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The in-game description of each unit shows an icon for that units movement type, as well as the number of "movement points" that unit can spend per turn. For example, a Soldier has "walking" movement type and 4 movement points, which is denoted "4 ". Movement type determines which terrains a unit can legally enter (for example, a Warship must stay in water), as well as the movement point cost for entering each legal terrain. One movement point allows a unit to move one tile, as long as that unit stays on "good" terrain which matches its movement type. Other legal terrain may cost up to four movement points per tile. To determine movement point costs, select a tile to display that terrain's costs for all movement types.

Selecting a unit displays a shaded area of tiles which the unit can move to. A white empty tile means a unit can attack in that tile but not move there; a white shaded tile means a unit can attack there or move there; a brown shaded tile means a unit can move there but not attack there.

Each unit can only move once per turn, and must then immediately take an action (usually an attack or "wait", i.e. do nothing). After a unit has moved and taken an action, it becomes shaded out to indicate that it can no longer do anything this turn.

Movement Types[edit]

"Indoors" means Flagstone or Carpet, which are technically two different terrains, but have the same movement properties.

Units with "Water" movement can pass through Bridge tiles, but cannot stop on Bridges.

Units with "Water" movement have their movement increased by Windy weather and decreased by Severe weather.

Icon Movement Type Description Good Terrain Types Other Legal Terrain Types Units
Movement Icon Walking.png Walking Movement by walking on foot Road, Bridge, Plains, Beach, Indoors Forest(2), River(2), Mountain(3) Soldier, Dog, Spearman, Mage, Archer, Giant
Movement Icon Riding.png Riding Movement by riding Road, Bridge, Plains, Beach, Indoors Forest(3), River(4) Cavalry
Movement Icon Wheels.png Wheels Movement which uses wheels Road, Bridge Plains(2) Wagon, Ballista, Trebuchet
Movement Icon Flying.png Flying Movement by flying Everywhere except Wall and Indoors None (all legal terrain is good) Balloon, Aeronaut, Sky Rider, Dragon
Movement Icon Water.png Water Movement over water Deep Sea Sea(2), Beach(2), Bridge(2), Reef(4) Barge, Turtle, Harpoon Ship, Warship
Movement Icon Amphibious.png Amphibious Movement over water and land River, Sea, Deep Sea Reef(2), Beach(2), Road(2), Bridge(2), Plains(2), Indoors(2), Forest(4) Amphibian