The Getaway

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The Getaway
Co-op Campaign: Felheim, Mission 2

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Fleeing the Felheim battlefield, the Outlaws need to escape their pursuers.
Get Wulfar and the Twins to the escape zone.
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Map Type: Co-op Campaign
Fog of War: No
Reward Stars: Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png (14 Turns)
S-Rank: 12 Turns
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❮ A Frosty Reception
Rendevous ❯

The Getaway is the 2nd and final mission of the Felheim route in the co-op campaign.

You play as Wulfar and the Twins fleeing Felheim with their stolen treasure, under pursuit from an angry Ragna.


Victory: Have the Twins and Wulfar escape.

Defeat: Wulfar or the Twins are defeated.

Completion Rewards[edit]

Rank Turn Requirement Rewards
D 26
C 22 Menu Icon Achievements.png
B 17 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
A 14 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
S 12 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png Campaign S-Rank Flag.png



The Getaway map

The allied teams can be split according to unit type, with Wulfar controlling all Aerial units and a Tower, and the Twins having all Naval units and a Port. There are also an additional enemy Tower and Port for them to capture respectively.

The only available land units in the mission are the 2 Mages and Commanders. There are no Barracks to replenish the Land army for either side.

After at least 1 ally unit enters the South half of the map, the Port and Tower at the South-most island will begin recruiting new units.

After at least 10 units enter the South half of the map, OR at least a single unit reaches the South-most island, Ragna will arrive with a large army at the North edge of the map, including 2 Warships, 2 Harpoon Ships, 2 Turtles, and 2 Aeronauts. Afterwards, if Ragna has less than 15 units on the map, she will spawn additional, random, reinforcements at the North edge, creating an infinitely replenishing army.


11th May, Felheim

After escaping the fortress with its vast quantities of gold, Wulfar and the Twins continue their escape. With Ragna quickly behind them, they must make their way through the army to get to safety.

When they escape, Vesper appears. The twins learn that Wulfar and Vesper had once been friends. Despite Wulfar's belief in "honour amongst thieves", Vesper has cast that aside, and insists on receiving her gold. With the first heist complete, the first step to Enid's rescue is complete, but a long series of heists still awaits them...



Opening Cutscene
(Outlaws chased by Felheim troops)
(Scene transition)
(Enter Wulfar, Errol, and Orla)

Orla Neutral.png Huff huff...

Orla Neutral.png These dead guys dinnae give up, do they?

Orla Sad.png Whatever happened to "rest in peace"?

Orla Sad.png This is about the least peaceful place I've ever been!

Orla Sad.png And why are they being so stubborn?

Orla Extra.png All we did was steal absolutely all of their gold...

Errol Neutral.png Have we lost them?

Wulfar Neutral.png No.

Wulfar Neutral.png But we will.

(Exit Wulfar, Errol, and Orla)
Mission Dialogue

Introduction Dialogue

Wulfar Neutral.png Alright, you two - here's the escape plan.

Wulfar Neutral.png We need to get ourselves down south and out of Felheim...

Wulfar Neutral.png But this river is rife wi' undead defenses. We'll have to move slowly and mind our way.

Orla Neutral.png Should we try and grab that Port on the way down? And the Tower too? Snatch both out from under 'em?

Wulfar Neutral.png Great minds think alike!

Wulfar Neutral.png But be careful...

Wulfar Neutral.png We need to stay vigilant and look after each other if we're goin' to get away wi' this.

Neutralise all Water Villages in the North-East

Orla Neutral.png We're hittin' 'em hard! If I was those skellies, I'd be runnin' scared!

Errol Neutral.png We're the ones who are runnin'...

Orla Neutral.png Aye, I suppose. But we're not scared!

Errol Neutral.png Umm...

Neutralise all Villages in the North-West

Wulfar Neutral.png We're makin' good progress! We'll be out of here in no time!

Neutralise Port in the North-East

Orla Neutral.png Port destroyed!

Errol Neutral.png Phew... That takes some of the pressure off...

Neutralise Tower in the North-West

Orla Neutral.png That's their Tower done for!

Defeated all siege weaponry on middle islands

Orla Neutral.png Bye-bye, siege weapons! It was terrible knowing ye! I'm glad yer dead!

Errol Neutral.png They still have siege weapons sittin' on the southern island, ye know...

Orla Neutral.png Alright, gloomy guts, forgive me for enjoying maself...

Start of Wulfar's turn when an allied unit has reached the South half

Errol Neutral.png We're almost there!

Wulfar Neutral.png Aye, lad. Not far now.

