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There are several gameplay modes. They are split, by the main menu, into 2 main categories.

Single Player[edit]


Fight foes as you journey across Aurania!

Play the main Wargroove campaign or Custom campaigns you made or downloaded.


Pick a commander and hunt a mysterious weapon!

Unlocked by playing the main campaign - Act 1, Mission 4

Pick a commander and fight a line-up of ?? commanders on 1v1 maps.


Unlocked by playing the main campaign - Act 3, Mission 3


See the Multiplayer page for more detailed info!


Play the game locally with up to 4 players!


Play online with people around the world!

Quick play[edit]

Play a 1v1 match with turn-timers (i.e not Asynch)

Host game / Join by Code[edit]

Create or join a player made game/lobby, where the host can choose a map and customize its settings.

Other players can then join by entering the Join by Code option in the multiplayer menu, using the code the host has shared (there is no way to share the code in-game, i.e no friends-list, lobby etc).

Players can also join to spectate. This is done by using the Join by code option and then not selecting a commander.