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Unit Icon Thief.png
Thief Battle Sprite.png
Unit Type
Thief Map Sprite.png
A vulnerable unit that cannot attack, but is able to steal 300 gold from any enemy building - and 1000 when ransacking a Stronghold!
Recruited at Hideout
Cost: Gold Icon.png 400
Movement: 6
Sight: 2
Capture: No
“The Thief is sneakiest unit in the game. What they lack in strength, they more than make up with cunning and sleight of hand.”

Thieves are ranged ground units added in the Double Trouble DLC.[1] They cannot attack, and instead can ransack enemy buildings for gold. They're available to recruit from a Hideout for 400 gold.

Thieves have a special command "Heist" which can be done on HQs to steal extra gold. They also have a special command, "Bypass" which allows them to travel through gates without damaging the gate.


Thieves can fill their knapsacks with 300 gold by ransacking enemy buildings, and 1000 gold if they manage to pull off a heist on the enemy Stronghold. Once a building is ransacked it will become neutral.

If a Thief is carrying gold they can't steal any more, and must return to a hideout to deposit it. If a Thief is killed by an enemy while carrying gold they'll drop it, and the faction which killed the Thief will get the gold instead, including the case when they were killed by their own faction due to Wulfar or Orla's grooves. However, two exceptions to these are if a Thief dies because it was in a transport unit which was destroyed for any reason, including attacks or being moved by events or Wulfar's Groove onto tiles that kill them, or because the Thief was launched by Wulfar's groove into sea or lava tiles and would not have died from running out of HP had they been launched onto a land tile instead. Splash damage from Wulfar's groove does still count as killing adjacent Theives, even if the unit they were killed by was launched into a tile that would kill it.

"Thieves are able to instantly neutralise structures, and as such, excel at threatening dangerous areas of the battlefield alone. They are often at their most effective when diverting attention away from the frontlines, and when used effectively, they can turn the economic tide of battle."

Thief Units[edit]

Unit Name Faction Description
Thief Map Sprite.png Rogue Cherrystone Kingdom The roguish Lightfingers learn their trade at the Silver Tower Academy, situated deep within Cherrystone’s northern woods. They are trained in athletics, acrobatics, espionage, counter-espionage, counter-counter-espionage, sneaking, skulking and thieving. Graduates either join Cherrystone’s Guild of Lightfingers or abscond to a life of secrecy and shadows.
Felheim Thief Map Sprite.png Prowler Felheim Legion The hard, white bone of the Prowler’s skeletal face belies its incorporeal nature. Behind its mask, and beneath its tattered robes, its form is shadowy and spectral. These wan and ghostly individuals can slip in and out of buildings with ease, moving with otherworldly silence and stealth.
Heavensong Thief Map Sprite.png Fleetfoot Heavensong Empire So stealthy and agile are the Fleetfoot that their abilities seem almost supernatural. For this reason, many outside of Heavensong believe them to have the magical abilities of flight and invisibility. This is even the official (albeit mistaken) opinion of certain foreign governments. The Fleetfoot wear the mask of the hare as a mark of their nimble swiftness.
Floran Thief Map Sprite.png Sneaker Floran Tribes The Floran are natural-grown hunters, excellent at stalking their prey. The Sneakers are the stealthiest and slyest stalkers of them all. Once a Floran who may possess the skills to become a Sneaker is identified, the individual in question is given an aptitude test. The test is very straightforward - a polished coin of any denomination is held up, and the subject is asked, "On a scale of one to ten, how much do you want this very shiny object?" If the answer is ten or above, the individual in question qualifies to train as one of these elite operatives.


  • The Thief is the only footsoldier in the game incapable of capturing buildings.