The Fortress

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The Fortress
Campaign: Act 6, Mission 3

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Emeric and the gang have held off Valder's forces, but now Mercia must face The Fell Lord.
Defeat Valder!
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Map Type: Campaign
No of Players: 1
Alliances: 2v1
Fog of War: No
Reward Stars: Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
Valder playable in arcade
Fell Gauntlet Codex entry
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❮ Felheim (mission)
The Reckoning ❯

The Fortress is the 3rd mission in Act 6 of the single player campaign.



Thumb The Fortress.png


Opening cutscene:

(Enter Mercia and Caesar.)
<Mercia>: We've come so far, Caesar...
<Mercia>: And now that we're almost there... All I can think about is home.
<Mercia>: Things used to be so easy...
<Mercia>: And now the world feels broken.
<Mercia>: I wish Dad was here.
<Mercia>: He always believed in me, even when I doubted myself.
<Mercia>: ...
<Mercia>: If things are broken, I can find a way to fix them.
<Caesar>: Ruff!
<Mercia>: I know we can do this, Caesar. I know we can!
<Mercia>: Let's go!
(Exit Mercia and Caesar.)

Dialogue box at start of Mercia's turn 1:

Mercia Extra.png This must be Valder's fortress.
Caesar Neutral.png Woof!
Mercia Sad.png It's crawling with Felheim troops...
Mercia Extra.png But we can do it, Caesar. We can't let anything stop us now!

Dialogue box upon breaking main gate:

Valder Neutral.png Queen Mercia...
Valder Neutral.png Quite the infiltration. May I ask what you plan to do next...
Valder Neutral.png in my fortress, outmanned and outmatched?
Mercia Sad.png I--
Valder Sad.png Foolish girl! You have less than a score of soldiers by your side...

Dialogue box upon entering Fortress:

Mercia Extra.png This place is huge...
Mercia Neutral.png Let's press on. Valder must be in here somewhere.
Caesar Neutral.png Arf!

Cutscene upon entering Valder's throne room:

(Enter Mercia and Caesar.)
<Valder>: An invasion on my shores and a miscreant queen in my throne room.
<Valder>: How contrary, first to flee and then to invade. You're quite the ruler...
<Valder>: I'm sure your father would be proud.
<Mercia>: Don't talk about my father! You have no right!
<Valder>: Temper, temper...
<Valder>: Your self-control is as lacking as your common sense.
<Valder>: Clearly you need to be taught a lesson...

Dialogue box upon defeating Valder:

Mercia Extra.png This is it, Valder. No more running.

Cutscene immediately following dialogue box:

<Valder>: You've come farther than I would have thought possible...
<Valder>: Your tenacity, your skill... A reign forged in blood...
<Valder>: I suppose that is what you sought when you began this war.
<Valder>: And now all that's left is to kill me.
<Mercia>: You're accusing me of--?! ... Listen, just hand the gauntlet over... I'm tired of all this bloodshed.
(Enter Sigrid.)
<Sigrid>: Tired, are you?
<Sigrid>: Then let me lay you to rest.
(Sigrid attacks Mercia.)
<Sigrid>: Finally, the Key...
<Sigrid>: To think that your father believed it would be safe in the hands of a mere child...
<Sigrid>: And now another monarch of Cherrystone kneels stricken at my feet.
<Sigrid>: But what to do with you? Perhaps I'll send you to meet your father.
<Sigrid>: ...I did so enjoy killing him.
(Sigrid attacks Mercia.)
(Valder steps in to protect Mercia.)
<Valder>: No.
<Valder>: It was you.
<Valder>: You started this war.
<Valder>: You undermined me. You betrayed me. You jeopardised everything I've worked for!
<Valder>: How dare you?
<Sigrid>: ...
<Sigrid>: How dare I...?
<Sigrid>: HOW DARE I?!
<Sigrid>: I am an ancient power! I am a force of arcane sorcery! I AM DARKNESS INCARNATE!
<Sigrid>: Do you have any idea what it's like to be surrounded by asinine, conceited, callow idiots--
<Sigrid>: You squabble and bloviate and think yourselves special and unique.
<Sigrid>: But you're nothing more than infantile, narcissistic morons!
<Sigrid>: But... why am I trying to explain this to you? It's beyond your powers of comprehension.
<Sigrid>: You wish to spare the girl, Valder? So be it.
<Sigrid>: An infant becomes a child, becomes a woman, becomes a corpse...
<Sigrid>: Just as empires rise and fall.
<Sigrid>: She doesn't need my help to find her grave.
<Sigrid>: And I have more pressing matters to attend to.
(Exit Sigrid.)
<Valder>: ...'More pressing matters'?
<Mercia>: So it's her! She's the one who wants Requiem!
<Mercia>: Requiem is--
<Valder>: I know what it is.
<Valder>: But how could...?
<Valder>: Your sword - what is its origin?
<Mercia>: The Cherryblade? It's been passed down through my family for generations.
<Valder>: Could it...? It must be...
<Valder>: Your blade, I believe it is the Key to Requiem - the means by which it may be released.
<Mercia>: !!
<Mercia>:I have to stop her!
<Valder>: If you will accept my aid, I offer it gladly.
<Mercia>: I've spent so long fearing you... Hating you, even...
<Mercia>: I thought... I thought you'd killed...
<Valder>: ...And I believed you had started this war against my people.
<Mercia>: ...We can work together. We can fix this.
<Valder>: Indeed. We must stop Sigrid at all costs, or watch the world burn.
<Mercia>: Let's get the others.
(Exit Valder and Mercia.)

Cutscene following map complete screen:

<Nuru>: Ugh... Where could she be?
<Koji>: Do you... think she made it?
<Nuru>: ...
(Enter Caesar.)
<Nuru>: Dog!
<Koji>: And over there! Mercia! But who's that with her?
(Enter Mercia and Valder.)
<Emeric>: !!
<Emeric>: Mercia, behind you!
<Mercia>: No! Stop! It's okay!
<Mercia>: It's not what you think!
<Mercia>: Valder is not our enemy - it's Sigrid!
<Emeric>: Mercia...!
<Mercia>: Just listen!
(Fade to black, and back.)
<Mercia>: So it was Sigrid all along!
<Valder>: ...and now she has the key to release Requiem.
<Emeric>: We have to stop her.
<Mercia>: Emeric. Dad told you that Requiem is in the Dragon's Cradle, didn't he?
<Emeric>: That's right.
<Koji>: That volcanic island out in the Circle Sea?
<Nuru>: I could do with a change of scenery!
<Mercia>: No time to lose. Come on!
(Exit the gang.)
(Fade to black.)
(Sigrid opens the door to Requiem.)