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The Codex is a collection of information on Commanders, Units, Terrain, Lore, and the Rules of Wargroove. Codex entries can be unlocked or expanded by completing Campaign missions and Arcade runs.

Menu Icon Commanders.png Commanders[edit]

See also: Commanders (Codex)

The Commanders section of the Codex provides detailed information on the backgrounds and gameplay features of each Commander in the game.

Menu Icon Units.png Units[edit]

See also: Units (Codex)

The Units section covers lore backgrounds on the armies of each faction, along with gameplay information and data about the various cunits in the game.

Menu Icon Terrain.png Terrain[edit]

See also: Terrain (Codex)

Menu Icon Codex.png Lore[edit]

See also: Lore

Menu Icon Fish.png Fish[edit]

See also: Fish

The Fish section of the Codex consists of 18 collectible fish (and other objects) which can be obtained by using the Gone Fishing Groove to catch fish. Once all 18 fish have been collected, the game's 200th star is granted.

Menu Icon Rules.png Rules[edit]

See also: Rules (Codex)

The Rules section provides tutorials and introduces various mechanics about the game, as a look-up guide for any information needed to play the game.