The Breach

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The Breach
Campaign: Act 1, Mission 1

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An unsure Mercia faces her first test as monarch of Cherrystone.
Defeat the invading Felheim forces.
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Map Type: Campaign
No of Players: 1
Alliances: 1v1
Fog of War: No
Reward Stars: Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
S-Rank: 3 Turns
Mercia additional lore
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❮ The Beginning
A Plague of Skeletons‎ ❯

The Breach is the 1st mission in Act 1 of the single player campaign.



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Opening cutscene:

<Narration>: Several months later...
<Emeric>: Congratulations on your coronation, Queen Mercia.
<Mercia>: Emeric... Do you really think I'm ready to be a queen?
<Emeric>: I have no doubt. You are your father's daughter.
<Mercia>: I hope you're right...
(Enter Royal Guard.)
<Royal Guard>: Your Majesty! felheim scouts have breached the border!
<Mercia>: They're here, in Cherrystone?
<Mercia>: ...
<Mercia>: I can do this.
<Emeric>: I know you can.
(Exit Mercia and Emeric.)
(Royal Guard picks up crown.)
<Royal Guard>: Wait! Your Majesty! Your crown...!
(Exit Royal Guard.)

Dialogue box at start of Mercia's turn 1:

Emeric Sad.png These skeletal warriors are Felheim troops!
Emeric Neutral.png We must defeat them all to secure this region.
Emeric Neutral.png We should begin by attacking the closest Dreadswords with our unit of Swordsmen.
Mercia Neutral.png Right... Let's get this over and done with.

Dialogue box upon damaging Dreadsword:

Emeric Neutral.png Notice the numbers that have appeared next to the two battling units.
Mercia Neutral.png Yeah! There'sa little number next to each of them.
Emeric Neutral.png These represent the units' health. They appear when it drops below 95%.
Emeric Neutral.png The number 5 indicated that the Dreadsword is down at around 50% health.
Mercia Extra.png And my Swordsman is down to about 80% health. Got it!
Emeric Neutral.png Then let's attack the Dreadsword with our second Swordsman.

Dialogue box upon selecting attack on Dreadsword:

Emeric Neutral.png My Queen, may I interject for just a moment?
Emeric Neutral.png When selecting a target, a Damage Preview will appear above its head.
Emeric Neutral.png The Damage Preview indicates what damage will be dealt by both units during combat.
Mercia Neutral.png Sounds handy!
Emeric Neutral.png You see, the health of a unit suggests more than how close it is to defeat.
Emeric Neutral.png The more damage a unit takes, the weaker its attack power becomes.
Mercia Neutral.png So a healthy unit is a stronger unit?
Emeric Neutral.png Indeed! But it looks like your Swordsman will do just fine here.

Dialogue box at start of Felheim's turn 1:

Mercia Sad.png More undead?!
Emeric Neutral.png It seems like they're not giving up quite yet.

Dialogue box at start of Mercia's turn 2:

Emeric Happy.png Friendly reinforcements have arrived!
Mercia Neutral.png Just in the nick of time!
Emeric Neutral.png Look! It seems like we've been provided with a new unit type - Pikemen!
Emeric Neutral.png This might be a good time for you to learn about Critical Hits.
Mercia Sad.png Critical Hits?
Emeric Neutral.png All units have conditions under which their attacks are stronger.
Emeric Neutral.png We call these attacks Critical Hits.
Mercia Sad.png I've never heard of those.
Emeric Happy.png Do not worry, my Queen. This information is easy to find.
Emeric Neutral.png Let me show you how to find information about a unit's 'Crit'.

Dialogue box upon opening Pikeman Info Screen:

Emeric Neutral.png This is the Tile Info Screen.
Emeric Neutral.png Here, we can find useful information about our selected unit.
Emeric Neutral.png This part gives us a good overview of the unit.
Mercia Neutral.png Hmm... the Pikeman Crits when adjacent to another Pikeman!
Emeric Neutral.png You can bring up this Info Screen on any unit, terrain or structure.
Emeric Neutral.png Use it often, and you'll learn fast!
Mercia Neutral.png Alright! I'll make sure to check it often.
Emeric Neutral.png When you're ready, you can close this window.

Dialogue box upon closing window:

Emeric Neutral.png We should make sure that the Pikemen stick together.
Mercia Neutral.png Got it!

Dialogue box upon lining up Pikeman:

Emeric Neutral.png We've lined up our first Pikeman.
Emeric Neutral.png Let's attack the Dreadsword with our second Pikeman!

Dialogue box upon selecting attack on Dreadsword:

Emeric Neutral.png Let me draw your attention to the Damage Preview once more.
Mercia Neutral.png Oh, the arrow is flashing!
Emeric Neutral.png Well spotted. A flashing arrow in the Damage Preview is a good sign.
Emeric Neutral.png It indicates that you're about to land a Critical Hit!

Dialogue box upon killing Dreadsword:

Emeric Neutral.png Thanks to the placement of the first Pikeman...
Mercia Happy.png ...the second Pikeman dealt a Critical Hit!
Emeric Happy.png She learns fast! Hahaha.
Emeric Neutral.png Keeping your Pikemen together will ensure a stronger offence.
Emeric Neutral.png When encountering a new unit type, it's important to learn about their Crit.
Emeric Happy.png I'll leave you to defeat the rest of these Felheim troops.
Mercia Neutral.png Thank you, Emeric. I couldn't do this without you.

Dialogue box upon defeating last enemy:

Emeric Happy.png That's the last of them.
Emeric Neutral.png Well done, my Queen.

Cutscene immediately following dialogue box:

<Mercia>: We did it!
<Emeric>: A good start, but Felheim won't stop there. We must remain vigilant.
<Mercia>: They'll be back?
<Emeric>: Yes. And in greater numbers.
<Mercia>: A whole horde of skeletons...
<Emeric>: Indeed, and much else besides. I'd forgotten you had so little experience with the undead...
<Mercia>: Cherrystone is normally so peaceful. I've never seen them here before...
<Emeric>: But now they're coming. and they won't stop.
<Mercia>: An undead army...
<Emeric>: All undead but one. We've spoken in your lessons of their leader - Valder...
<Emeric>: ...a living man, and--
<Mercia>: 'And a Necromancer of great power.' I haven't forgotten...
<Emeric>: Well, we should make a move. The undead are likely to be advancing upon other parts of the kingdom.
<Mercia>: Emeric... Do you think Valder will come to Cherrystone himself?
<Emeric>: Yes, Your Majesty. I do.
(Exit Emeric, Mercia and Caesar.)
(Enter Royal Guard.)
<Royal Guard>: Your Majesty! Wait!
(Exit Royal Guard.)