Many a Mage

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Many a Mage
Co-op Campaign: Cherrystone, Mission 2

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A group of Mages protect the wondrous treasures that fill the Celandine Vault.
Have Wulfar or the Twins grab the treasure.
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Map Type: Co-op Campaign
Fog of War: No
Reward Stars: Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png (22 Turns)
S-Rank: 18 Turns
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❮ An Infamous Foe
Rendevous ❯

Many a Mage is the 2nd mission of the Cherrystone route in the co-op campaign.

You play as Wulfar and the Twins battling into Cherrystone's Celandine Vault to steal the treasure, which is guarded by Emeric and his apprentice Mages.


Victory: Reach the Treasure, and have both Wulfar and the Twins escape.

Defeat: Wulfar or the Twins are defeated.

Completion Rewards[edit]

Rank Turn Requirement Rewards
D 40
C 32 Menu Icon Achievements.png
B 25 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
A 22 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
S 18 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png Campaign S-Rank Flag.png



  • Many a Mage map
  • Map after Emeric summons Crystals

On Emeric's first turn, he will summon in 4 Crystals (see images) providing the West land mass a considerable defencive coverage. Unlike usual, every mage within the front 3 Crystals's aura will provide an additional +10% health per turn, sustaining the Crystals' health indefinitely until the mages are defeated or the crystals are destroyed. Similarly, the West-most crystal will restore 30% health per turn when Emeric is in its range.

If an ally stands on the lever near the drawbdrige, the drawbridge will be lowered, connecting the two landmasses permanently.

Emeric's army will not advance until approached or injured by a player. Once Emeric has less than 4 Mages on the map, the Barracks will become active and begin recruiting units. Alternatively, if any ally units go beyond the shore of the island, Emeric will become active, advancing on the player, allowing recruitments from the Barracks, and allow all enemy units to move.

If either Emeric's Barracks are neutralised, or the gate towards the Treasure Room is destroyed, Mercia and Caesar will arrive at the end of Emeric's turn. Afterwards, if Emeric's team has less than 10 units on the map, they will receive additional randomised reinforcements, creating an infinitely replenishing army.


12th May, Celandine Vault

Having reached the Cleandine Vault of Cherrystone, the outlaw family spot the great mage Emeric training apprentices. Though Errol is quite fascinated by Emeric's magic, they quickly move on to prepare for the heist. But having let Caesar run away, it won't be long before reinforcements catch wind of their presense.

With the gold secured and the group evacuated, they safely retreat from the vault to meet up with Vesper. Errol seems down about having fought Emeric, and Orla gives some backhanded emotional support, but they're interrupted by Vesper arriving to collect her gold. With that, two of the payments have been made to save Enid. And as they leave Cherrystone, some of the outlaws are glad to have left the nation so stern on criminal activity, but are left unhappy the tyrannical Caesar made his escape.



Opening Cutscene

Thief Neutral.png Alchemist 1: It's no use...

Thief Neutral.png Alchemist 1: No matter how hard I try I can't summon anything bigger than a pebble.

Emeric Neutral.png From pebble to rock to boulder to mountain...

Emeric Neutral.png It has been but a few short months. Don't lose heart, young alchemist.

Emeric Neutral.png Lithomancy is, and has always been, the trickiest form of elemental magic.

Emeric Neutral.png And summoning a Cherrystone is an incredibly advanced technique.

Thief Neutral.png Alchemist 2: We... We never expected to pick it up quickly...

Thief Neutral.png Alchemist 2: It's just that, in practise, the slow progress is... frustrating.

Emeric Neutral.png I understand.

Emeric Neutral.png Unfortunately, the frustration is part of the training.

Emeric Neutral.png Forbearance is the cornerstone of lithomancy. The magic demands it of you.

Thief Neutral.png Alchemist 2: Oh...

Emeric Neutral.png But perhaps we should finish your training early today. I think you might benefit from a rest.

Thief Neutral.png Alchemist 1: Thank you, Sir Emeric!

(Exit Alchemists)

Emeric Neutral.png Ahh... To be young, diligent and impatient. It's like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Emeric Neutral.png Or a pebble and a Cherrystone.

Emeric Neutral.png Hm?

Emeric Neutral.png What was that sound?

Emeric Neutral.png ...I must have imagined it.

(Exit Emeric)
(Enter Wulfar and the Twins)

Orla Neutral.png They summon Cherrystones?

Orla Neutral.png Is that why Cherrystone is called Cherrystone? 'Cause they're all making Cherrystones all the time?

Errol Neutral.png No. They're called Cherrystones because they were developed by that mage, and he's from Cherrystone.

Orla Neutral.png Aye. I suppose that does make more sense...

Errol Neutral.png He's one of the greatest mages alive, you know.

Orla Neutral.png Bet he's no good wi' a slingshot, though.

Errol Neutral.png . . .

Wulfar Neutral.png Alright, you two...

Wulfar Neutral.png It's time to start the heist.

Mission Dialogue

Introduction Dialogue

Wulfar Neutral.png The vault is on that island across from us.

