Shadows in the Mist

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Shadows in the Mist
Campaign: Act 2, Mission 2

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With Sedge defeated, Emeric faces a new Floran threat.
Destroy the enemy Stronghold or defeat Greenfinger!
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Map Type: Campaign
Fog of War: Yes
Reward Stars: Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png (17 Turns)
S-Rank: 14 Turns
Greenfinger additional lore
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Shadows in the Mist is the 2nd mission in Act 2 of the single player campaign.

You play as Emeric weathering down Greenfinger's misguided assault.

This mission functions as a tutorial on Giants and Trebuchets.


Victory: Destroy the enemy Stronghold or defeat Greenfinger.

Defeat: Emeric is defeated, or the stronghold is destroyed.

Completion Rewards[edit]

Rank Turn Requirement Rewards
D 31
C 25 Menu Icon Achievements.png
B 20 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
A 17 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
S 14 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png Campaign S-Rank Flag.png



  • Shadows in the Mist initial view
  • Shadows in the Mist without fog

This map includes Fog of War.

Unlike most maps, Greenfinger takes their turn first, reversing the turn order. This is not particularly relevant to the gameplay.

Aside from the Barracks, Greenfinger will also receive Giants at the edge of the map on Turns 1, 4, 7, and 10, alternating between the East and South roads. However, he will not recruit any additional Giants.

Upon moving within 9 tiles of the East edge of the map, or at the start of Turn 11, Greenfinger will state he will "not stand idly by". At this point, Greenfinger will move from his position and begin advancing on the player.


13th June, Heart of The Gloomwoods

Greenfinger, enraged by the supposed invaders, aims to protect the forest with the full force of the Gloom Giants, forcing Emeric to defend themselves once more.

Before the fighting can get out of control, a sprightly, enigmatic floran rushes in to calm the situation. She informs Greenfinger of Sedge's lies, and introduces him to Queen Mercia. Having realised his mistake, Greenfinger scorns Sedge, ordering him to await him in the Flooded Forest. Greenfinger promises to hold off Felheim's attack, and grants Mercia the assistance of Nuru on their journey.

Leaving the forest, and with a new ally in tow, they must make their way across the Lost Leagues to reach Heavensong.


Community Guides[edit]

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Wiki Guides[edit]

Simple strategy
Hint: Play defencive, protect Trebuchets at all costs.

The key of this map is to play defensive. Don't rush aggressively. You will be relying mostly on your Trebuchets, so make a lot of defencive, smaller units such as Soldiers and Spearmen.

Focus on the middle and top of the map. Greenfinger will rarely advance units away from where you are, so he won't sneak units past you, and the middle has a very useful line of mountains to defend with. Always keep your Trebuchets behind other units. You do not need to take any risks for this fight, and it's okay to lose Spearmen or Soldiers to take out enemy Giants, Archers, and Cavalry. You can slowly inch Trebuchets forward, by continuously moving the protecting units in front.

You do not know what's in the Fog of War, so assume anything including a 6 movement Cavalry could pop out. Don't assume that nothing can reach your units, they almost certainly can reach further than you realise, and the Trebuchets are far more valuable than a soldier.

Wagons can play an important role. Recruiting a Wagon turn 1 will help you to quickly capture Villages, and allow slow moving units (especially Spearmen) to help protect the Trebuchets sooner, especially as you begin to move forward. In emergencies, it can be used to block enemies and then easily retreat to heal, as Wagons are extremely sturdy.

Continuously capture Villages when they're under attack from the enemy. You can disrupt the enemy heavily, while keeping them in range of Trebuchets, making for safer positions. Even enemy Giants may be used to attack freshly captured Villages.

The enemy only has 5 giants in total (including the one on Turn 1). When you kill the last one there will be a message indicating this. Once they are gone, you can begin to advance without the danger of Giants hurting you.

Later on, try to still play defensive but get one or two Knight to help push forward. Make good use of Emeric's Groove at chokepoints and skirmishes, it can also help to stall or block the enemy. The defense boost it gives will soften even the Giants blows and enemies will be baited into attacking it over your troops sometimes, saving them health either way. Look out for the enemy commander, Greenfinger. After Turn 11 you'll likely see him advance on the player, but he may often retreat when hurt, so end the fight by taking out his Stronghold.


Opening Cutscene

Greenfinger Neutral.png I am the ruler of this forest. The Gloomwoods are the home and hunting grounds of my tribe.

Greenfinger Neutral.png Why do you enter our land, armed and armoured as you are?

Sedge Neutral.png ...In ssshining steel, with shields and swords!

Sedge Neutral.png You see, Greenfinger? They are invaders!

Sedge Neutral.png They've come to ssslay the Floran!

Sedge Neutral.png Sssedge will--

Greenfinger Neutral.png No, Sedge. This is a Greenfinger's duty.

