The Beginning

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The Beginning
Campaign: Act 0, Mission 1

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Under cover of night, High Vampire Sigrid makes a daring attack on Cherrystone Castle.
Assassinate the King of Cherrystone
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Map Type: Campaign
No of Players: 1
Alliances: 1v1
Fog of War: No
Reward Stars: Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
S-Rank: 8 Turns
Emeric additional lore
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The Breach ❯

The Beginning is the introduction mission at the start of the single player campaign.


Achieving a 3 Star ranking on the prologue level is simple as you will be following tutorial directions for most of the mission. When you are given freedom in your choice of move, it is just a matter of moving towards The King at the top of the map. Let the enemies come to you; they won't damage you at all. Finish the map in 8 moves or less, and 3 Stars are yours.


The Beginning.png


Opening cutscene:

<Narration>: One rainy night at Cherrystone Castle...
<Swordsman 1>: This weather is giving me the spooks.
<Swordsman 1>: Did you hear that?!
<Swordsman 2>: Cut it out! It's just thunder.
<Swordsman 2>: But I'm, er... going to patrol the throne room.
(Exit Swordsman 2.)
<Swordsman 1>: Hey, wait for me!
(Exit Swordsman 1.)
(Enter Sigrid.)
<Sigrid>: Cowards. Jumping at shadows and dropping their guard.

Dialogue box immediately following opening cutscene:

Sigrid Neutral.png Getting to the king shouldn't be much of a challenge.
Sigrid Neutral.png There he is, all alone in his chambers. How convenient.
Sigrid Neutral.png The fewer guards I dispatch, the quicker this will be...
Sigrid Neutral.png ...but some unfortunate wretches still stand in my way.
Sigrid Neutral.png I'll start by defeating that one over there.

Dialogue box at start of Mercival's turn 1:

Mercival Neutral.png It's time... Time my daughter learned the truth. But how do I tell her?

Dialogue box at start of Sigrid's turn 2:

Sigrid Neutral.png I'll make my way towards the King's chambers.

Dialogue box at start of Mercival's turn 2:

Mercival Neutral.png 'Mercia, a long time ago, before Cherrystone was Cherrystone...' Hmm... No...

Dialogue box at start of Sigrid's turn 3:

Sigrid Neutral.png This is laughably easy...

Dialogue box at start of Mercival's turn 3:

Mercival Neutral.png 'There was once a Kingdom called Cacophony, and a war known as The Great Dissonance...'

Dialogue box at start of Mercival's turn 4:

Mercival Sad.png This knowledge is too great a burden! Oh, Mercia...

Dialogue box at start of Sigrid's turn 5:

Sigrid Neutral.png Hmm. This castle is vast...
Sigrid Neutral.png If I access the Overview Screen, I can get a glimpse of it's true extent...
Sigrid Neutral.png I just need to select an unoccupied tile and pick 'Overview'.

Dialogue box upon selecting Overview:

Sigrid Neutral.png This screen provides me with objectives and statistics.
Sigrid Neutral.png Hmph... So many humans. How unpleasant. Still, I can avoid most of them.
Sigrid Neutral.png As my objective says, I'm here for the King.
Sigrid Happy.png I can close this now and return to my task.

Dialogue box upon closing Overview:

Sigrid Happy.png Time to defeat a few more hapless guards and make my way to the King's chamber...

Dialogue box at start of Mercival's turn 5:

Mercival Neutral.png I'll start slowly... 'My darling Bluebird, I need to tell you something...'

Dialogue box at start of Mercival's turn 6:

Mercival Neutral.png 'It's a very long story about something that happened a very long time ago.'

Dialogue box at start of Mercival's turn 7:

Mercival Sad.png A very long time ago indeed... Why can't the past stay the past?

Dialogue box at start of Mercival's turn 8:

Mercival Sad.png It is unfair that we remain responsible for a centuries-old mistake that was not our own.

Dialogue box at start of Mercival's turn 9:

Mercival Sad.png Unfair and inescapable... How am I going to tell her...?

Dialogue box at start of Mercival's turn 10 and onwards:

Mercival Sad.png ...

Dialogue box upon entering Mercival's chamber:

Sigrid Happy.png At last.
Mercival Sad.png You?! How did you--

Cutscene immediately following dialogue box:

<Mercival>: Sigrid...
(Sigrid attacks Mercival.)
<Sigrid>: ...Humans are so frail.
<Mercival>: Do you understand what you've just done? You'll start a war!
<Sigrid>: War? The inane squabble of children.
<Sigrid>: Where is the Key?
<Mercival>: You'll never have it. The Key is in safe hands, far from the grasp of a monster like you!
<Sigrid>: 'Safe hands'...? Before you die, understand this: nothing is safe from me.
<Mercival>: ...You're making a mistake.
<Sigrid>: Hush now.
(Sigrid kills Mercival.)
(Sigrid laughs.)
<Sigrid>: Still the Key eludes me... No matter.
<Sigrid>: It's close, I can feel it.
(Exit Sigrid.)

Cutscene following map complete screen:

<Emeric>: Well done, Princess. Your skill with the Cherryblade improves yet further.
<Mercia>: Thank you!
(Enter Swordsman.)
<Caesar>: Woof!
<Caesar>: Woof!!
<Mercia>: It's alright, Caesar, it's just one of the royal guard.
<Swordsman>: Lord Emeric!
<Emeric>: Is this important? You disturb the Princess's Lessons.
<Swordsman>: The King, My Lord! The King has been killed!
<Emeric>: What?!
<Mercia>: No!! Father...
<Emeric>: Mercia. I'm so sorry.
<Emeric>: Who did this?
<Swordsman>: Sir, the assailant appears to have been a v-v-vampire.
<Emeric>: The Felheim Legion...
<Emeric>: Princess Mercia, the murder of your father is an act of war. We must defend the kingdom.
<Mercia>: War? We're at war...