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Unit Icon Dragon.png
Dragon Battle Sprite.png
Unit Type
Dragon Map Sprite.png
Incredibly powerful air to ground unit. Critical hit when not raining.
Recruited at Tower
Cost: Gold Icon.png 1500
Movement: 7
Range: 1
Capture: No

Dragons are the most powerful air unit type. They're available to recruit from a Tower for 1500 gold.

They cannot capture structures but can decimate most other ground units. They're especially vulnerable to Sky Riders, Mages, and, Ballistas.

Passive Ability[edit]

Dragons will always deal increased damage when the weather is not raining.

Dragon Units[edit]

Unit Name Faction
Dragon Map Sprite.png Dragon Cherrystone Kingdom
Hellbat Map Sprite.png Fellbat Felheim Legion
Image Missing.png Heavensong Empire
Image Missing.png Griffin Floran Tribes