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“Fight foes as you journey across Aurania!”
Menu Campaign.png

Cutscene Cherryblade.png Main Campaign[edit]

See also: Main Campaign

The core Campaign of WarGroove, following the journey of the warrior Mercia and her friends after a war breaks out between nations.

It provides tutorialisation on controls, combat mechanics, and units. It has 21 main missions, and 12 side missions, giving 33 missions in all!

Completing these missions also grants Stars and various unlocks, including other game modes, Codex entries, Arcade characters, and more!

Gizmo Chest Inactive.png Co-op Campaign[edit]

See also: Co-op Campaign

Provided in the Double Trouble DLC, an additional campaign following a family of Outlaws: Wulfar the chieftain, and his young twins, Errol and Orla, as they pull off heists across the continent.

The Co-op Campaign can be played alone, or with a friend, Locally or Online. It is split into 4 routes, and has a total of 10 missions.

Completing these missions also grants additional Stars and access to the Double Trouble Commanders in Arcade mode.

Balloon Map Sprite.png Custom Campaign[edit]

See also: Campaign Editor

Players can create, share, and play their own custom campaigns, following their own stories with new people in new lands!

Custom campaigns can be made in the Campaign Editor. Any you have downloaded through the Custom Content browser or as a mod can be accessed here to be played.

Campaign Medal A.png Rankings[edit]

Each of the ranked medals

Upon completing a Campaign mission, the player is awarded a rank. The rank awarded is determined by the turns taken to complete the mission, and the current difficulty setting. Completion of a mission is marked by a flag being raised on the mission icon. The flag will be a golden colour if the mission was completed with an S rank, otherwise it will be red.

Rank Stars awarded Flag Turn limit
Campaign Medal S.png S Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png Campaign S-Rank Flag.png Determined by mission.
Campaign Medal A.png A Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png Campaign Flag.png ×1.2
Campaign Medal B.png B Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png Campaign Flag.png ×1.4
Campaign Medal C.png C Menu Icon Achievements.png Campaign Flag.png ×1.8
Campaign Medal D.png D Campaign Flag.png ×2.2
Campaign Medal E.png E Campaign Flag.png

An S Rank is only achievable on a minimum of Hard difficulty, and if the player won without loading from any Checkpoints.[1] If either of these conditions is not met, the player will be limited to an A rank. Missions can replayed at any time to earn higher rankings and the full amount of stars.

Difficulty Hard.png Difficulty Settings[edit]

Campaign difficulty can be adjusted between missions through three setting sliders:

Difficulty Setting Range Description
Difficulty Damage.png Damage Received 20% - 300% The amount of damage player units receive from attacks, sliding lower reduces damage as low as 20% of normal, or it can be increased to 300%,
Map Initial Gold.png Income 500-0 Earned income per building at the beginning of the turn. Default is 100, but can be to 500 gold per turn (easier) or down to 0 (extremely hard).
Difficulty Groove.png Groove Charge 500% - 0% Groove charge time

By moving a slider to the left, the game will be made easier, and moving the slider to the right will be more difficult, with 100 as the default value for each setting.

Difficulty Modes[edit]

The intended and Default Wargroove experience is Hard difficulty, with all settings unchanged. Additional difficulties provide an easier gameplay experience but restrict the available completion awards.

Custom difficulty that lets the player set the sliders freely. Adjusting the sliders to easier modes reduces the maximum number of stars that can be obtained per mission from three to one, however there are no benefits for setting a custom difficulty above Hard (Default) Mode.

Difficulty mode Difficulty Damage.png Damage Received Map Initial Gold.png Income Difficulty Groove.png Groove Charge Maximum award
Difficulty Hard.png Hard (Default) 100% 100 100% Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png and Campaign S-Rank Flag.png S-Rank achievable
Difficulty Medium.png Medium 80% 100 120% Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
Difficulty Easy.png Easy 70% 150 150% Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
Difficulty Story.png Story 30% 150 200% Menu Icon Achievements.png
Difficulty Custom.png Custom Any Any Any Depends on settings