The Reckoning

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The Reckoning
Campaign: Act 7, Mission 1

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Valder has joined the allies, and it's time for Mercia to face Sigrid.
Destroy the enemy Stronghold or defeat Sigrid!
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Map Type: Campaign
No of Players: 1
Alliances: 1v1
Fog of War: No
Reward Stars: Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
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❮ The Fortress
An Ancient Adversary ❯

The Reckoning is the 1st mission in Act 7 of the single player campaign.



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Opening cutscene:

(Enter Mercia, Emeric, Caesar, Valder, Nuru and Koji.)
<Mercia>: My sword!
(Mercia picks up her sword.)
<Koji>: Sigrid just left it here?
<Valder>: She had no further use for it once the door was opened.
(Enter Sigrid.)
<Sigrid>: I thought I heard you...
<Sigrid>: You were fools to follow me here.
<Sigrid>: I am but steps away from Requiem... and ultimate power over Aurania.
<Sigrid>: You pathetic mortals are too weak to stop me.
<Sigrid>: So go. Run. Hide. Huddle in the darkness...
<Sigrid>: There's nothing else left for you to do.
<Mercia>: 'Nothing else left...'?
<Mercia>: You killed my father.
<Mercia>: You chase us across the continent, leaving ruin and death in your wake.
<Mercia>: And now you're steps away from a weapon that could threaten all of Aurania!
<Mercia>: You've done too much damage already, Sigrid... It's time somebody stopped you for good!
<Emeric>: Well said, Queen Mercia.
<Koji>: She's right! You're nuts!
<Valder>: Indeed.
<Caesar>: Woof!
<Nuru>: We're right behind you, Mercia!
<Mercia>: I appreciate it, everyone... but I need to do this on my own.
<Mercia>: For Dad...
<Koji>: What?!
<Nuru>: But--
<Valder>: Mercia has proven herself in battle many times. Not least in the battle against myself...
<Valder>: I do not doubt her abilities as a commander. She must avenge her father.
<Emeric>: Mercia... Before we last parted I left some things unsaid.
<Emeric>: And the weight of those unspoken words... Had you not come back...
<Emeric>: You're like a daughter to me, Mercia.
<Mercia>: Emeric, when Dad died... I would have been lost without you.
<Sigrid>: I think I'm going to vomit.
<Sigrid>: I can feel my gorge rising.
<Sigrid>: I haven't thrown up in more than 900 years, but I really think this is going to do it.
<Mercia>: ...
<Sigrid>: If you're done, perhaps we can get on with things.
<Sigrid>: Some of us have worlds to conquer.

Dialogue box at start of Mercia's turn 1:

Mercia Extra.png This is it, Sigrid.
Mercia Extra.png I won't let you get away with all the horrible things you've done.
Sigrid Happy.png Hahaha... As if you have any choice in the matter.
Mercia Extra.png Enough Talking.

Dialogue box when near volcano:

Mercia Extra.png The volcano... It's so ominous.
Sigrid Neutral.png Ha! What's next? Will you be frightened of the trees? Or the big scary rocks? Humans.

Dialogue box at start of Mercia's turn 5:

Sigrid Neutral.png This is becoming tiresome. You're simply delaying the inevitable.
Sigrid Happy.png Hold still a moment so I can come and swat you like the troublesome gnat you are.
Mercia Extra.png 'Gnat'? You're the only bloodsucker around here. And I'm not going down that easily.
Sigrid Neutral.png Hmph.

Dialogue box when near enemy Stronghold:

Sigrid Happy.png Oh, you think you can take down my Stronghold?
Mercia Neutral.png I know I can!
Sigrid Neutral.png You're so misguided it's almost sweet.

Dialogue box upon defeating Sigrid/Stronghold:

Mercia Neutral.png ...

Cutscene immediately following dialogue box:

(Sigrid stabbed by Mercia.)
<Sigrid>: H-How?
(Sigrid dies.)
<Mercia>: I... killed her.
<Koji>: Mercia...
<Mercia>: Ending this war... it didn't bring Dad back...
<Emeric>: Mercival lives on in you.
<Emeric>: You have become the queen he knew you could be. The queen your people need.
<Mercia>: My people... I won't let anything harm them ever again.
<Emeric>: I am so proud of you, Mercia.
<Nuru>: Yeah! You saved Aurania!
<Koji>: they're right! You're amazing!
<Valder>: I hate to break up this sentimental moment... But the door is still open.
<Nuru>: So? Let's just close it!
<Koji>: And then throw the Cherryblade into the sea!
<Koji>: No Key, no problem!
<Valder>: It is not as simple as that. Some doors, once opened, cannot be closed...
<Valder>: I have read of this weapon and its prison in ancient tomes.
<Valder>: Sigrid may be gone, but Requiem has already awoken from its long slumber.
<Valder>: It will find a new wielder to do its bidding. To bring ruin to us all.
<Nuru>: Are you kidding?!
<Koji>: We're too late?
<Mercia>: No.
<Mercia>: I can't let this happen.
<Emeric>: We don't know what lies beyond this gate.
<Valder>: But we can assume it is utter ruin.
<Mercia>: I hae to try to beat it. For my people.
(Exit Mercia.)
<Emeric>: I will not let her face Requiem alone.
<Nuru>: You read my mind!
<Koji>: Let's go!
<Caesar>: Ruff!
(Exit the gang.)