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Unit Icon Dog.png
Doggo Battle Sprite.png
Unit Type
Doggo Map Sprite.png
A quick unit. Critical hit when another dog unit is adjacent to the target.
Recruited at Barracks
Cost: Gold Icon.png 200
Movement: 5
Range: 1
Sight: 4
Capture: No
“Whether they are clad in armour or are missing bits of their flesh, one thing remains the same – the Dog unit is always a good boy.”

Dogs are an inexpensive ground units which cannot capture buildings. They're available to recruit from a Barracks for 200 gold.

Dog Units[edit]

Unit Name Faction Description
Doggo Map Sprite.png Battlepup Cherrystone Kingdom These fighting canines are raised from birth by their Battlemasters, with whom their bond is so strong that when their masters are struck down in battle, bereaved pups are relieved from duty and given to their departed Battlemasters' families.

They are fierce and intelligent, and absolutely love bones — a great incentive for fighting the Felheim infantry.[1]
Dreadpupper Map Sprite.png Dreadhound Felheim Legion The first Dreadhound was raised long ago by a particularly inquisitive Lord of Felheim. Amongst other experiments, the Lord also raised immense skeletal mammoths and fearsome fleshless sharks. Whilst the majority of these experiments failed (the mammoth crumbled under its own weight and the shark sank like a stone), the Dreadhound was a resounding success. Each year there are now almost as many Dreadhounds raised as former humans.

As the saying goes, you can't keep a good dog down.[1]
Heavensong Dog Map Sprite.png Shiba Inu Heavensong Empire Before becoming part of the Heavensong army, Shiba Inu were parade dogs trained for royal ceremonies and entertainment. Despite their new-found role in battle, Shiba Inu still have a place in ceremony today, and as such, know the best show tricks of any battle breed in Aurania. They are bred along the shores of the Cuckoo Oasis and transported to Heavensong's grasslands once they reach adulthood. There, they find the masters they will be paired with for life.[1]
Quagmutt Map Sprite.png Quagmutt Floran Tribes While a Quagmutt is not technically a dog, it's fair to say that the only substantive differences between the two species are the Quagmutt's lack of fur and their absolute refusal to fetch sticks. Otherwise, a Quaggmutt is just as good a scout — and just as good a boy — as any other pooch.

These adorable creatures are not bred by the Floran, and instead found in the Quagmarsh, east of the Floran border. Though entering the Quagmarsh itself is a dangerous endeavor, wild Quagmutts show no aggression towards the Floran who go there to find them (beyond occasionally attempting to cock a leg), and are easily tamed.[1]

Critical Hit[edit]

When their target is adjacent to another Dog unit, they'll perform a critical hit.

This effect combined with the unit's low cost encourages swarm tactics. A dogpile of a few of them can quickly take out much stronger units.


“A Dog is a fast, powerful and a cost effective counter to the majority of ground units. However, whilst it may be able to deal a lot of damage, it's important to note its lacklustre defence. Players making use of Dogs should always attempt to attain the first hit in any encounter.
A Dog is particularly useful during fog of war battles, as it's capable of moving long distances and uncovering terrain regardless of line of sight.”

Although any Dog has a sight range comparable to any ground unit, unlike other units they can see into any forest and reef tiles within its sight range. Normally a unit can only see into such terrain if it is adjacent. The only other unit type with this capability is the Turtle. To further enhance this capability, a Dog can be positioned atop a mountain tile to extend its special sight even further.

Outside of fog of war, Dog units still have their uses, but they are more limited. Their main asset is being a combination of low cost combined with high movement. The only ground unit capable of outrunning a Dog is the Knight, which itself is thrice the cost. This combination puts them at an advantage when chasing down enemy units or breaking down enemy lines, especially with their critical hit that encourages swarming. They are particularly effective against Archers, as a critical hit from a Dog can take down one of these much more expensive units in a single attack. They can also often get a powerful first hit against Soldiers or other ground units with lower movement.

The main downside to the Dog unit is that, even for their cost, they are very fragile to incoming attacks. Many units can take them out in a single hit, especially if critical hits are involved. Even those which don't are likely to swipe the majority of a Dog's health. This fragility can even hurt the unit's offensive capabilities; if a Dog gets the first hit on a Spearman, Knight, or Mage, the counterattack it suffers is likely to deal even more damage than the Dog dealt. Almost paradoxically, you can also use a dog's speed and fragility to your advantage. If you know a Dog will be defeated by a counterattack, you can rush it forward to do meaty damage with its crit, only for it to be defeated and removed from the map, thereby clearing up space for another critting Dog or some other unit to pile onto the damage the previous Dog so nobly dealt. This can be an effective means of overcoming otherwise very powerful, very expensive units and structures.

When using Dogs to rush, it's important to use them in packs, and remember their low cost does make them relatively expendable units. (Don't worry! Dogs run away if they're defeated, so don't feel guilty about planning for sacrificial attacks.)

Despite the fact they can reach buildings faster than most other units, Dogs cannot capture buildings and are at a disadvantage when attacking them. Even with its critical hit, a full-health Dog will only do about as much damage to a full-health building as it takes from the building's counterattack—much worse without its crit, or against a Stronghold.

Damage Matrix[edit]

See also: Damage Matrix
Villager Soldier Spearman Dog Mage Archer Giant Cavalry Wagon Ballista Trebuchet Balloon Aeronaut Sky Rider Dragon Barge Turtle Harpoon Warship Amphibian Commander Building Stronghold
Attacks 80
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 80
Defends -- 80
-- 55
-- 60
-- 155
-- -- -- 115
115 ? ?


  • Dogs do not die if defeated in combat, but instead run away. This special quality also applies to Caesar, the canine Commander.
  • The Floran dog unit, called a Quagmutt, is based on a creature found in Starbound. As Quagmutts are implied to be native to Aurania, it seems these creatures may have been domesticated in this world before being brought to other worlds present in Starbound.
  • At one point during Wargroove's development, Heavensong's Dog unit was planned to instead be an Akita, as Shiba Inu was considered to be too small. This was changed to Shiba Inu as they were decided to be cuter.


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