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Welcome to the official wiki for Wargroove.

A player maintained resource which anyone can edit! We currently have 129 articles about the turn-based strategy game developed by Chucklefish.

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PC Version: 1.2.5 (Updated 1 April 2019)
Nintendo Switch Logo.png Switch Version: 1.2.4 (Updated 27 March 2019)
Xbox One Logo.png Xbox One Version: 1.2.5 (Updated 31 March 2019)
PS4 logo.png PS4 Version: Coming Soon
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Wargroove is a turn-based strategy game for up to 4 players, in which each player takes control of an army and its commander unit to wage war on their enemies! Wargroove is extremely easy to pick up, with accessibility at the forefront of its design, and very difficult to master, with deep gameplay mechanics that complement strategic play.

Wargroove is a modern take on the simple yet deep turn-based tactical gameplay popularized in the 2000s by handheld games such as Advance Wars. It recreates the charm and accessibility of the titles that inspired it whilst bringing modern technology allowing for higher resolution pixel art, robust online play and deep modding capability into the formula.

Launch Trailer Development Blog
Community Maps Spotlight #4

Hi all! Fresh from a quick trip to GDC, we’re back again with another Community Maps Spotlight to show off some cool maps we’ve seen recently. Before we get into it, we wanted to take a...
superconsole 2019-04-02 17:17:29
Community Maps Spotlight #3
Hello everyone! We’ve got another Community Maps Spotlight to share some player created content. Recently, NintendoLife held a custom map competition. We checked out some of the submissions a...
Katzeus 2019-03-08 15:15:34
QOL 1.2.0 Patch Out Tomorrow
Hi all, Shortly after launch Tiy mentioned in a blog post that we were working on a quality of life patch, combining some community feedback we received and adjustments we wanted to make. Well go...
superconsole 2019-03-05 18:33:55
Community Maps Spotlight #2!
Hello again everyone! It’s time to see what you’ve all been up to with another Community Maps Spotlight! Let’s get straight to it… 1.  Advance Wars Mission 1: It’s Wa...
superconsole 2019-02-22 19:08:36
The AI of War
Hey folks, Tom here! Today I’m going to share my experience of working on the AI with you. I came to the Wargroove team fairly late, switching over from Stardew Valley once work on the multiplaye...

tccoxon 2019-02-20 17:41:26

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