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Biomes refer to the the visual style or theme of a map, including the map tiles such as forests and plains, as well as the background images used within combat.

The biome type also determines the weather visual effect (rain/sand/snow/ash fall) but the modifiers are the same.

Grass, Ice, and Desert biomes are functionally identical for gameplay, while Volcano has unique properties.

A map can only be played in one biome at a time, but skirmish maps may be changed between Grass, Ice, and Desert through match settings.


  • Grass map
  • Severe weather (Raining)

The default and classic biome of the game, featuring green plains and trees. When the weather turns severe, it rains, creating ripples in the water and darkening the sky.

This biome is seen throughout the West and North of Aurania, including Cherrystone, the Gloomwoods, and the Lost Leagues.


  • Ice map
  • Severe weather (Snowing)

An alternative biome pallete, with snow covering the ground, trees, and even mountaintops. When the weather turns severe, it snows and creates a light fog.

This biome is seen throughout the South of Aurania, predominantly within Felheim.


  • Desert map
  • Severe weather (Sandstorm)

An alternative biome pallete, with sandy dunes, cacti, palm trees, and light bricks. When the weather turns severe, a sandstorm continuously blows past, obscuring vision.

This biome is seen throughout the East of Aurania, predominantly within the Heavensong Empire.


  • Volcano map
  • Severe weather (Ash fall)

Volcano is a special biome type, unlike others it has gameplay effects. Water becomes Lava, as a result water buildings and naval units cannot be placed in lava, making it only accessible to Air units.

This biome also features dead, burnt trees, and when the weather turns severe weather it experiences ash fall, where glowing-hot volcanic ashes fall from the sky.

Skirmish maps built using the Volcano biome cannot be switched to other biomes in match settings, similarly skirmish maps cannot be changed to the Volcano biome if it is not the Volcano biome by default.

This biome is seen within the Dragon's Cradle, the Volcano at the centre of Aurania.