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The Floran Tribes' banner
“No one knows for sure where the Floran came from - even the Floran themselves are more than a little hazy on the subject. The plant-like race are peaceable enough, when left to their own devices, as long as you leave their hunting grounds alone.”
Official website

The Floran Tribes are one of four nations that inhabit the continent of Aurania. Each tribe is led by a Greenfinger, with Greenfinger Zawan representing a tribe that makes its home in the forests to the north of the Cherrystone Kingdom.

The Floran Tribes were first revealed in the Wargroove announcement trailer.[1]


Greenfinger is the lead commander of the Floran Tribes. He is assisted by the assassin Sedge and the hunter Nuru.

Ground Units[edit]

Unit Name Type Cost Move Sight Range Capture
Floran Soldier Map Sprite.png Slasher Soldier 100 4 4 1 Yes
Quagmutt Map Sprite.png Quagmutt Dog 200 5 4 1
Floran Spearman Map Sprite.png Stabber Spearman 150 3 4 1 Yes
Floran Wagon Map Sprite.png Wagon Wagon 300 12 4
Floran Archer Map Sprite.png Shooter Archer 500 3 5 1 - 3 Yes
Floran Mage Map Sprite.png Shaman Mage 400 5 4 1 Yes
Floran Knight Map Sprite.png Greenguard Cavalry 600 6 4 1
Floran Ballista Map Sprite.png Ballista Ballista 800 6 4 2 - 6
Floran Trebuchet Map Sprite.png Treebuchet Trebuchet 900 6 4 2 - 5
Floran Giant Map Sprite.png Gloom Giant Giant 1,200 5 3 1
Floran Rifleman Map Sprite.png Rifleman 750 4
Floran Thief Map Sprite.png Thief 400 6

Air Units[edit]

Unit Name Type Cost Move Sight Range Capture
Floran Aeronaut Map Sprite.png Leafwing Aeronaut 600 5 5 1
Floran Sky Rider Map Sprite.png Swooper Sky Rider 800 7 6 1
Floran Dragon Map Sprite.png Bloom Dragon Dragon 1,250 8 6 1
Floran Balloon Map Sprite.png Floaty Thing Balloon 500 6 4

Sea Units[edit]

Unit Name Type Cost Move Sight Range Capture
Floran Amphibian Map Sprite.png Splasher Amphibian 250 5 4 2 Yes
Floran Turtle Map Sprite.png Mudsnapper Turtle 400 12 6 1
Floran Barge Map Sprite.png Barge Barge 200 10 4
Floran Harpoon Ship Map Sprite.png Harpoon Ship Harpoon Ship 550 4 6 3 - 6
Floran Warship Map Sprite.png Warship Warship 900 8 5 2 - 4


  • Floran originally appeared as a playable race in Chucklefish's first game, Starbound.
  • Commander Nuru appeared in Starbound as well, as a key character in that game's story.
  • According to an official tweet, Starbound and Wargroove share the same universe, with Wargroove set after the events of Starbound. Except for Nuru, nobody else has any knowledge of the events of Starbound.[2]
  • According to Chucklefish founder and Wargroove Game Designer Finn "Tiy" Brice, the Floran were added to the game as an analogue for elves: "The Floran came into the picture when the inevitable question of Elves came up. We decided we wanted to do something a little different and the savage Floran from our first game, Starbound, were a perfect fit!"[3]


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