit their designated type (Land, Air, or Naval) once per turn. Recruited units spawn in one of the four tiles directly adjacent to the building, provided the selected tile is unoccupied.

Barracks Produces Land Units.
Tower Produces Air Units.
Port Produces Naval Units.
Hideout Produces Thieves and Riflemen.


All structures can be captured by any faction. Neutral structures have no health and can be captured in a single turn. Owned structures must have their health reduced to zero before they can be captured, and will counterattack adjacent enemy units that attack them, adding an element of risk to the act of capturing. Upon capture, a structure will acquire half of the health of the capturing unit; capturing units do no give up any of their own health during capturing. Owned structures regain 10% health every turn.

Most units can attack structures, but only walking humanoid ground units can capture them.


When a turn begins, the number of buildings owned by the active faction is added up and an allotment of gold is added to that faction's total. Exactly 100 gold is generated per owned village and stronghold, unit-producing buildings do not generate gold. Earned gold can be stockpiled or re-invested into unit recruitment, reinforcement, or the activation of certain units' spells and certain commanders' Grooves.

Unit Reinforcement[edit]

Injured units will display their hit points over their map image. Units can be healed by moving adjacent to a friendly building and choosing "Reinforce". This will drain health from the city to heal the unit, and it will also cost the unit a proportional fraction of the gold cost of the unit. For example, healing a unit with half health will cost half that unit's total cost.[1]


When a building is under attack, the armed forces within the building's Garrison will counter-attack. Unlike combat units, the Garrison does not get attacked, so it always counters at full power, regardless of the health of the building.