Start of Ragna's turn when at least 10 allied unit have reached the South half

(Many units spawn)

Ragna Sad.png NOT. SO. FAST.

Orla Extra.png Oh no... You again.

Errol Extra.png Orla... Donnae make her mad!

Ragna Sad.png I'M ALREADY MAD!!!

Errol Neutral.png Figures...

Destroyed all siege weaponry on South island (Ragna has not arrived)

Wulfar Neutral.png That's the last of the siege weapons.

Destroyed all siege weaponry on South island (Ragna has arrived)

Wulfar Neutral.png That's the last of the siege weapons.

Ragna Sad.png Stop breaking our stuff!



Neutralised all recruitment buildings on South island (Ragna has not arrived)

Orla Neutral.png Och... How embarrassing for the Felheim army - no Tower, no Port, no nothing...

Neutralised all recruitment buildings on South island (Ragna has arrived)

Orla Neutral.png Och... How embarrassing for the Felheim army - no Tower, no Port, no nothing...

Ragna Sad.png Shut up! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!!

Wulfar first allied Commander to approach South island

Wulfar Neutral.png Right. Nearly there. We're doing well, kids.

Errol & Orla first allied Commander to approach South island

Errol Neutral.png Da, we've made it ashore!

Wulfar reaches escape zone (First Commander)

Wulfar Neutral.png Come on, weans!

Errol & Orla reach escape zone (First Commander)

Orla Neutral.png Da, come on! Stop being such a slowcoach!

Both Wulfar and the Twins reach escape zone

Errol Happy.png We made it!

Orla Neutral.png We're the best!

Wulfar is defeated

Errol and Orla Sad.png Noo!!!

Errol & Orla are defeated

Wulfar Sad.png Errol! Orla!

Completion Cutscene
(Enter Wulfar, Errol, and Orla)

Orla Happy.png Did ye see those skellies crumble?

Orla Extra.png Rest in pieces, am I right?

Orla Neutral.png And what did ye make of that loudmouthed patchwork lassie?

Orla Neutral.png The girl needs to work on her temper...

Orla Neutral.png . . .

Orla Neutral.png Where's Vesper?

Errol Neutral.png Da, do you reckon Enid's okay...?

Orla Neutral.png We're gettin' that bahookie Vesper her money, Errol. Enid'll be fine. Right, Da?

Wulfar Neutral.png That's right. Enid'll be just fine.

(Vesper appears)

Vesper Neutral.png Probably.

Vesper Neutral.png How was the heist? Lots of undead?

Vesper Neutral.png Felheim is good nightmare fuel, isn't it?

Wulfar Neutral.png . . .

Wulfar Neutral.png To think I used to call ye a friend...

Orla Neutral.png Did ye?!

Vesper Neutral.png Oh yes. We were ever so close.

Wulfar Neutral.png . . .

Vesper Happy.png There's no need to disturb old graves, Wulfar. We're neither of us necromancers.

Vesper Happy.png And besides, graves are for robbing, if you ask me.

Vesper Neutral.png Anyway, what's a little turpitude between friends?

Wulfar Neutral.png What about honour amongst thieves?

Vesper Happy.png What childish nonsense! Do you believe in fairies and unicorns too?

Vesper Neutral.png What about you two - Error and Orful... or whatever you're called?

Vesper Neutral.png Do you children also believe in fairy tales?

Orla Extra.png Aye...

Orla Extra.png ...and I know a hag when a see one.

Vesper Extra.png Hah.

Vesper Extra.png What a wicked tongue!

Vesper Neutral.png Wouldn't it be a terrible shame if someone were to remove it from your head?

Wulfar Neutral.png Vesper...

Vesper Neutral.png Just a joke, Wulfar.

Vesper Neutral.png You always were so sensitive...

Vesper Neutral.png In any case, I must be getting on.

Vesper Neutral.png As you know, the devil makes work for idle hands.

Vesper Neutral.png If you'll just show me to the gold, I can be getting on my way...

(Exit Wulfar and Vesper)

Orla Neutral.png I cannae believe Da was friends wi' that boot.

Orla Neutral.png What a cowbag!


  • This is one of only two missions in the Co-op Campaign to begin the player with a Port.
    • It is also one of only 3 missions to feature Ports.
  • This is one of only two missions in the Co-op Campaign to begin the player with a Tower.
  • Despite featuring Ragna in dialogue, she does not appear as a unit in the mission.
    • Ragna is the only Commander to ever do this as an enemy.
    • This is the second instance of Ragna appearing in dialogue but not on the battlefield, the other occurance is in A Plague of Skeletons in the Solo Campaign.