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Stats are attributes which determine how powerful a units attacks are, and how strongly they can defend against incoming attacks.


Health in Wargroove not only determines how close the unit is to defeat, but also directly scales the unit's attack power. The lower a unit's health the lower it's attack power will be.

All units have 100 health, which is rounded to the nearest 10 and displayed next to them on the game map. Units which have no health displayed are at full health.

When a unit reaches zero health they'll be defeated and removed from the battlefield.


Attack power is how much damage a unit will deal when issued an attack order.

The amount of damage inflicted takes into account the attacker's current health, the attacking unit's effectiveness vs the defending unit, and any damage modifiers that may be in effect.

Examples of damage modifiers include

  • Weather
  • Terrain Defense
  • Critical Hit Conditions


Defense against attacks is determined by two things - the effectiveness of the attacking unit type and the terrain the unit being attacked is stationed on.

Defense is indicated by shield icons in the terrains description. Each shield indicates a damage reduction of 10%, upt to a maximum of 40%.

Some terrain types increase a unit's vulnerability - this is indicated with skull icons. Each skull icon indicates that the unit will take an additional 10% damage, up to a maximum of 40%.