Worst Enemies Forever

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Worst Enemies Forever
Campaign: Act 1, Mission 3

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Unhappy with her defeat, Ragna decides to take matters into her own hands.
Destroy the enemy Stronghold or defeat Ragna!
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Map Type: Campaign
No of Players: 1
Alliances: 1v1
Fog of War: No
Reward Stars: Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
Ragna additional lore
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❮ A Plague of Skeletons
Lord of the Dead ❯

Worst Enemies Forever is the 3rd mission in Act 1 of the single player campaign.



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Opening cutscene:

<Ragna>: So you won... Who even cares?!
(Enter Dreadsword.)
<Ragna>: All you did was beat up a few lousy, stinking skeletons...
(Exit Dreadsword.)
<Mercia>: I care! And I won't stop until my kingdom is safe!
<Caesar>: Grrrr!
<Ragna>: Enough messin' around!
<Ragna>: I'll crush you myself.

Dialogue box at start of Mercia's turn 1:

Emeric Neutral.png Ragna has moved deep into this region. She's even got a Stronghold.
Emeric Neutral.png A Stronghold is a really important structure that anchors a faction to a region.
Emeric Neutral.png To win, we can either defeat the Stronghold or Ragna herself.
Mercia Extra.png I understand. I'm joining this fight personally!
Emeric Happy.png Look! Over there! One of our Knights has beaten us here.
Emeric Neutral.png Knights are strong, fast-moving units.
Emeric Neutral.png However, they're unable to capture structures. Only infantry and Commanders can do that.
Mercia Happy.png Knights sound great. Let's get started!
Emeric Neutral.png Hold your horses - it seems this Knight is low on health.
Mercia Sad.png Is there something we can do to help?
Emeric Happy.png Indeed there is. This is where Reinforcement comes into play.
Emeric Neutral.png Simply move a wounded unit next to one of your structures and select 'Reinforce'.
Mercia Neutral.png Okay, let's do it!
Emeric Neutral.png Sadly, structures are unable to regain health through Reinforcement.
Emeric Neutral.png However, their health will gradually be restored over time - as will that of certain units.
Emeric Neutral.png All structures regain 10% health every turn...
Emeric Neutral.png And all commanders, such as yourself, regain 5%.

Dialogue box upon Reinforce Knight:

Mercia Happy.png Excellent! Our Knight's back to full health!
Emeric Neutral.png Yes! Though it's important to note that reinforcing has its drawbacks.
Emeric Neutral.png First, reinforcing a unit costs an amount of gold proportional to the unit's value.
Emeric Neutral.png And second, the health restored to the unit is taken from the health of the structure.
Mercia Happy.png Got it - reinforcement costs gold, and transfers health from the structure.
Mercia Neutral.png Okay, I should start by taking control of these Barracks and nearby Villages.

Dialogue box at start of Mercia's turn 2:

Emeric Neutral.png As Commanders, you and Ragna are both powerful units on the battlefield.
Emeric Neutral.png You can easily take down most infantry units and enemy structures single-handedly.
Emeric Neutral.png Make the most of your strengths as a Commander, without risking your neck.
Emeric Neutral.png Remember, the team that loses their Commander also loses the battle.
Mercia Happy.png Okay. I can do this!

Dialogue box at start of Mercia's turn 3:

Emeric Neutral.png Ragna just recruited a Dreadspear - a Felheim Spearman.
Emeric Neutral.png It would be prudent to check the Spearman's Info Screen.

Dialogue box upon opening Dreadspear Info Screen:

Emeric Neutral.png Let me direct your attention to the table at the bottom.
Emeric Neutral.png This table tells us which units the Spearman is especially effective against.
Mercia Sad.png Oh no... it says that they're effective against Cavalry!
Emeric Sad.png Yes, Spearmen will deal extra damage against units such as our Knight.
Emeric Neutral.png Go ahead anc close this window when you're ready.

Dialogue box upon closing window:

Emeric Neutral.png We should make sure not to put our Knight in any unnecessary danger.
Emeric Neutral.png This would be a good time to check the enemy's movement range.
Mercia Neutral.png How do I do that?
Emeric Happy.png Let me show you!

Dialogue box upon selecting Dreaspear:

Emeric Neutral.png By holding this button, you can display how far the selected unit can move.
Emeric Neutral.png Awareness of the enemy's range is important when positioning your units.
Mercia Neutral.png I should keep the Knight out of reach of the Dreadspear.
Emeric Neutral.png Good thinking, My Queen.

Dialogue box at start of Mercia's turn 4:

Emeric Neutral.png Hmm... This part of Cherrystone is more forested than I remember.
Emeric Happy.png We may be able to use this to our advantage!
Emeric Neutral.png Different terrain types have different advantages and disadvantages.
Emeric Neutral.png You may have noticed that travelling through a forest will slow you down.
Mercia Neutral.png Now that you mention it, I also noticed that units struggle with mountains!
Emeric Neutral.png Additionally, some terrain will increase or decrease the defence of a unit.
Emeric Neutral.png Forests will give you a boost in defence, while rivers will make you vulnerable.
Emeric Happy.png You can read more about each terrain type by cheking its Tile Info.
Mercia Happy.png I will! Thanks, Emeric.

Dialogue box upon defeating enemy Village:

Ragna Sad.png My Village! GIVE THAT BACK!!
Mercia Neutral.png ...You won't get it back without a fight.

Dialogue box upon defeating Dreadsword:

Ragna Sad.png Argh! Useless skeletons!!
Mercia Neutral.png If you surrender, we can just end this now. We don't have to keep fighting.
Ragna Sad.png NEVER!

Dialogue box upon defeating enemy Barracks:

Ragna Sad.png WHAT?! This is impossible!
Emeric Neutral.png Great! Ragna can no longer recruit soldiers!
Mercia Happy.png Now's the time! Let's take her down!

Dialogue box upon defeating Ragna/Stronghold:

Emeric Happy.png You did it!
Mercia Neutral.png Phew... that was tough!

Cutscene immediately following dialogue box:

<Ragna>: I... lost? THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!
<Mercia>: 'Impossible'?
<Ragna>: You must have cheated!
(Exit Dreadswords.)
<Mercia>: No.
<Mercia>: It seems pretty difficult to have a reasonable conversation with you...
<Mercia>: So I'm going to go...
<Ragna>: You'd better run!!
(Enter Valder & company.)
<Ragna>: Lord Valder!
<Valder>: Quiet, Ragna. You disgrace yourself.
<Valder>: Stand aside and let me fix your mess.