A Prickly Business

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A Prickly Business
Co-op Campaign: Floran, Mission 2

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At the heavily protected Reserves, the arrival of the Outlaws has been anticipated by the Floran Commanders.
Wulfar and the Twins must clear the vines protecting the treasure by destroying both enemy Strongholds.
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Map Type: Co-op Campaign
Fog of War: No
Reward Stars: Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png (14 Turns)
S-Rank: 12 Turns
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A Prickly Business is the 2nd mission of the Floran route in the co-op campaign.

You play as Wulfar and the Twins battling to reach the Iron Root reserves of the Floran, under the guard of Greenfinger and Nuru.


Victory: Reach the Treasure, and have both Wulfar and the Twins escape.

Defeat: Wulfar or the Twins are defeated.

Completion Rewards[edit]

Rank Turn Requirement Rewards
D 26
C 22 Menu Icon Achievements.png
B 17 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
A 14 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
S 12 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png Campaign S-Rank Flag.png



A Prickly Business map

The path across the river is initially blocked by vines. These vines take no damage and remain full health indefinitely. Vines on the bridge are removed by destroying the Stronghold nearest to them, while both Strongholds must be destroyed to access the treasure.

All units and structures on the central island begin inactive, they will not move, attack, or use Groove. However, they can be activated through several means. Upon destroying a Stronghold, Greenfinger and Nuru will begin to move on the players, and Nuru may use her Groove. Upon destroying both Strongholds, Greenfinger will also enable his Groove. Damaging either Commander will also allow them to advance on the players early. Damaging any of the 4 units surrounding the treasure will enable them to advance upon the player. Lastly, taking a Barracks or a destroying a Stronghold will activate all units and structures on the central island--but Nuru and Greenfinger will not use Groove until their respective amount of Strongholds are destroyed.

After taking the treasure, a highlighted zone appears, where both Wulfar and the Twins must reach to complete the mission. This will begin enemy reinforcements, with a Giant, Mage, and Archer each former Stronghold's corner to the North-East and South-West. Additionally if one (and only one) Commander is defeated, an extra Giant and Mage will spawn at the North of the centre island. Afterwards, if the enemy has less than 8 units on the map, for the first time they will spawn 2 Warships, then they will spawn additional Giants, Cavalry, and Mages, across the map on all subsequent times, creating an infinitely replenishing army.

Greenfinger and Nuru do not need to be defeated to complete the mission, and defeating both of them does not grant an automatic victory.

The weather is Severe for the first two turns, after that it becomes Always Sunny. Upon taking the treasure, the next turn and all subsequent turns will have Severe weather. However, Severe weather does not affect Riflemen.


13th May, Iron Root Reserves

As Wulfar and the Twins move towards the Iron Root, they are spotted by Nuru's scouts. With this intel, Greenfinger and Nuru position themselves at the Iron Root to defend against the Outlaws. The Iron Root is protected by extremely powerful vines, so the Outlaw family prepares a pincer strike, to take out the key Strongholds defending the treasure.

After successfully escaping the Gloomwoods with the Floran treasure, Errol and Orla reflect on their skills and differences from Wulfar, but are interrupted yet again by Vesper arriving to receive her gold. Now three of the heists are complete, they need only one more to pay Enid's ransom.



Opening Cutscene
(Enter Nuru)

Nuru Neutral.png Hey!

Greenfinger Neutral.png Nuru! I thought you had gone westward to hunt in the Lost Leagues?

Nuru Neutral.png And I thought you were at the Great Tree!

Nuru Happy.png Anyway, never mind that - it's lucky I ran into you.

Greenfinger Neutral.png Lucky? How so?

Nuru Neutral.png Scouts just told me there's a band of Outlaws working their way north through the Gloomwoods.

Nuru Neutral.png From the path they're taking, it sounds to me like they're heading for Iron Root.

Greenfinger Neutral.png The gold reserves...

Nuru Neutral.png Yeah!

Nuru Happy.png And guess what? The scouts say one of the Outlaw chiefs has come in person!

Greenfinger Neutral.png And this is cause for excitement?

Nuru Happy.png Yeah! I reckon we're in for a pretty good fight!

Greenfinger Neutral.png ...I suspect you're right.

Nuru Neutral.png Can't let those Outlaws get their mitts on our gold!

Greenfinger Neutral.png Quite so.

Nuru Neutral.png Let's put the pedal to the metal!

(Exit Nuru)

Floran Portrait Small.png Slasher: ...?

Floran Portrait Small.png Stabber: Metal petal?

Greenfinger Neutral.png Judging by the context, I believe she means us to make haste.

Mission Dialogue

Introduction Dialogue

Wulfar Neutral.png Ready, you two? Here's the plan...

Wulfar Neutral.png The Vines surroundin' the hold are impenetrable.

Wulfar Neutral.png But they're fed by the roots of the Western and Eastern Strongholds...

Wulfar Neutral.png So if we destroy the Strongholds, we destroy the Vines.

Wulfar Neutral.png Then we can grab the gold and run. Escape boats will arrive for us when the time comes.

Errol and Orla Happy.png Got it, Da!

Start of enemy Turn 2

Greenfinger Neutral.png Hmm... A pincer manoeuvre...

Greenfinger Neutral.png They've certainly thought this through.

Nuru Neutral.png But they're vastly outnumbered... and they have to get past the two of us too!

Greenfinger Happy.png Yes. Perhaps they are not as wily as they think...

Destroy Western Stronghold

Wulfar Happy.png That's the Western Stronghold defeated. Goodbye, Vines.

Destroy Eastern Stronghold

Orla Happy.png We chopped down their Stronghold! We're a couple o' wee lumberjacks!

