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Unit Icon Commander.png
Banner Cherrystone.png Cherrystone Kingdom
Mercival Portrait.png
Campaign Difficulty
Unit Details
Mercival Battle Sprite.png
Age: Ageless
Height: Heightless
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Least Favorite Thing: Missing bio info
Unit Type
Mercival Map Sprite.png
Most powerful unit type. Able to use a special ability. If they fall the battle is lost.
Movement: 4
Range: 1
Sight: 4
Capture: yes
“King Mercival II ruled Cherrystone for several decades, nurturing peace and prosperity in the kingdom. A wise and fair king, Mercival was much beloved by his people, and even more so by his daughter and only child, Mercia.”

Mercival II was the beloved King of the Cherrystone Kingdom. He was the father of Mercia, and considered Emeric, Cherrystone's Royal Mage, his most trusted friend and advisor. Mercival was assassinated in his chamber at Cherrystone Castle by Sigrid of the Felheim Legion, who was seeking an artifact called the Key. On the night of his assassination, he had been debating how to tell Mercia about a secret of the ancient past involving a kingdom called Cacophony and a war known as The Great Dissonance, but was killed before he could pass on his knowledge, and his demise sparked a conflict between Cherrystone and Felheim.

Mercival appears as a commander in the Campaign prologue mission The Beginning. He does nothing during his turns except produce dialogue, and he is killed by Sigrid in a cutscene rather than normal combat. He can be unlocked for use in other modes.


Mercival's Groove is Gone Fishing. He casts a fishing pole into an adjacent water tile and pulls up a random fish. This Groove has no utility in normal gameplay, but is instead used to unlock entries in the Fish tab of the Codex. There are 18 Fish Codex entries in total, and unlocking the 18th entry also rewards the game's 200th star.

Animation Groove Name Description Range Charge Speed
Groove Animation Mercival.gif Gone Fishing Mercival raises his rod to the sky and casts his fishing line into an adjacent pool of water. ☐☐☐▧☐☐☐


An orb statue
Of the three unlockable commanders in Wargroove, Mercival has the most involved process. First, 151 stars must be collected. Next, four Campaign Side missions must be played in chronological order, and Caesar must be placed on a special tile with a statue on it in each mission. The missions are:
  1. Canine Justice (Act 2, Side 1)
  2. Puppy in the Middle (Act 3, Side 1)
  3. Dogged Perseverance (Act 5, Side 1)
  4. Salty Sea Dog (Act 6, Side 1)

Placing Caesar on the correct tile will reward an Orb. The mission must then be successfully completed to keep the Orb. Once all four Orbs have been collected in the correct order, Mercival will be unlocked.


  • Mercival is voiced by David Dixon.[1]