Sparrow Bomb

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Sparrow Bomb
Unit Type
Sparrow Bomb
Inflicts damage over a small radius upon detonation. Will explode if attacked.
Recruited by Koji
Combat type: Air
Movement: 5
Range: 1
Sight: 3
Capture: No

Sparrow Bombs are an air unit type. They're created by using Koji's groove.

They cannot capture structures, and cannot fight directly, but can be detonated to damage enemies in an area, including flying and naval units.


See also: Koji

Similar to the Thief or Wagon, the Sparrow Bomb's effectiveness is not tied to its health. Additionally, excluding Sky Riders, no unit can kill a Sparrow Bomb in a single hit. With their great mobility, and being vulnerable to barely a couple unit types, it can be the most versatile unit in the game for blocking enemy movements. Furthermore, even if the bomb is destroyed it will still significantly harm nearby enemies, forming hazardous walls that the enemy must back away from before they destroy it. While some units can injure the Sparrow Bombs, they are remarkably cheap to reinforce, costing only 55 gold to repair most hits, making them more economical than wagons or soldiers for blocking hits. This strategy is weakest against Archers and Ballistas which can safely damage the bombs from range. 2 archers can destroy a bomb in a single turn, so caution must be taken not to allow anti-air units to freely destroy the Sparrow Bombs.

“Koji's Sparrow Bombs are capable of dealing huge damage to groups of units or even to enemy commanders. However, care must be taken to ensure that they are not destroyed by ranged units before they reach their target.”
— Codex

While Sky Riders are the only unit capable of taking out a Sparrow Bomb in a single hit, the resulting explosion harms them greatly, and stops them being able to immediately destroy the next bomb. As a result, the biggest threat is actually Rangers and Ballistas, which can destroy the bombs without expending any health. Furtheremore, by placing the bombs alongside a Sky Rider, no unit in the game can kill the bombs in a single hit. This makes protective escorts such as harpies and sky riders very good to support Sparrow Bombs in reaching specific locations safely.

Koji's groove cost no gold. Due to their high damage output, they can be easily stockpiled and maintained to form groups of bombs, which can be used to rush enemies for extremely quick kills on groups of valuable targets, while making it difficult to kill the bombs. With 4 bombs, an enemy commander can be killed with the help of a single additional unit, even an injured Soldier, making it very lethal.


While the Sparrow Bomb cannot be bought, it can be reinforced with the equivalent unit value of 100 Gold.

Damage Matrix[edit]

See also: Damage Matrix

Sparrow Bombs can only attack by self-detonating, either on command or when they die. This hurts all adjacent enemy units and structures.

The damage they deal is equivalent to 50% of a full health commander. This includes Air and Naval units which commanders cannot normally attack.

Villager Soldier Spearman Dog Mage Archer Giant Cavalry Wagon Ballista Trebuchet Thief Rifleman Balloon Aeronaut Sky Rider Dragon Barge Turtle Harpoon Warship Amphibian Commander Building Stronghold
Attacks 50 60 40 60 42.5† 67.5† 22.5† 30 37.5† 32.5† 30 50 55 30 47.5† 37.5† 20 32.5† 30 25 30 50 22.5† 37.5† 20
Defends -- -- -- -- 55
-- -- -- 55
-- -- -- -- 55
-- -- -- 55
-- -- -- -- --

† Because values are based off 50% of a Commander, the Expected Value for some units can be a half-value (e.g. 75% -> 32.5%)

Note: despite being measured off a Commander, the damage is still affected by weather as though the unit was an Air unit. Additionally, as it uses 50% of the Commander's matrix, the base damage range is ±2.5, rather than the usual ±5.


  • Sparrow Bombs are the only unit in the game to use the Hover movement type. It is identical to Flying, except for being able to enter flagstone-tiled buildings, and being unable to see across obstructing terrain in a fog.
  • Sparrow Bombs are one of only four instances where commanders' internal damage values for Air and Naval units are used. The others are Ryota's Blade Dash, Ragna's Shield Jump, and Wulfar's Tee Off.
  • Sparrow Bombs are the only unit summoned by a Commander's groove that can deal damage.
    • They are also only one targetable by Wulfar's Tee Off.
  • Sparrow Bombs damage is completely unaffected by the health of the Sparrow Bomb.
  • Sparrow Bombs also go by the name "Drones"[1]
  • Sparrow bombs are one of three instances of a summoned unit which takes the same damage from all enemy sources at 55%. It shares this trait with the Shadow Sisters and Cherrystone Crystal summons.