Nuru Neutral.png ...How old are you two?

Errol Happy.png Ten.

Orla Neutral.png And a half!

Errol Happy.png But we're very mature for our age.

Orla Neutral.png Aye! Me especially.

Destroy 1 Stronghold

(Outer vines disappear)

Wulfar Neutral.png It's workin', kids.

Nuru Sad.png Hmph. They've taken down one of the Strongholds. Just one left.

Greenfinger Neutral.png Just one Stronghold, yes. But also you and I. They still have to get through us.

Nuru Neutral.png That was some brilliant tough guy talk.

Greenfinger Happy.png Thank you. I've been practising.

Destroy both Strongholds (No commanders defeated)

(Inner vines disappear)

Wulfar Neutral.png We've done it, weans. Time to take the gold.

Nuru Sad.png The vines are gone!

Nuru Neutral.png Let's get 'em Greenfinger!

Destroy both Strongholds (Nuru defeated)

(Inner vines disappear)

Wulfar Neutral.png We've done it, weans. Time to take the gold.

Greenfinger Neutral.png Stop! That gold belongs to the Floran!

Destroy both Strongholds (Greenfinger defeated)

(Inner vines disappear)

Wulfar Neutral.png We've done it, weans. Time to take the gold.

Nuru Neutral.png Keep your mitts off your gold!

Destroy both Strongholds (Nuru and Greenfinger defeated)

(Inner vines disappear)

Wulfar Neutral.png We've done it, weans. Time to take the gold.

Ally unit reaches treasure

Greenfinger Neutral.png You should know that the Floran do not suffer thieves gladly.

Wulfar Neutral.png And you should know that we're not leavin' without that gold.

Greenfinger Sad.png It seems my warning has fallen on deaf ears. I had to try.

Commander reaches treasure

Orla Neutral.png Gold grabbed!

Wulfar Neutral.png Succinctly put. Which is good, because this is no time for dallyin'.

(Barges arrive)

Wulfar Neutral.png We have to get ourselves to the boats.

End of enemy turn after treasure is taken

(Enemies spawn)

Wulfar Neutral.png They're bringin' in reinforcements. Get to the boats.

End of enemy turn, when below 8 units (after treasure is taken)

Errol Extra.png Warships?! More reinforcements?! How many Floran are there in these woods?!

Defeat Nuru (First Commander)

Greenfinger Neutral.png Nuru! Are you alright?

Nuru Sad.png I will be... but they're tougher than they look...

Defeat Nuru (Second Commander)

Nuru Sad.png We're not gonna let you get away with this. You just wait!

Defeat Greenfinger (First Commander)

Nuru Sad.png Greenfinger!

Defeat Greenfinger (Second Commander)

Greenfinger Sad.png My people will not forget the wrongs you have done them.

Wulfar escapes (First Commander escaped)

Wulfar Neutral.png Hurry up, kids. I need youse on that boat!

Errol and Orla escape (First Commander escaped)

Errol Neutral.png We made it onto the boat, Da! We're ready to go when you are!

Wulfar and the Twins escape

Orla Neutral.png All aboard!

Errol Neutral.png Anchors aweigh! Quick!

Wulfar is defeated

Errol Extra.png Da!!

Errol and Orla are defeated

Wulfar Sad.png Errol! Orla!

Completion Cutscene

Orla Neutral.png That was tough...

Orla Extra.png Those Florans are no joke.

(Enter Ranger)

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw: Chief, We've got a problem.

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw: A wheel's come off the loot wagon. We need someone to lift the cart so we can fix it back on...

(Exit Ranger and Wulfar)

Orla Neutral.png One day, I'm gonnae be big enough to lift a wagon!

Errol Neutral.png Hmph...

Orla Neutral.png Why're ye poutin?

Errol Neutral.png I dinnae think I'll ever be like Da...

Orla Neutral.png . . .

Orla Neutral.png Well, ye're a wee magician wi' a pretty necklace, and Da's a bloomin' great giant wi' a hammer! What d'ye expect?

Errol Sad.png There's no need to pile it on...

Orla Neutral.png I wasnae!

Orla Neutral.png I just meant... I just meant that ye do yer own thing...

Orla Neutral.png I do too - everybody does.

Errol Sad.png Aye, but you could shoot a flea off a dog's back at seventy paces...

Orla Extra.png And YOU can shoot MAGICAL MISSILES out of a COIN!

Errol Neutral.png Och, aye! Just never the missle I'm tryin' to shoot!

Orla Neutral.png Errol, yer always moanin'!

Orla Extra.png Shut yer gob or I'll shoot ye in the face.

(Vesper appears)

Vesper Neutral.png Now that I'd like to see.

Errol Sad.png Da!!

(Enter Wulfar)

Wulfar Neutral.png Ye alright, kids?

Orla Extra.png Aye.

Vesper Neutral.png I've not touched a single cyan hair on their teeny tiny heads.

Vesper Neutral.png I'm just here for the gold.

Wulfar Neutral.png Follow me.

(Exit Wulfar and Vesper)

Orla Neutral.png Ye reckon ye could hit her wi' a fireball?

Errol Neutral.png Not on purpose.

Orla Neutral.png ...Probably for the best. We still dinnae know where she's keepin' Enid.

Unused Dialogue

Wulfar's Stronghold is destroyed

Wulfar Sad.png They've taken out the Stronghold. We're beaten, weans.

Errol and Orla's Stronghold is destroyed

Orla Sad.png Oh no! Our Stronghold!


  • This is the only mission to feature multiple enemy strongholds at once.
  • The map likely originally included Ally Strongholds to be defended, based on unused dialogue.