Canine Justice

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Canine Justice
Campaign: Act 2, Side Mission 1

Thumb Canine Justice.png

Alone in the woods, Caesar finds some villagers in need of aid.
Defeat all of the Outlaws!
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Map Type: Campaign
Fog of War: Yes
Reward Stars: Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png (19 Turns)
S-Rank: 16 Turns
Caesar additional lore
Caesar playable in arcade mode
Previous Map
❮ Beyond the Border

Canine Justice is the 1st side mission in Act 2 of the single player campaign.

You play as Caesar rescuing villagers from a bandit hideout.

This mission introduces Caesar for the first time, and is the first Side Mission of the campaign.


Victory: Defeat all enemies.

Defeat: Caesar is defeated.

Completion Rewards[edit]

Rank Turn Requirement Rewards
D 35
C 29 Menu Icon Achievements.png
B 22 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
A 19 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
S 16 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png Campaign S-Rank Flag.png


  • Pages 3 and 4 for Caesar's bio in the codex.
  • Caesar playable in Arcade mode.


  • Canine Justice initial view
  • Canine Justice without fog

The map includes Fog of War.

The player begins with 3000 gold. With the mage, this gives them 10 uses of the mage's healing.

There are no buildings to recruit units, but prisoners can be rescued in the map to grant additional units, listed below:

  • East: 2 Soldiers, 1 Spearman
  • North-West: 2 Soldiers, 1 Archer
  • West: 2 Spearman, 1 Archer

While a set of archers are present within the main chamber of the map, they will not attempt to attack any of your units through the walls until one of the surrounding gates has been destroyed.


13th June, The Gloomwoods

While Mercia and Emeric travel through the Gloomwoods, Caesar could sense villagers in danger. Alongside his personal guards, they encounter a fortress occupied by bandits, with villagers imprisoned inside. Caesar valiantly dashes to the rescue, charming the trapped villagers to his side, and scaring off the outlaws.

After his heroic rescue, Mercia arrives to find Caesar again, and they continue on their adventure through the Gloomwoods.


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Wiki Guides[edit]

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Opening Cutscene

Villager Sad.png Villager Help! Outlaws!

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw 1: Hand over yer valuables and no one will get hurt!

(Enter Caesar)

Caesar Neutral.png Sniff, sniff, sniff...

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw 2: What have we here?

Caesar Neutral.png Woof!

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw: Be off with yer! Can't an outlaw make a dishonest living in these woods without being hounded by armoured beasties?

Caesar Sad.png Grrr.

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw 2: You don't intimidate me!

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw 1: He intimidates me...

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw 3: Yeah, and me...

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw 2: ...

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw 2: Just get this villager back to the camp and lock him up, will yer?!

(Exit the three outlaws and villager)

Caesar Neutral.png Woof!

(Exit Caesar)
Mission Dialogue

Introduction Dialogue

Caesar Neutral.png Gruff!

Soldiers Neutral.png Wow! The Commander brought us to a tumbledown fortress!

Soldiers Happy.png Interesting... We'd better explore.

Caesar Neutral.png Arf!

Destroyed gate to 1 of the prison cells

Caesar Neutral.png Aroo!

Soldiers Neutral.png Prisoners!

Caesar Neutral.png Aroooo!

Soldiers Happy.png Commander Caesar has inspired them to fight!

Caesar Neutral.png Yip!

(Villagers conver to combat units)

Caesar Neutral.png Woof woof!

Soldiers Neutral.png Caesar's still agitated. There must be more prisoners that need our help!

Destroyed gates to 2 of the prison cells

Caesar Neutral.png Arf arf!

Soldiers Happy.png Brilliant! More prisoners free and up for a fight!

(Villagers conver to combat units)

Caesar Sad.png Woofoof woof woof woof.

Soldiers Neutral.png Seems there are still prisoners trapped in the fortress! We have to find them!

Destroyed gates to all 3 prison cell

Caesar Neutral.png Arf! Arooo!

Soldiers Neutral.png Those were the last prisoners! We greed everyone!

(Villagers conver to combat units)

Caesar Neutral.png Woof woof! Arf arf, woof!

Soldiers Happy.png Now that everyone is free, we should enter the main hall and finish off these cut-throat

Soldiers Happy.png Outlaws.

Attack a gate to central hall, if not all prisoners are freed

Soldiers Happy.png This door likely leads to the main hall...

Soldiers Neutral.png Right... and who knows what's inside...

Soldiers Happy.png Probably better to free all the prisoners before we head in there.

Destroy a gate to the central hall

Soldiers Neutral.png The doors to the main hall are down!

(Cutscene starts)

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw Leader: What's this?!

Caesar Happy.png Arf!

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw Leader: A dog?! Who let a dog in 'ere? This is no way to run a professional outfit.

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw Leader: We can't just 'ave animals wandering into our camp.

Caesar Sad.png Grrrr!

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw Leader: Oh, shut it, fluffball!

Caesar Sad.png Grrrrr, WOOF!

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw Leader: That's it!

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw Leader: Everyone get in here and help me fight this dog!

Start of turn with Caesar's groove fully charged

Soldiers Neutral.png Caesar, you're... you're glowing!

Caesar Happy.png Arf!

Soldiers Happy.png Oh, his Groove must be fullyy charged!

Soldiers Neutral.png He looks so... inspiring!

Soldiers Happy.png 'Inspiring' is right! Caesar's Groove inspires adjacent, spent units to have a second go.

Defeated all enemies

Caesar Happy.png Woof! Woof!

Caesar is defeated

Soldiers Sad.png No! Caesar! Out majestic leader!

Completion Cutscene

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw 3: Uggh...

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw 1: Should'be known we couldn't take on such a majestic hound...

(Exit outlaws)

Villager Happy.png Villager: Thank you so much!

(Exit villager)

Mercia Happy.png There you are, Caesar! What are you doing in this old fort?

Caesar Happy.png Arf!

Mercia Happy.png Such a good boy.