A Fragile Blockade

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A Fragile Blockade
Campaign: Act 6, Side Mission 2

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Nothing stands between Sigrid and what she wants.
Defeat the Heavensong reinforcements!
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Map Type: Campaign
No of Players: 1
Alliances: 1v1
Fog of War: No
Reward Stars: Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
Previous Map
❮ We Must Stop Meeting Like This


A Fragile Blockade is the 2nd side mission in Act 6 of the single player campaign.

It's available after clearing We Must Stop Meeting Like This, but not required to advance in the Campaign.


A Fragile Blockade is an endurance mission. There are no enemy structures to capture or destroy, or a commander to defeat, and victory is achieved once the final enemy unit is destroyed. The player has an innate advantage in that they can continuously produce new units, while the enemy will eventually run out.

For the first 16 turns of the mission, fresh waves of Heavensong Empire units will appear at four different locations:

  • The northern road (ground units only)
  • The northeastern sea corner (naval units only)
  • The easternmost isle (air units only)
  • The southeastern sea corner (naval units only)

For the first 15 of those turns, groups of 2-3 enemy units will only appear at 1-2 of these spawn sites. On the 16th turn, a final wave of 3-4 units will appear at all four spawn sites simultaneously, and include one Giant and one Dragon.

The player begins with one of each of the three unit recruitment structures: a Barracks, a Tower, and a Port. Early on, rush to capture as many of the map's seven neutral Villages as possible to secure a steady income before the advancing Heavensong forces swamp them. Two Villages, the northernmost and easternmost ones, will likely fall to Heavensong or be surrounded by their troops before they can reached, and so should be left alone until later. On the first turn, produce an Amphibian to speed up the process of capturing the three sea Villages. Consider making a Wagon early as well to carry the initial Spearman to the northern Villages.

As the mission goes on, protect the bridge leading to the Stronghold at all costs, as well as the Port. Prioritize the production of Turtles and at least two Sky Riders to keep sea and air threats busy and protect the three sea Villages, making sure to keep the Sky Riders away from land since the enemy brings in multiple Archers and Mages. As for ground units, Trebuchets, Mages, and Spearmen should be sufficient to support Sigrid in holding the bridge or defending the two northwestern Villages; Sigrid's Groove should be reserved for an emergency heal or taking out the enemy's most dangerous units, like Trebuchets and the lone Giant. When possible, recruit at least one Giant to start pushing the enemy back and keep it near a Mage for both healing and anti-air protection.

By the time the final wave arrives, at least five of the seven neutral Villages should be secured and in no immediate danger of falling. Over the next several turns take out the enemy air forces, focusing on the Sky Riders and Dragon, and mop up the ground units. The last remaining enemy forces will likely be assorted naval units, which should be attacked with as many Turtles and Dragons as can be mustered.


Thumb A Fragile Blockade.png