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Banner Outlaws.png Outlaws
Wulfar Portrait.png
"Chief Wulfar is the leader of Aurania’s largest and oldest outlaw clan. Standing more than 7 feet tall and wielding his great stone battle-hammer, he certainly cuts an imposing figure."
Campaign Difficulty
Unit Details
Wulfar Battle Sprite.png
Age: 36
Height: 220 cm
Favorite Thing: Just parity between fellow souls.
Least Favorite Thing: Puns.
Unit Type
Wulfar Map Sprite.png
Most powerful unit type. Able to use a special ability. If they fall the battle is lost.
Movement: 4
Range: 1
Sight: N/A
Capture: yes
“Wulfar is the Chief of the largest and oldest Outlaw clan in Aurania. He stands enormously tall and uses his colossal strength to wield his weapon of choice – a massive stone hammer. It may seem a clumsy instrument, but years of training allow him to wield it with expert precision.”
Development Blog

Wulfar is a commander in the Outlaws. He was the first commander revealed in the DLC Double Trouble.[1]


For as long as there have been laws, there have been outlaws. Nowhere is this fact better illustrated than in Wulfar's lineage. It was more than a century ago that Wulfar's great grandfather, Magnus "Bluetounge" Pasternak, an infamous pirate captain, left his life on the high seas to settle in The Lost Leagues. There, he married Wullfar's great grandmother, the shepherdess and renowned smuggler Mary Meyrick. These are but two individuals in the vast web of buccaneers and bootlegers, crooks and cutpurses that constitute Wulfar's family tree.


Wulfar's Groove is Tee Off.

This groove uses his hammer like a supercharged golf club, launching his target across the map, dealing damage to both the target and any enemies they land near. With one fell swoop of the hammer, Wulfar can launch ground units into the ocean to immediately defeat them or swing at allies to reposition them during battle.


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