A Plague of Skeletons

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A Plague of Skeletons
Campaign: Act 1, Mission 2

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The Felheim invasion begins in earnest.
Neutralise all enemy structures.
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Map Type: Campaign
No of Players: 1
Alliances: 1v1
Fog of War: No
Reward Stars: Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png (8 Turns)
S-Rank: 11 Turns
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❮ The Breach
Worst Enemies Forever ❯

A Plague of Skeletons is the 2nd mission in Act 1 of the single player campaign.



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Opening cutscene:

(Enter & Exit Villagers, pursued by Dreadswords, pursed by Swordsmen.)
(Enter Mercia, Emeric and Caesar.)
<Mercia>: The kingdom's overrun with Felheim soldiers!
<Mercia>: We have to do something!
<Emeric>: We will hold what land we can.
<Mercia>: Maybe if we--
(Enter Ragna.)
<???>: Not so fast!
<Mercia>: Who are you?
<???>: I'm the person that's going to smash, bash and pulverise you!
<???>: You can call me Ragna.
<Mercia>: Um... Alright...
<Ragna>: ...
<Ragna>: Fight me!!

Dialogue box at start of Mercia's turn 1:

Emeric Neutral.png Did you see that? The Felheim hordes just captured a Village to the west.
Emeric Neutral.png They'll attempt to claim the neutral Village to the east next unless we stop them.
Mercia Extra.png Then let's stop them.
Emeric Neutral.png Luckily, a Cherrystone Ranger is here to help us.
Emeric Neutral.png Rangers are units that can attack enemies from a distance.
Emeric Happy.png Let's move it into a position from where it can attack any approaching undead.
Mercia Neutral.png Sounds good!

Dialogue box after moving Ranger:

Emeric Neutral.png From this position, our Ranger can attack any enemies approaching from the west.
Emeric Neutral.png When you want to end your turn, select an unoccupied map tile and then select 'End Turn'.

Dialogue box at start of Mercia's turn 2:

Emeric Neutral.png Are you remembering to check the Unit Info screen to learn about Critical Hits?
Mercia Neutral.png ...Yeah!
Emeric Happy.png Good! Then you'll know that Rangers Crit if they attack without moving.
Emeric Neutral.png We'll attack the Dreadsword without moving the Ranger now.

Dialogue box after killing Dreadsword:

Mercia Happy.png We did it!
Emeric Neutral.png We may have defeated those soldiers, but it's not over yet.
Emeric Neutral.png The enemy owns a Barracks. This will enable them to recruit new units.
Emeric Happy.png Fortunately, we have access to a Barracks of our own!
Emeric Neutral.png We should select it to recruit a new unit at once.
Mercia Neutral.png Okay! I'm on it.

Dialogue box upon selecting Barracks:

Emeric Neutral.png This Barracks lets you recruit three different unit types.
Mercia Neutral.png Swordsmen, Pikemen and Rangers!
Emeric Neutral.png That's right. But due to our current funds...
Mercia Sad.png ...I can only afford a Swordsman right now.
Emeric Happy.png A single Swordsman can make a big difference. Let's recruit one now.

Dialogue box upon recruiting Swordsman:

Emeric Neutral.png Note that each Barracks can only recruit a single unit per turn.
Mercia Neutral.png Right. I'll make sure to remember that.

Dialogue box at start of Mercia's turn 3:

Emeric Neutral.png Select our new Swordsman and order it to move and capture the Village.

Dialogue box upon capturing Village:

Emeric Neutral.png Excellent work, My Queen!
Emeric Neutral.png Villages bring in 100 gold every turn, so they're incredibly important to the war effort.
Mercia Happy.png Right! Because more gold means we can recruit more units.
Emeric Neutral.png Correct. In fact, we can cripple the enemy's income by taking their Village to the west.
Emeric Neutral.png To capture a Village that is owned by a different faction, we must first defeat it.
Mercia Neutral.png Then I'll recruit more units straight away and order them towards that Village.

Dialogue box upon selecting Barracks:

Emeric Neutral.png Some units are more effective than others at defeating structure such as Villages.
Emeric Neutral.png I advise you to rely on the Pikeman's powerful Crit for this joob.
Mercia Neutral.png Alright! I'll recruit Pikmen and send them towards the enemy Village.

Dialogue box at start of Mercia's turn 4:

Emeric Neutral.png Enemy reinforcements to the north!
Emeric Neutral.png They'll no doubt be heading towards your northern Villages.
Mercia Extra.png I should've known they wouldn't make this easy for us.
Emeric Neutral.png I suggest you don't leave the northern path unattended.
Mercia Neutral.png I'll make sure to leave a unit to protect the northern Villages.

Dialogue box upon defeating enemy Village:

Ragna Sad.png WHAT? How did this happen?!
Emeric Happy.png Excellent. You've cleared the enemy from the Village.
Emeric Neutral.png You should capture it to secure it before Ragna takes it back.
Mercia Happy.png Got it!

Dialogue box upon capturing neutral Village:

Ragna Sad.png NOO!!
Emeric Happy.png Well done! With no Villages, the enemy has no income.
Emeric Neutral.png You'll notice that a captured structure never begins with full health.
Emeric Neutral.png In fact, it starts with the equivalent of half the capturing unit's health.
Mercia Neutral.png So if a unit with 40% health captures a Village, the Village starts with 20% health?
Emeric Happy.png Yes! Now, we should destroy their Barracks to completely remove them from this region.
Mercia Happy.png Okay! Let's do it!

Dialogue box at start of Ragna's turn when no income:

Ragna Sad.png WHAT?! I don't have enough gold to recruit a new unit?!

Dialogue box upon defeating enemy Barracks:

Ragna Sad.png NOO! This is not happening!
Mercia Happy.png Emeric! We did it!
Emeric Happy.png Good work!

Cutscene immediately following dialogue box:

(Ragna face down.)
<Dreadsword>: Chatter chatter...
<Ragna>: Go away.
<Dreadsword>: Chatter chatter?
<Ragna>: I said. Go. Away.
(Exit Dreadsword.)
(Enter Mercia, Emeric and Caesar.)
<Mercia>: !!
<Mercia>: What are--
<Ragna>: I said go away!!!
(Ragna stands up.)
<Ragna>: Oh. It's you...
<Mercia>: Yeah...
<Mercia>: I, um... didn't mean to disturb you.
<Ragna>: You didn't disturb me: I was lying in wait!
<Mercia>: Uh huh... Right.
<Ragna>: GRRRrrr!
<Ragna>: This isn't over!