Shadows in the Mist

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Shadows in the Mist
Campaign: Act 2, Mission 2

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With Sedge defeated, Emeric faces a new Floran threat.
Destroy the enemy Stronghold or defeat Greenfinger!
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Map Type: Campaign
No of Players: 1
Alliances: 1v1
Fog of War: Yes
Reward Stars: Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
Greenfinger additional lore
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❮ Beyond the Border
We Meet Again ❯
Banishment ❯
Making Friends ❯

Shadows in the Mist is the 2nd mission in Act 2 of the single player campaign.

Winning the battle opens up a path to the mission We Meet Again, and two optional side missions; Banishment and Making Friends.


The key of this map is to play defensive. Don't rush aggressively. Make a lot of spearmen and trebuchets. Also prepare for wagons.[1]

Focus on the middle and top of the map.

Wagons play important role. Moving wagon at turn 1 will help you to move up and capture bottom path village by turn 3. And will continue to help bring spearmen/rangers to the front-line. In emergencies, it can be used to block enemies and then easily retreat to heal.

Keep your trebuchets on the path and keep them alive. Inch them close to the battle, so they can help and focus them on Gloom Giants. Kept a soldier on the bottom path too, to help protect the trebuchet and to keep capturing the village.

Continuously capture villages while the enemy are attacking them. They will prioritize villages most of the time. Even the giants will just sit next to a village and keep punching it instead of attacking your troops. The infantry will keep on re-capping villages while trebuchets pummel them. Remember that trebuchets have critical when shooting at maximum range.

There is a limit on how many giants the enemy has. When you kill the last one there will be a message pop up. Once they are gone, start a slow advance along the bottom of the map.

Later on, try to still play defensive but get one or two Knight to help push forward. Make good use of Emeric's Groove at chokepoints and skirmishes, it can also help to stall/block the enemy. The defense boost it gives will soften even the giants blows and enemies will be baited into attacking it over your troops sometimes, saving them health either way.

Look out for the enemy commander, Greenfinger. After the giant he will usually come out. Lure him in to trebuchet fire.


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