Greenfinger Neutral.png Your invasion ends here, humans. I will protect the Floran at all costs!

Mission Dialogue

Introduction Dialogue

(Gloom Giant attacks Swordsman)

Emeric Neutral.png These Gloom Giants are a force to be reckoned with.

Emeric Neutral.png We need to try and keep them at a distance using our trebuchets.

Emeric Neutral.png While our Trebuchets are unable to move and attack within the same turn...

Emeric Neutral.png ...their range and destructive power render them an immense threat to our enemies.

Emeric Neutral.png Of course, the Trebuchets can't hit what they can't see...

Emeric Neutral.png Sending Battlepups into the mountains will provide us with the perspective we need.

Crossing the midpoint of the map, OR start of Greenfinger's turn 11

Greenfinger Neutral.png I will not stand idly by while you threaten my people.

Defeat 5 Gloom Giants

Greenfinger Neutral.png Our Gloom Giants! You are destroying the guardians of the forest!

Defeat Greenfinger or destroy the Stronghold

Emeric Neutral.png A tough battle. But at least it is at an end.

Emeric's Stronghold is destroyed

Emeric Sad.png The Stronghold!

Emeric Sad.png I couldn't protect it.

Emeric is defeated

Greenfinger Neutral.png It was a mistake to invade these woods.

Completion Cutscene

Greenfinger Sad.png You are strong, Commander, but this forest is my home.

Greenfinger Neutral.png I will bring its might down upon you.

(Enter Nuru)

Nuru Neutral.png Wait, wait, wait! Cool your jets will you?!

Greenfinger Neutral.png My... jets? Nuru, I'm glad you're here. These trespassers have--

Nuru Neutral.png Have what? Wandered into a forest?

Nuru Neutral.png These 'trespassers' are refugees from Cherrystone.

Greenfinger Neutral.png No, Nuru... Sedge was attacked by these people.

Nuru Neutral.png Sedge wasn't attacked! He started the fight! One of my scouts saw the whole thing.

Nuru Neutral.png ...And, Greenfinger... these aren't any refugees.

Nuru Neutral.png ...If I'm not mistaken, we're in the presence of a queen.

Greenfinger Neutral.png You are... Queen Mercia?

Mercia Neutral.png I am. And it's true - we're only here on our way to Heavensong.

Greenfinger Neutral.png ...

Greenfinger Neutral.png Sedge...? What do you have to say to this?

Sedge Neutral.png Nuru... Nuru is lying!

Nuru Sad.png What!?


Greenfinger Neutral.png Enough, Nuru.

Greenfinger Neutral.png Sedge. When our guests have left, you and I will be having words.

Greenfinger Neutral.png Wait for me in the Flooded Forest. Go.

Sedge Sad.png But Sssedge is--

Greenfinger Neutral.png NOW.

(Exit Sedge)

Greenfinger Sad.png My most sincere apologies...

Greenfinger Sad.png I hope you can forgive me and my people for the trials with which we have assailed you...

Greenfinger Sad.png You came to us at a time of need, and you were attacked. Please forgive me.

Mercia Neutral.png ...

Mercia Neutral.png We... We accept your apology.

Greenfinger Happy.png Thank you.

Mercia Happy.png Does this mean you'll help us? That you'll ket us through the Gloomwoods?

Emeric Neutral.png Cherrystone is overrun by Felheim hordes. it won't be long before the Gloomwoods are too.

Greenfinger Neutral.png Of course you may pass through the forest. And as for the hordes...

Greenfinger Neutral.png My warriors and I will do our best to hold them here at the border.

Greenfinger Neutral.png Know that you leave behind an ally.

Greenfinger Neutral.png And though I must stay here to defend the forest...

Greenfinger Neutral.png ...I hope that Nuru, our best hunter, will be able to assist you on your--

Nuru Happy.png Consider it done!

Nuru Happy.png Mercia, old man, dog - I'm coming along for the ride!

Post-mission Cutscene

Nuru Neutral.png So we're heading east?

Mercia Neutral.png That's right.

Mercia Neutral.png We have to cross the Lost Leagues to get to Heavensong.

Nuru Neutral.png 'The Lost Leagues'. Sounds sort of mystical.

Emeric Neutral.png They're more dangerous than mystical. Perhaps a little of both...

Mercia Neutral.png By the way, this is Emeric, my royal advisor.

Nuru Happy.png Haha! Not 'old man', eh? Gotcha!

Caesar Happy.png Woof!

Nuru Happy.png ...Yeah, I'm just going to keep calling you Dog.


  • If you play on a difficulty with the Damage Received setting on at most 76%, it is possible for the soldier at the beginning of the map to survive being attacked by the giant.
  • This is one of only two missions in the game where the enemy takes their turn before the player. The other is Path of Destruction.