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“Our objective with weather is to shake up the rules of the game, and make the maps a little less deterministic, without making it annoying or unfair.”
Nintendo AMA

Weather can change each day, and can have an effect on the movement of some unit types. Different weather effects can change daily (where a day is equivalent to a cycle of one turn for each player), and are based on the current season and map biome.

Weather changes randomly, but players are given a weather forecast, so they can plan for it.[1]

  • Neutral/Sunny weather has a 60% chance to occur, Severe weather has a 20% chance to occur, and Favourable Winds have a 20% chance to occur.

Weather Types[edit]

Type Effect on Play
Weather sunny.png
Neutral/Sunny weather has no effect on play.
Favourable Winds
Weather Windy.png
Severe Weather (storm/snow/sandstorm)
Weather rainstorm.png
Weather sandstorm.png
Weather snowstorm.png


  • During pre-release development weather worked a bit differently, allowing critical strikes for specific units. Dragons would always critical when the weather was sunny, and Mages would always critical when it was raining.