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Ports are a structure which allow recruitment of sea units. Units can be purchased using gold, provided the player controls the building.

After recruitment, the player must select a tile outside the building to place the new unit on. Each building can only recruit one unit per turn. Ports can be captured and controlled in the same way Villages can. Ports must be adjacent to a water tile in order to deploy units.

Available Units[edit]

Appearance Description Cost Move Range Effective Vulnerable Capture
Boats able to transport all ground units across water. 200 10
Amphibious infantry unit that can capture structures. Critical hit when in rivers or sea. 350 5 1 - 2
Powerful naval unit, built to conquer the water. Critical hit when in deep sea. 400 12 1
Harpoon Ship
Ranged water unit, able to attack air and sea. Critical hit when in reef. 550 4 3 - 6
An immensely powerful long range unit. Critical hit when on beach. 900 8 2 - 4


Unlike most structures, Ports can only be placed in sea terrain, including Deep Sea, Sea and Reef, but not shores. Out at sea, it is only accessible to Amphibians. However, if it is placed in Sea directly adjacent to a Shore, it is possible for land units to capture a Port.

Ports can be placed on Reef. While this gives them no defense properties, it allows the building to be difficult to directly cross through.

Ports are affected by the Volcano biome. Normally, a Port cannot be placed in lava, and doing so in custom maps will alert the player the map is "Corrupted", however if a Port is placed and the map is then converted to the Volcano biome, it is possible to make a map with a Port in lava, and it can still be attacked, captured, and used as normal (however only Amphibians can be bought by being placed onto shore, making it very limited in functionality). This is the only way to have a naval unit bought on a Volcano biome, but is unusable outside of the Map Editor.