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The Floran Tribes' banner
“No one knows for sure where the Floran came from - even the Floran themselves are more than a little hazy on the subject. The plant-like race are peaceable enough, when left to their own devices, as long as you leave their hunting grounds alone.”
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The Floran Tribes are one of four nations that inhabit the continent of Aurania. Each tribe is led by a Greenfinger, with Greenfinger Zawan representing a tribe that makes its home in the forests to the north of the Cherrystone Kingdom.

The Floran Tribes were first revealed in the Wargroove announcement trailer.[1]


Greenfinger is the lead commander of the Floran Tribes. They are assisted by the assassin Sedge and the hunter Nuru.



The locations of Floran

Easterly Glades[edit]

Fluffalo, used by Floran Greenguards and Wagon drivers, roam this area.

Flooded Forest[edit]

A swamp in the southeastern Gloomwoods, inhabited by Floran Splashers.

Floran Borderlands[edit]

The southern edge of The Gloomwoods, marking the border with Cherrystone.

Heart of The Gloomwoods[edit]

The darkest depths of The Gloomwoods and home of the Great Tree. The capital of the Floran Tribes.

Great Tree[edit]

The largest tree in The Gloomwoods. Gloom Giants are made from the Great Tree's roots.

Plunderer's Coast[edit]

A coast north of The Gloomwoods where piracy is commonplace. Washed up pirate ship wrecks are repaired by the Floran for use as Warships.

River Bani[edit]

A river that bisects The Gloomwoods from north to south.


  • Floran originally appeared as a playable race in Chucklefish's first game, Starbound.
  • Commander Nuru appeared in Starbound as well, as a key character in that game's story.
  • According to an official tweet, Starbound and Wargroove share the same universe, with Wargroove set after the events of Starbound. Except for Nuru, nobody else has any knowledge of the events of Starbound.[2]
  • According to Chucklefish founder and Wargroove Game Designer Finn "Tiy" Brice, the Floran were added to the game as an analogue for elves: "The Floran came into the picture when the inevitable question of Elves came up. We decided we wanted to do something a little different and the savage Floran from our first game, Starbound, were a perfect fit!"[3]


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