Beyond the Border

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Beyond the Border
Campaign: Act 2, Mission 1

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The party escapes to the Gloomwoods, only to face fresh dangers.
Neutralise the enemy Barracks or defeat Sedge!
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Map Type: Campaign
No of Players: 1
Alliances: 1v1
Fog of War: Yes
Reward Stars: Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
S-Rank: 14 Turns
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❮ Lord of the Dead
Shadows in the Mist ❯
Canine Justice ❯

Beyond the Border is the 1st mission in Act 2 of the single player campaign.

Winning the battle opens up a path to the mission Shadows in the Mist, and an optional side mission; Canine Justice.



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Opening cutscene:

<???>: Who are these interlopers?
<Mercia>: We don't mean you any harm, Floran. We just need to cross your lands.
<???>: Crossing through the Gloomwoods. A dangerousss choice...
<???>: These are Florans lands. Thisss is where we live, thisss is where we hunt...
<???>: Humans do not come here.
<Emeric>: The Cherrystone Kingdom negociated the right to safe passage generations ago.
<Emeric>: I know we don't use it very often, but we need it now. We have no choice.
<Sedge>: Where the little lady ssseeks passage, Sedge seeks sssustenance.
<Emeric>: Do you threaten the Queen of Cherrystone?!
<Sedge>: Hahaha, 'Queen'... Sssilly titles do no impress Sedge.
<Sedge>: Whatever you call yourssselves, you're still just meat and bone.
<Sedge>: Sssedge will eat the old man first and the little lady for ssseconds.
<Emeric>: Stand down stranger, or be cut down.

Dialogue box at start of Emeric's turn 1:

Emeric Neutral.png This forest is so dense, and the fog so thick... But we must press on!
Emeric Neutral.png We should use out Battle pups to scout ahead.
Emeric Neutral.png Pups inflict Critical Hits when another pup is adjacent to their target.
Emeric Neutral.png More importantly, they can see furthest through the fog. We should send one of them
Emeric Neutral.png up this mountain.
Emeric Neutral.png Being atop a moutain extends the sight range of a unit, so this is a good position
Emeric Neutral.png from which to spot hidden enemies.
Emeric Neutral.png Let's move forward - carefully.

Dialogue box at upon placing Battlepup on moutain:

Emeric Neutral.png There... Hidden among the trees.
Emeric Neutral.png Floran soldiers lying in wait...
Emeric Neutral.png Now that we can see them, they've lost the element of surprise.

Dialogue box at start of Emeric's turn when Groove active:

Mercia Happy.png Emeric, your Groove is ready!
Emeric Happy.png Indeed. This old man still has a few tricks up his sleeve!
Mercia Neutral.png What does it do?
Emeric Neutral.png I am able to conjure up a gem known as a 'Cherrystone' - a powerful protective object.
Emeric Neutral.png It's aura provides a dramatic defence bonus for our units!
Mercia Happy.png Wow!

Dialogue box at end of Emeric's turn after crossing river:

Sedge Neutral.png Are you scared yet?
Sedge Happy.png You ssshould be.

Dialogue box at next start of Emeric's turn:

Emeric Neutral.png There's movement to the north and the south!
Emeric Neutral.png It may be wise to put some Battlepups on the nearby mountains.

Dialogue box upon defeating Sedge/Stronghold:

Sedge Neutral.png You think you can beat Ssedge so easily?

Cutscene immediately following dialogue box:

<Sedge>: Hssss!
<Sedge>: Thiss isn't the end of the hunt...
<Sedge>: Sedge will watch you, Sedge will ssstalk you, and when you least expect it...
<Sedge>: Sedge will pounce.
(Enter Greenfinger.)
<???>: Sedge!
<???>: There you are.
<???>: Who are these strangers?
<Mercia>: We're--
<Sedge>: Invaders!
<???>: !
<Sedge>: Humans bent on the destruction of The Gloomwoods!
<Sedge>: Ssedge caught them. Ssedge defeated them.
<Sedge>: Greenfinger need not worry - ssson they will be dead!
<Mercia>: Greenfinger? The Floran king!