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Enid Cat.png

Enid is a cat, owned by Wulfar, Errol, and Orla. She was found by them as a kitten, and quickly became an important part of the family, and a beloved member of their tribe.

In the Co-op Campaign, Enid was kidnapped by Vesper and held for ransom until Wulfar, Errol, and Orla performed four major heists, setting the premise for the campaign.


“Wulfar found Enid when she was a kitten - a tiny, damp, shivering ball of fluff curled up in the draughty shelter of the family wood store.”
Codex, Enid

Enid was a stray cat, adopted by Wulfar whom nursed her back to health. Since then she gradually became a part of their family dynamic, playing with Orla and relaxing with Errol, but ever dependent on Wulfar for food and safety. Enid is well-known among Wulfar's clan,[1] and is an enthusiastic climber.[2]

Contrary to many cats, Enid shows no fear of Caesar, despite him being a dog.[1]


  • Enid is thematically opposite to Caesar, being a defenceless cat from the Outlaws with black fur, compared to a commander dog of the lawful Cherrystone with white fur.
  • Enid wears a gold coin on her collar, similar to Errol's pendent and the title screen of Double Trouble.


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