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Gameplay modes are the rulesets and model for gameplay within WarGroove. WarGroove includes a large variety of modes, each with their own options and variety of content.

Within each mode, a different experience is provided, such as player-versus-player competition, story-telling, and content creation. These modes can contain both content provided with the game, and downloadable content created by other users, providing many possibilities in each one.


Story modes, found under the Story menu, provide specialised player experiences, including adventures through campaigns, and puzzles to solve. Story modes offer unlockable content, to earn Stars to use in the Gallery, gameplay options, and more!


See also: Campaign
“Fight foes as you journey across Aurania!”

Campaigns are lengthy multi-mission adventures. They provide the central story and setting of WarGroove, along with varied combat scenarios to introduce mechanics, or provide unique challenges.

In campaigns, you can adjust their difficulty to match the player's skill level, and earn ranks based on the completion speed on missions.


See also: Arcade
“Pick a commander and hunt a mysterious weapon!”
Unlocked by completing Act 1, Mission 4: Lord of the Dead in the Main Campaign

In Arcade mode you play as a Commander through a series of 5 1-versus-1 skirmishes against the AI, generated from a random selection of maps.

The run can be set to one of three difficulties, changing the gold your opponent receives.

Completing a run will reward you with your chosen Commander's theme song in the Jukebox, and Stars based on the difficulty of a completed run.

Characters to play as in Arcade mode are unlocked through the Main Campaign and Co-op Campaign


See also: Puzzle
“Try to solve these mind-bending logic puzzles!”
Unlocked by completing Act 3, Mission 3: High Vampire of the West in the Main Campaign

A series of specially-crafted combat scenarios where the objective must be completed in only a single turn!

The game comes with 25 official puzzles of progressively increasing difficulty, each rewarding 1 Star.

If you download any puzzles from the custom content browser, you can also find them listed here.


See also: Multiplayer

Multiplayer modes, found under the Multiplayer menu, provide skirmish maps and environments for co-operative and competitive gameplay. This is also where some special Scenario maps can be found, featuring their own gameplay rules and mechanics.


“Play the game locally with up to 4 players!”

Local play allows you to quickly set up games with, or against, other players and the AI.

This is also where you can play special Scenario maps, with unique rules, either to play with others, or as a solo experience.

Local games can also be played with Steam's Remote Play.


“Play online with people around the world!”

Online you can set up skirmishes, campaigns, and multiplayer scenarios with other WarGroove players.

You can creative lobbies to invite players privately, or open to the public for any player to join.

There is also a Quick Play option, to automatically match up with other players, with a generated set of rules and map.

Custom Content[edit]

The Editors and custom content browser, found under the Custom Content menu, allow players to develop their own creations and content for the game, and upload them online to share and play together.


“Create your own maps and campaigns!”

Editors are provided to develop user-made content, which can be played locally, or shared online through the Share mode.

The Map Editor allows designing Skirmish, Puzzle, and Scenario maps for 1 to 8 players, with custom map layouts, and scripts made through the Event Editor.

The Campaign Editor can create a full Campaign though in-game tools. The campaign can contain many individual maps, using the same Map Editor tools, and allow campaign-specific behaviours to link missions together and create persistent rules and progression systems.


“Share or download player-made content online!”

Original, player-made content of all types is shared through the custom content browser, and stored online to be downloaded immediately for play, both locally and online.

Players can rate maps and give scores, to help users find favourite maps.

Some maps are Featured, sharing the best recent creations the developers have seen, and providing easy access to high-quality content for players.