Errol Neutral.png Wow... Look at all those mages. I've never seen so many in one place.

Orla Neutral.png Aye! And they're standin' between us and the gold.

Wulfar Neutral.png Them and this water...

Emeric Happy.png Yes. I raised the drawbridge.

Emeric Neutral.png I knew I heard something...

Orla Neutral.png Maybe ye could just use that wee lever there and let the bridge down again?

Emeric Happy.png Nice try, young lady, but I don't plan on doing you any favours.

Wulfar Neutral.png Not to worry, wean. We have boats and we can get balloons. We'll get to that lever.

Wulfar Neutral.png They've no Ports to counter us - though we'd better keep an eye out for enemy air units.

Errol Neutral.png We've got another boat coming to help us escape too. Right, Da?

Wulfar Neutral.png Aye, son. It'll arrive soon. Once we've got the gold.

Emeric Neutral.png How very confident you are of your success... That confidence may proce misplaced.

Start of Emeric's Turn 1

Emeric Neutral.png If you're serious about pursuing this plan, I should let you know...

Emeric Happy.png ...We'll be giving you a good run for our money.

[Elder Shield]
(Cherrystone crystal appears)

Emeric Neutral.png Mages - summon your Cherrystones!

(Three Cherrystone crystals appear)

Errol Extra.png Wow... He's been teaching them his technique... This is amazin'

Orla Neutral.png How about ye pick yer jaw off the floor so we can get on wi' beating 'em up!

End of Emeric's Turn 2

Emeric Neutral.png Mages! Do not let your crystals fail!

(Crystals recover health)

Errol Extra.png Woah... Those Mages are keepin' the crystals running just by being near 'em.

Wulfar Neutral.png Hmm... So if we defeat the Mages, the crystals will be easier to deal with...

Defeat one Crystal

Thief Neutral.png Gah! Sir Emeric, we lost a crystal!

Defeat two Crystals

Thief Neutral.png Another crystal down...! This isn't good!

Defeat three Crystals

Thief Neutral.png Sir Emeric! Our third crystal has shattered!

Defeat all four Crystals

Thief Neutral.png No! That was the last crystal!

Emeric Neutral.png Take heart- this isn't the end. I still have the power to summon more Cherrystones.

Emeric uses Elder Shield (after initial 4 crystals)

Emeric Neutral.png These Outlaws must not reach the gold!

Ally army reaches shoreline

Emeric Sad.png They've reached our shores.

Thief Neutral.png We're ready for them, Sir Emeric!

Ally army reaches past shoreline

Emeric Neutral.png Your decision to come here was a terrible error in judgement.

Wulfar Neutral.png It wasnae ma decision. But it will be ma victory.

Ally on lever, lower drawbridge

(Drawbridge lowers)

Wulfar Happy.png That's the drawbridge down. Let's get our troops across.

Enemy Barracks neutralised

Orla Neutral.png That's their Barracks down!

Orla Happy.png No more Mages!

Destroyed treasure room Gate

Wulfar Happy.png We've made it into the vault!

Errol Neutral.png Oh my goodness... Look at all that gold!

Orla Neutral.png Ooh, shiny!

Mercia and Caesar arrive (Emeric undefeated)

Mercia Extra.png What in the world?! What's going on here?!

Caesar Sad.png Arf! Woof woof woof!

Mercia Extra.png So this is what you were trying to tell me, Caesar?

Mercia Sad.png No wonder you were so upset!

Mercia and Caesar arrive (Emeric defeated)

Mercia Extra.png What in the world?! What's going on here?!

Caesar Sad.png Arf! Woof woof woof!

Mercia Extra.png So you've been trying to warn me about these Outlaws, Caesar?

Mercia Sad.png If only I'd arrived sooner, I could have stopped Emeric getting hurt...

Wulfar or the Twins reach the treasure

Errol Neutral.png We've done it! We've got the gold!

Wulfar Neutral.png Right, kids - time to make our way to the escape boat!

Mercia's first reinforcement wave arrives (Treasure not reached)

Wulfar Neutral.png They're sendin' in reinforcements! We need to grab the gold and get out of here!

Mercia's first reinforcement wave arrives (Treasure reached)

Wulfar Neutral.png They're sendin' in reinforcements! We need to get to that escape boat!

Mercia's third reinforcement wave arrives

Orla Neutral.png What are they doin'? Sendin' their whole army after us?

Wulfar Neutral.png Aye, maybe. Let's not wait to find out.

Defeat Emeric (Mercia present)

Mercia Sad.png Emeric! No!

Mercia Extra.png I won't let them win!

Defeat Emeric (Caesar present, Mercia not present)

Caesar Sad.png Whine...

Caesar Sad.png Grrr!

Defeat Emeric (Caesar and Mercia not present)

Emeric Sad.png I... I've failed...

Defeat Mercia (Emeric and Caesar present)

Emeric Sad.png Queen Mercia!

Emeric Sad.png I won't let the Outlaws win!

Caesar Sad.png Grrr!

