Halcyon Days

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Halcyon Days
Campaign: Act 4, Side Mission 2

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Two old friends relive the happy days of their youth.
Defeat Emeric!
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Map Type: Campaign
No of Players: 1
Alliances: 1v1
Fog of War: No
Reward Stars: Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
Tenri playable in Arcade
Tenri additional lore
Previous Map
❮ Prince of the Empire


Halcyon Days is the 2nd side mission in Act 4 of the single player campaign.

It's available after clearing Prince of the Empire, but not required to advance in the Campaign.


This is a map where you start with a predetermined arrangement of units. The enemy side has the advantage of more units especially those that can attack air units, your priority will be to defeat all of these units while having Aeronauts alive to clear out everything (since the only units that can attack them are defeated). At the start of the game the most threatening units will be the Cavalry, the way to clear out these units would be to bait your leader into being attacked. You would best force the enemy to engage in a manner that is in your advantage, so your first few turns should be defensive. Once you are engaged with the enemy you will want to be offensive and spread out so that they will have to enter your attack range to do any damage. Your own Cavalry will be important for sniping Archers and Mages while your own Mages can take out Aeronauts. Concentrate on Emeric last because he can absorb lots of damage before he goes down. When you can, take out weak units with your leader to charge her groove. When your groove is charged the best strategy is to reposition an enemy Archer or Mage to be within the critical hit range of your Cavalry or other units which can take out that unit quickly. Enemy Aeronauts will constantly harass your units, so it is best to take them out from range with your own archer or if safely a Mage. With all of the units that can defeat air units out of the way you can quickly clear the map without worry.


Thumb Halcyon Days.png