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Stars (Menu Icon Achievements.png) are a type of currency rewarded for completing activities in Wargroove. In total, there are 200 stars to obtain.

How to acquire[edit]

There are four ways to earn stars.

  • Campaign
    • 99 Menu Icon Achievements.png
    • Clearing each Campaign mission rewards between 1-3 stars at default or harder difficulty settings. Earning an A or S rank will always reward the full 3 stars. There are 33 missions, and therefore 99 total stars in the Campaign.
  • Arcade
    • 75 Menu Icon Achievements.png
    • Clearing Arcade maps rewards stars based on difficulty. 1 star is rewarded for Easy, 2 for Normal, and 2 for Hard, for a total of 5 stars per commander.
  • Puzzle
    • 25 Menu Icon Achievements.png
    • 1 star is rewarded for each Puzzle map that is cleared.
  • Fish Codex entries
    • 1 Menu Icon Achievements.png
    • After unlocking Mercival as a commander, his Groove can be used to catch fish from an adjacent water tile. Each caught fish unlocks a new entry in the Fish tab of the Codex. A single star is rewarded after the 18th and final fish is caught.


The primary use of stars is spending them to unlock illustrations in the Gallery. Reaching certain thresholds in the number of acquired stars also unlocks other features.

  • 100 Menu Icon Achievements.png - When at least 100 stars have been collected, the epilogue mission The Enemy Within will unlock in the Campaign.
  • 151 Menu Icon Achievements.png - When at least 151 stars have been collected, the unlock process for Mercival is activated.