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Movement is how many spaces a unit can move across the battlefield. Each unit has a maximum number of tiles it can move each turn, as well as a movement type. The terrain type of each tile the unit crosses determines it's ability to move.

Selecting a unit displays a shaded area of tiles which the unit can move to. The player's units can be moved to any eligible squares, but one command per unit can be issued every turn. After a unit has completed available movement it will become shaded out.

Movement Types[edit]

Movement types determine what type of tiles the unit can move across and the cost. Each terrain type has both allowed movement types, and a cost for eligible movement types. A units movement type determines what terrain it can cross - for example, a wagon may have to travel around some mountains which a soldier can cross over.

Icon Movement Type Description Allowed Terrain Types Units
Movement Icon Walking.png Walking Movement by walking on foot Road, Bridge, River, Plains, Forest, Mountain, Beach Soldier, Dog, Spearman, Mage, Archer, Giant
Movement Icon Riding.png Riding Movement by riding Road, Bridge, River, Plains, Beach Cavalry
Movement Icon Wheels.png Wheels Movement which uses wheels Road, Bridge, Plains Wagon, Ballista, Trebuchet
Movement Icon Flying.png Flying Movement by flying Everywhere Balloon, Aeronaut, Sky Rider, Dragon
Movement Icon Water.png Water Movement over water Beach, Sea Barge, Turtle, Harpoon Ship, Warship
Movement Icon Amphibious.png Amphibious Movement over water and land Beach, Sea, Road, Bridge, River, Plains, Forest, Mountain Amphibian