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Unit Icon Balloon.png
Balloon Battle Sprite.png
Unit Type
Balloon Map Sprite.png
Aircraft able to transport all ground units.
Recruited at Tower
Cost: Gold Icon.png 500
Movement: 6
Range: --
Sight: 4
Capture: No

Balloons are air transport units which can load other ground units into them (up to 2 units per balloon) and transport them over long distances. They're available to recruit from a Tower.


Transport units cannot attack other units. When ground units move beside them they'll have the menu option 'Load' to enter the transport. After moving the transport has the option to unload the unit inside, or to wait.

If transport units are killed the unit inside is destroyed as well.

Balloon Units[edit]

Unit Name Faction Description
Balloon Map Sprite.png Balloon Cherrystone Kingdom Cherrystone Balloons are woven from a silk produced by silkworms found on the western edge of the Gloomwoods. Powered by a particularly potent Alchemist's brew, they are capable of transporting heavy cargo and staying aloft almost indefinitely. Once in a while, the Balloon's pilot will add iron fillings to the brew to ensure it continues to bubble. No one questions why this works for fear it may stop.[1]
Felheim Balloon Map Sprite.png Balloon Felheim Legion The concoction used to fuel Felheim's Balloons is a foul substance derived from Fellbat droppings. With the wind behind them, they travel quickly, but their location is often given away by their overpowering odour. Should a Balloon burst, the resulting stench cloud has been known to kill nearby plant life.[1]
Heavensong Balloon Map Sprite.png Balloon Heavensong Empire Though not particularly hi-tech, a convoy of Heavensong Balloons is a beautiful sight to behold. Each Balloon is constructed like a paper lantern, and glows as it flies. civilian balloons, coloured and decorated, are a common sight in the night sky during festivals and celebrations.[1]
Floran Balloon Map Sprite.png Floaty Thing Floran Tribes It is powered by a plant found on the bed of the River Bani. When prodded, this plant releases a jet of hydrogen gas to scare off would-be predators. A Floran pilot's primary role is to regularly prod the plant mounted in the Floaty Thing's gondola with a nice, sharp stick.[1]

Damage Matrix[edit]

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Soldier Spearman Dog Mage Archer Giant Cavalry Ballista Trebuchet Aeronaut Sky Rider Dragon Turtle Harpoon Warship Amphibian Commander
Defends -- -- -- 105
-- -- 115
-- 60
-- -- 85
-- -- --
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