High Vampire of the West

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High Vampire of the West
Campaign: Act 3, Mission 3

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They've taken everything the Lost Leagues had to throw at them, except this final foe.
Escape Sigrid's army and deliver Mercia to safety!
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Map Type: Campaign
Fog of War: No
Reward Stars: Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png (20 Turns)
S-Rank: 17 Turns
Puzzle game mode
Sigrid additional lore
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❮ An Old Friend
Welcome to Heavensong ❯

High Vampire of the West is the 3rd mission in Act 3 of the single player campaign.

You play as Mercia and Nuru, attempting to flee Sigrid's assault.

This mission introduces Nuru's groove.


Victory: Have Mercia reach the exit, or defeat Sigrid

Defeat: Mercia or Nuru is defeated

Completion Rewards[edit]

Rank Turn Requirement Rewards
D 37
C 31 Menu Icon Achievements.png
B 24 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
A 20 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
S 17 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png Campaign S-Rank Flag.png



High Vampire of the West map

Sigrid summons reinforcements any time she has less than 20 units on the field. In general, enemies will spawn from either the South-West, North-West, or North roads, but only after Mercia has arrived at them, so enemies will spawn closely behind her, but not in front of her.

Technical explanation[edit]

More specifically, each unit type is bound to a cycle to determine when they spawn, and the cycle only proceeds when Sigrid has less than 20 units and has less than 3 of that unit type. Due to how it's designed, the spawn order of units will be different every time, depending on how many units Sigrid has on each turn.

The spawn locations that are active is determined by where Mercia or Nuru has traveled (in theory Nuru can set off the spawn locations without Mercia moving to them). For some units, they are also only active after specific turns:

  • Aeronauts - Turn 3
  • Ballista - Turn 7
  • Sky Riders - Turn 9
  • Dragons - Turn 12


30th June, Quagmarsh

Following quickly behind Ragna's trail, by Valder's orders, Sigrid arrives to kill Queen Mercia. Supported by her new friend, Nuru helps Mercia, and stalls Sigrid until Mercia can escape.

With Mercia's safe escape, Sigrid is forced to leave, saying their deaths are inevitable. Having evades the Felheim assaults, Mercia's group get through the Lost Leagues, and on their way to to the Heavensong border, in search of help against Felheim.


The only goal is to get Mercia to the exit. As soon as you secure the Barracks with Nuru, purchase a Wagon. Distract the initial enemies with Nuru, and have the Wagon bolt past them safely. Purchase many aeronauts, for the sole purpose of clearing the roads and attacking the trebuchets. As soon as Mercia can enter the Wagon, get in it, and ride away. So long as you provide basic aerial support, you will never even be threatened by the Emberwing, and can complete the stage well under S rank requirements.


Opening Cutscene
(Enter Sigrid)

Emeric Neutral.png Vampire!

Emeric Neutral.png Mercia, stay back!

Caesar Sad.png Grrrr!

Sigrid Happy.png So much drama, just for me? I'm flattered.

Mercia Extra.png Who are you?

Sigrid Neutral.png I am Sigrid, High Vampire of the west.

Sigrid Neutral.png And you, Queen Mercia, are about to meet your maker.

Nuru Neutral.png Back off, you old bat!

Mercia Extra.png Nuru, I've heard of her! She's dangerous!

Emeric Neutral.png The Queen is right - we must leave. Now!

Sigrid Happy.png Have you not yet tired of running?

Sigrid Neutral.png Must I pursue you to the ends of the earth?

Nuru Happy.png Why limit yourself? Why not drop off the face of the planet?

Mercia Extra.png Nuru--

Nuru Neutral.png It's okay, Mercia, I've got this. You and Emeric get to safety while I hold this bloodsucker off.

Mercia Neutral.png Thank you, Nuru.

Mission Dialogue

Introduction Dialogue

Nuru Neutral.png Mercia, make for the east road!

Nuru Neutral.png I'll keep the way clear.

Mercia Neutral.png Okay, I'm coming!

Start of Sigrid's turn 3

Sigrid Neutral.png Fleeing is pointless. You're simply delaying the inevitable.

Mercia reaches halfway point

Mercia Neutral.png Phew! About halfway there now.

Nuru Happy.png Keep it up, Mercia! We can do this!

Mercia reaches near exit

Mercia Neutral.png Almost there!

Nuru Neutral.png You can make it! We've got this!

Recruit a Swooper

Emeric Neutral.png I see you've recruited a Swooper.

Nuru Happy.png Time to do some magic!

Emeric Neutral.png The Swooper is an extremely fast air-to-air unit.

Nuru Neutral.png And its Hex ability reduces all surrounding enemies health by 10%

Nuru Happy.png Don't worry, old man - I've done my homework!

Start of Player's turn with Nuru at 100% Groove

Nuru Happy.png Awesome! I'm ready to use my Groove!

Mercia Neutral.png What is your Groove, Nuru?

Nuru Neutral.png It's a teleportation beam that lets me bring in a friendly unit right next to me!

Mercia Happy.png Woah! Just like that?

Nuru Happy.png Well, I still have to pay for it!

End of Sigrid's turn after Mercia reaches halfway point

(Sigrid appears)

Sigrid Neutral.png How long must I pursue you, Coward Queen!

Fellbat appears

Nuru Neutral.png A Fellbat?! Quick, Mercia! We have to get out of here as fast as possible!

Mercia Neutral.png I'm coming!

Sigrid Neutral.png Yes, outrun the Fellbats... What an ingenious plan.

Defeat a Fellbat

Nuru Happy.png Haha! Take that, Fellbat!

Sigrid Sad.png What?! How...?

Sigrid Neutral.png Don't think this makes a difference. You're still going to die.

Defeat Sigrid

Nuru Happy.png Ha! Take that you old bloodsucker!

Mercia Neutral.png Thank you, Nuru! Let's get out of here!

Mercia reaches exit

Nuru Happy.png You made it, Mercia!

Mercia Neutral.png Haha! Yes! I'm... so... tired...

Nuru is defeated

Mercia Sad.png Nuru! No! This is all my fault. She fell protecting me.

Mercia is defeated

Nuru Sad.png Mercia! How could this happen...? I was supposed to protect her...

Completion Cutscene

Sigrid Happy.png This means nothing. You've simply earned them a brief reprieve.

Sigrid Neutral.png Their deaths are inevitable.

Nuru Neutral.png Wow. You're a real sore loser aren't you, lady?

Sigrid Neutral.png ...

Sigrid Neutral.png I am adrift in a sea of morons...

(Exit Sigrid)

Nuru Neutral.png If that's what immortality looks like, you can keep it.

Post-mission Cutscene

Nuru Neutral.png This terrain is no joke...

Mercia Neutral.png You're right, but...

Mercia Neutral.png Emeric, these dunes... We must be in Heavensong!

Emeric Neutral.png You're right, My Queen. We've reached the border

Mercia Happy.png We did it!

Emeric Neutral.png There will surely be a Heavensong battalion stationed nearby.

Emeric Neutral.png Border scouts positioned to stop marauders from the Lost Leagues stealing into Heavensong.

Mercia Neutral.png That's great! We've got so many enemies... It will be really nice to meet somebody who's actually pleased to see us.

Unused Dialogue

Start of Player's turn 1

Nuru Neutral.png Alright, Leafwings, go take out those boneheads!

Nuru Happy.png We need to get our friends to safety!


  • Within the stage is an event to have Nuru talk about the Leafwings (see Unused Dialogue), however it cannot be triggered without modifying the stage.
  • Despite having a Stronghold on the far East of the map, there is no dialogue or defeat condition if it is destroyed.