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Errol & Orla
Banner Outlaws.png Outlaws
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"With feisty Orla on the attack and thoughtful Errol defending, these twins are a force to be reckoned with."
Campaign Difficulty
Unit Details
Errol and Orla Battle Sprite.png
Age: 10.
Height: Orla, 141 cm, Errol, 141.5 cm.
Favorite Thing: Orla: A wee brawl. Errol: Pancakes
Least Favorite Thing: Orla: Time out. Errol: A brawl of any size.
Unit Type
Errol and Orla Map Sprite.png
Most powerful unit type. Able to use a special ability. If they fall the battle is lost.
Movement: 4
Range: 1
Sight: N/A
Capture: yes
“Carefully choosing which Groove to unleash depending on the state of the battle will be key to maximizing the twins’ potential, although being typical siblings they often bicker on which Groove is best.”

Errol & Orla are twin commanders in the Outlaws. They were the second commanders revealed in the DLC Double Trouble.[1]

Unlike other commanders, they have two separate grooves and are two separate commanders but move, play, attack, capture, and gain groove points as one character.


"Orla got her first slingshot at the age of three, and the first thing she did with it was throw it very hard at Errol. After telling her off, putting her in time out and making sure she apologised to her brother, Wulfar then carefully explained to her how to use it properly. Having done that, he gave her a bag of marshmallows to practise with. The rest, as they say, is history."

"It would be fair to say that Errol doesn’t know his own strength - as the first mage in his family for several generations, he has little context for what his abilities mean. Having studied magic for only a little over a year, he is already capable of casting a multitude of elemental spells with unprecedented ease.Thus far, all Errol’s magic has been self-taught. He voraciously consumes any and every magic book that Wulfar can find for him, and practises his spell-casting constantly. While these are undeniably impressive feats of learning, sadly this shy and retiring boy has not yet plucked up the courage to turn to the other mages of his clan for guidance. Should he ever do so, he will find out very quickly that due to his multi-elementalism, he shares a kinship with the alchemists. Not only this, but he will also learn that (unlike the vast majority of his peers) he is equally capable in each and every variety of elemental spell-casting."


Although they generate groove points together, the twins each have their own Groove - Cooling Water and Scorching Fire.

Errol would argue that his groove ‘Cooling Water’ has the best applications. Once activated, a large area is covered with healing magic, shrinking in size over several turns. Any units left in the area at the start of the twins’ turn are healed for 20% of their full health, so be careful not to accidentally heal enemy units!

Orla would tell you that her groove, ‘Scorching Fire’ is the better of the two. Initially igniting only a single tile, the flaming area grows in size over several turns – creating an area of destruction that instantly defeats any unit caught in the flames. And we really mean any unit, including your own.[2]