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Three commander portraits - (from left to right) Mercia, Ragna, and Tenri
“The Commanders are at the heart of Wargroove – a cast of exciting and energetic characters who each have their own distinct personalities and motivations. As well as acting as your avatars in-game, your Commanders will also be able to fight alongside your army as powerful units on the field. Be careful though, for if they fall, the battle is lost! ”
Dev Blog

Commanders are the most powerful unit type in Wargroove. They are the leaders of each army, and generally the only characters which speak with one another throughout the story.

Most maps limit the player to a single commander, and they cannot be recruited using buildings. Although they are the most powerful unit class, in many cases winning a match depends on their survival. On a number of maps, the player will lose the match if their commander is lost.

Each commander also has a unique musical theme.[1]

Faction Commanders[edit]

Each faction has at least three unique commanders available. These commanders will always accompany units which are part of their faction.

Cherrystone Kingdom[edit]

Mercia Portrait Small.png
Emeric Portrait Small.png
Caesar Portrait Small.png
Mercia Emeric Caesar

Felheim Legion[edit]

Valder Portrait Small.png
Ragna Portrait Small.png
Sigrid Portrait Small.png
Valder Ragna Sigrid

Heavensong Empire[edit]

Tenri Portrait Small.png
Koji Portrait Small.png
Ryota Portrait Small.png
Tenri Koji Ryota

Floran Tribes[edit]

Greenfinger Portrait Small.png
Nuru Portrait Small.png
Sedge Portrait Small.png
Greenfinger Nuru Sedge
Unlockable Icon.png
Unlockable Commanders

Cherrystone Kingdom

Mercival Portrait Small.png


Elodie Portrait Small.png
Dark Mercia Portrait Small.png
Elodie Dark Mercia

DLC Commanders[edit]

The following commanders were included in the free Wargroove DLC Double Trouble.


Wulfar Portrait Small.png
Errol and Orla Portrait Small.png
Vesper Portrait Small.png
Wulfar Errol & Orla Vesper


Battle sprites of the first nine commanders to be revealed.

Each commander can use a special move called a groove. Each groove is unique to the commander, with entirely different effects between them. Whereas the commander Mercia can use her groove to heal adjacent units, Valder can use his groove to conjure an entirely separate unit.[2]

A commander can only use his or her groove when their groove meter is filled to 100%, and using it depletes the meter to 0%. The meter fills under varying different conditions, including dealing damage.[2]

Commander Groove Name Description Range Charge Speed
Mercia Map Sprite.png
Healing Aura Mercia raises her sword to the sky and heals all of units in her groove range by 50% Cast:0 Area:3 Fast
Caesar Map Sprite.png
Inspire Caesar's majestic presence inspires all adjacent units to dig deeper and have another go. Cast:0 Area:1 Medium
Emeric Map Sprite.png
Elder Shield Emeric deploys a magical cherrystone. Its aura provides a defensive bonus of 3 shields to all nearby friendly units. The stone will have 20% of its health depleted every turn. Cast:1 Area:3 Fast
Greenfinger Map Sprite.png
Wild Growth Greenfinger picks five tiles within a range of five on which to instantaneously grow vines, blocking enemy movement. The vines can be repositioned each turn with 2 move. The vines will have 20% of their health depleted every turn. Cast:5 Medium
Sedge Map Sprite.png
Sadistic Rush Sedge hits a target for 35% flat damage. If the target is killed the Groove is not depleted and the turn does not end. Cast:1 Slow
Nuru Map Sprite.png
Teleport Beam Nuru beams down a friendly unit in the heat of battle. You pay double the price of the unit. Cast:1 Medium
Valder Map Sprite.png
Raise Dead Valder raises a Dreadsword from the ground that can immediately act. Cast:1 Very Fast
Sigrid Map Sprite.png
Vampiric Touch Sigrid drains all health from an enemy unit, and adds it to her own health, up to 100%. Cast:1 Medium
Ragna Map Sprite.png
Shield Jump Ragna leaps into the air. Upon landing she deals 65% of her maximum damage to surrounding enemy units. Cast:5 Area:3 Slow
Tenri Map Sprite.png
Rising Wind Tenri uses a tornado to move any unit except an enemy commander. Does not deplete the target's turn. Cast:6 (centered around Tenri for both her starting and ending positions) Slow
Koji Map Sprite.png
Sparrow Bombs Koji spawns two Sparrow Bombs. Upon death, they deal 50% of Koji's maximum damage to nearby enemies. Cast:1 Area:1 Slow
Ryota Map Sprite.png
Blade Dash Ryota dashes through any units or structures, dealing 50% of his maxmimum damage as he goes. Each additional dash will increase the damage by 5% without cap. Cast:2~inf Fast
Wulfar Map Sprite.png
Tee Off Wulfar swings his hammer at an adjacent unit and launches it into other units to damage them all. If the unit lands on an inaccessible tile, it will be killed instantly. This can be used on friendly units, but will damage them and end their turn. Cast:1 Eject:2-15 (triangle shape) Area:1 Fast
Errol and Orla Map Sprite.png
Cooling Water / Scorching Fire The twins create either a shrinking area of healing (20% each turn), or growing area of instant destruction, both of which affect all units, allied or not. Cast:4 Area:3 Medium
Vesper Map Sprite.png
Smoke Shroud Vesper creates a smoke field which prevents any unit from taking damage or being targeted. Cast:Infinite Area:2 Slow
Unlockable Icon.png
Unlockable Commanders
Commander Groove Name Description Range Charge Speed
Elodie Map Sprite.png
Nocturne of Woe Requiem entrances an enemy unit, bringing it under Elodie's control. Cast:1 Slow
Dark Mercia Map Sprite.png
Aura of Ruin Dark Mercia raises her sword to the sky and drains all surrounding units' health by 30%, whilst healing herself by the same amount. Cast:0 Area:3 Slow
Mercival Map Sprite.png
Gone Fishing Mercival raises his rod to the sky and casts his fishing line into an adjacent pool of water. Cast:1 Medium

Groove Charge Rates[edit]

Charge Speed Per Turn When Counter-Attacking When Attacking When Enemy Killed
While Counter-Attacking
When Enemy Killed
While Attacking
Max per Turn
Very Fast 20% 20% 40% 80% 100% 100%
Fast 10% 10% 20% 40% 50% 60%
Medium 7% 7% 13% 27% 33% 40%
Slow 5% 5% 10% 20% 25% 30%
Very Slow † 4% 4% 8% 16% 20% 24%

† As of Version 2.0, Very Slow charge speed is no longer used by any commander.


Commanders cannot be bought, but they can be reinforced with the equivalent unit value of 500 Gold.

Damage Matrix[edit]

See also: Damage Matrix
Ground Units Air Units Water Units Special
Villager Soldier Spearman Dog Mage Archer Giant Cavalry Wagon Ballista Trebuchet Balloon Aeronaut Sky Rider Dragon Barge Turtle Harpoon Warship Amphibian Commander Building Stronghold
Attacks 100 120 80 120 85 135 45 60 75 65 60 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 45 75 40
Defends -- 15
-- 15
-- 20
-- 40
-- -- -- 30
45 ? ?

Damage Matrix Commander.png


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