Defeat Mercia (Emeric present, Caesar not present)

Emeric Sad.png Queen Mercia!

Emeric Sad.png I won't let the Outlaws win!

Defeat Mercia (Caesar present, Emeric not present)

Caesar Extra.png Whine!

Caesar Sad.png Grrr!

Defeat Mercia (Emeric and Caesar not present)

Mercia Sad.png I... couldn't... stop them...

Defeat Caesar (Mercia present)

Mercia Sad.png Caesar! No!!

Mercia Extra.png Don't worry, Caesar. I'll get these Outlaws.

Defeat Caesar (Emeric present, Mercia not present)

Emeric Sad.png Caesar!!

Emeric Sad.png I won't let the Outlaws win!

Defeat Caesar (Emeric and Mercia not present)

Caesar Extra.png Whimper...

Defeat Emeric (Treasure not reached)

Orla Happy.png Right, time to grab that gold!

Defeat Emeric, Caesar, and Mercia (Treasure not reached)

Wulfar Neutral.png Sorry, big yin, it's nothin personal. We just need that hold.

Defeat Emeric, Caesar, and Mercia (Treasure reached)

Wulfar Neutral.png That's the last of the big yins. Let's get to the escape boat, kids!

Wulfar escapes (Twins not escaped)

Wulfar Neutral.png Come and get on the boat, weans!

Twins escape (Wulfar not escaped)

Orla Neutral.png Da, come get on the boat wi' us!

Wulfar and the Twins escape

Orla Neutral.png Ha! They didnae stand a chance, Cherrystones or not Cherrystones!

Errol Neutral.png I still wish I knew how to summon those things, though...

Orla Neutral.png Pah! What for?! Didnae do them much good against us, did it!

Wulfar Happy.png Aye! Ye did well, kids! Let's be gettin' on.

Orla Neutral.png Ha! They didnae stand a chance, Cherrystones or not Cherrystones!

Wulfar is defeated

Errol Sad.png Da, no!

Errol and Orla are defeated

Wulfar Sad.png Errol! Orla!

Ally Stronghold is destroyed

Wulfar Sad.png No! Our Stronghold!

Completion Cutscene

Errol Neutral.png That mage Emeric is so good at magic. I'll never be as good as him...

Orla Neutral.png Ye just beat him in a battle, Errol!

Orla Neutral.png Yer always so gloomy. Get over yerself.

Wulfar Neutral.png Ye did well, Son.

Wulfar Neutral.png Yer a great mage and a great commander.

Wulfar Neutral.png Be proud of yerself.

Orla Neutral.png See, Da agrees with me.

Errol Neutral.png . . .

Errol Neutral.png But ye just said I was always so gloomy, and to get over maself!

Orla Neutral.png Och, it's the same thing! I was just bein' supportive!

(Vesper appears)

Vesper Neutral.png Quel dommage!

Vesper Neutral.png With a twin like that, who needs enemies?

Orla Neutral.png Shut yer face!

Vesper Happy.png Just a joke, just a joke.

Vesper Happy.png I can't have you turn on each other now, anyway. It wouldn't make financial sense.

Wulfar Neutral.png Come and get yer money, Vesper.

Vesper Neutral.png No time for pleasantries, Wulfar?

Vesper Neutral.png A little rude, n'est-ce pas?

Wulfar Neutral.png . . .

Vesper Neutral.png Always so po-faced. Lead the way, then.

(Exit Wulfar and Errol)
(Exit Vesper and Orla)

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw 1: I'll be glad to get out of Cherrystone. They're so intolerant of criminal activity here.

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw 1: Still, at least we got the gold.

Thief Sad.png Outlaw 2: Yer right. I suppose it's been worth it. In these situations, one should adopt a positive mindset.

Thief Sad.png Outlaw 2: Chasing down Caesar, for example...

Thief Sad.png Outlaw 2: So the tyranical cur escaped. We might not be happy about it, but perhaps it's for the best.

Thief Sad.png Outlaw 2: When you are adamant in yer pursuit of retribution, you only open yerself up to self-destruction. Voltaire said that.

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw 1: No he didn't.

Thief Sad.png Outlaw 2: . . .

Thief Sad.png Outlaw 2: Yes he did.

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw 1: I don't think he did.

Thief Sad.png Outlaw 2: Look, the point is that it's better to rise above the temptation of vengeance. That's how you elevate yerself.

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw 1: So, what you're saying is...

Soldiers Extra.png Outlaw 1: Don't get mad, get thievin'?

Thief Sad.png Outlaw 2: Exactly!

(Exit Outlaw 1)

Thief Sad.png Outlaw 2: Wait. No...

Thief Sad.png Outlaw 2: No, that's not what I meant!

Thief Sad.png Outlaw 2: Come back! I hadn't finished expounding!

(Exit Outlaw 2)


  • This is one of only two missions in the Co-op Campaign to begin the player with a Port.
    • It is also one of only 3 missions to feature Ports.
  • This is one of only two missions in the Co-op Campaign to begin the player with a Tower.