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Unit Icon Soldier.png
Swordsman Battle Sprite.png
Unit Type
Swordsman Map Sprite.png
Basic infantry, useful for capturing structures. Critical hit when adjacent to its commander.
Recruited at Barracks
Cost: Gold Icon.png 100
Movement: 3
Range: 1
Capture: Yes
“Whether they’re undead, hidden behind a golden mask or even a terrifying plant-like predator, the soldier is always identifiable by their sword and shield.”

Soldiers are the most basic ground unit type. They're available to recruit from a Barracks for 100 gold.

Soldiers have better movement range than many ground units, are able to capture structures, and their low cost means that they can be safe and cost-efficient to produce in great numbers.[1] They are very effective against archers.

Passive Ability[edit]

When they're positioned either beside, above, or below a commander while attacking they'll deal additional damage.

Soldier Units[edit]

Unit Name Faction
Swordsman Map Sprite.png Swordsman Cherrystone Kingdom
Dreadsword Map Sprite.png Dreadsword Felheim Legion
Heavensong Soldier Map Sprite.png Lionblade Heavensong Empire
Floran Soldier Map Sprite.png Slasher Floran Tribes