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Menu Gallery.png

The Gallery is a special menu for viewing portraits and sketches from during the game's development, which can be unlocked using Stars Menu Icon Achievements.png.

There are a total of 92 images to unlock.

Images 76 to 92 are included with the Double Trouble DLC.


Gallery images can be unlocked in any order. The unlock requirement will increase by 2 to 3 Stars for every image unlocked, requiring a total of 200 Stars to unlock all images. Some images require additional conditions to be met before they can be unlocked using Stars.

Some Gallery images can only be unlocked after additional requirements are met. Once the condition is fulfilled, they can be unlocked using Stars like other images. These include images that contain spoilers for the game's Main Campaign.

Pages Title Additional unlock conditions
43 - 46 Elodie Concept Art Complete An Ancient Adversary
47 Intro Movie Production Art - Elodie Complete An Ancient Adversary
48 - 49 Dark Mercia Concept Art Complete The Enemy Within



  • While there is an unlock requirement for the unlockable Commanders Elodie and Dark Mercia, no such requirement exists for Enid whose identity is kept secret until the end of the Co-op Campaign.
  • The 200 stars requirement is a fixed value regardless of number of images, the required amount to unlock another image is based proportionally on the total available (i.e. if it totalled 100 images, every image would take precisely 2 additional stars).
  • Greenfinger is the only Commander featured in the intro movie who does not feature any Intro Movie Production Art.
  • Nuru is the only Commander who doesn't feature any Concept Art.
    • This is likely because Nuru was already a fully-designed character from Starbound[1] and did not need new concept art.