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Co-op Campaign: Final Mission

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The ransom has been payed, and it's time for Vesper to return Enid. But the rendezvous doesn't go to plan...
Keep all Commanders alive and defeat Vesper.
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Map Type: Co-op Campaign
Fog of War: No
Reward Stars: Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png (16 Turns)
S-Rank: 13 Turns
Previous Map
❮ The Getaway
❮ Many a Mage
❮ A Prickly Business
❮ Problem-Solving

Rendevous is the final mission of the co-op campaign. This mission concludes the co-op campaign, and the finale to its story.

You play as the combined force of every faction, fighting agsinst Vesper and her hired army of outlaws, to protect Wulfar and the Twins, and rescue Enid.


Victory: Defeat Vesper or destroy her Stronghold.

Defeat: Any ally Commander is defeated.

Completion Rewards[edit]

Rank Turn Requirement Rewards
D 29
C 23 Menu Icon Achievements.png
B 18 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
A 16 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
S 13 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png Campaign S-Rank Flag.png



Rendevous map

Any Barracks or Hideout owned by ally players will always be inactive, therefore you cannot recruit any units. Players can still generate Gold, for Reinforcement.

Initially all units past the river will not move or attack. When less than three units are left on one of the southern sections, or if an ally commander approaches too close to the northern area, the respective West or East half (excluding units inside Vesper's fort) will begin to move and attack. When any ally player approaches Vesper's fort, all units become active.

Vesper will recruit from the central three Barracks outside of the fort walls. When she loses any one of these, she begins to use the Barracks and Hideout available inside the walls.


Vesper is stronger than usual Commanders, receiving these benefits:

  • Regenerates 10% health per turn.
  • Receives an additional 25% Groove per turn. (30% per turn when not in combat, 55% on a turn where Vesper defeats a unit)
  • Receives only 75% the usual damage. (e.g. Commanders average damage goes down to 34)

Vesper will normally not move, attack, or use her Smoke Shroud Groove. When an ally unit gets very close to Vesper's fort, she will begin to move freely, may use her Smoke Shroud groove, and Shadow Sisters will be spawned directly in the centre of her fort.

When Vesper reaches 100% Groove, instead of using her normal Groove, she will summon 2 Shadow Sisters, one on each side of the fort walls. Shadow Sisters are set to receive 100000% damage, meaning any damage will instantly defeat them, however they also receive an additional 40% groove per turn (45% on non-combat turns, 70% on a turn when defeating a unit) and can use the Smoke Shroud groove. If she ever runs out of Shadow Sisters, her next Groove will spawn 2 more, otherwise Vesper will use Smoke Shroud.


To access this mission, you must have completed all 4 routes of the co-op campaign. This includes beating the 4 missions below:


15th May, Forsaken Sands

With the ransom paid, Wulfar, Errol, and Orla make their way to the rendevous point in Forsaken Sands, where Vesper will return Enid. However, Vesper betrays them, buying out Wulfar's clan with the ransom money, and using them to kill Wulfar and the Twins. Meanwhile, the four nations of Aurania gather together to discuss their stolen gold, and after learning of Wulfar's whereabouts journey to the Forsaken Sands to capture his clan and retrieve their gold, only to find a hostage situation. Upon reconvening, they decide to help Wulfar, Errol, and Orla to defeat Vesper.

After finally defeating Vesper, Enid is returned safely—where the leaders of Aurania learn Enid was a pet cat. Unfortunately, the gold is already gone, paid to Wulfar's clansmen. Wulfar offers to retrieve the gold, so long as the outlaws are free to go, which the leaders agree upon. Though they are banished from entering Heavensong again, Tenri allows an exception for Errol and Orla for play dates and sleepovers with Koji. Finally, Valder provides Vesper a choice to either become a prisoner of Felheim, or teach Ragna her family secret of fumomancy. Vesper agrees to teach Ragna, and everyone is accounted for. As they leave to go collect the gold, Wulfar spends a moment with Caesar, admitting he is cute, and leaving together. With Enid safe, the gold returned, and Vesper punished for her actions, Aurania can now return to a state of peace.


Community Guides[edit]

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Wiki Guides[edit]

No guides are written yet. Feel free to contribute by adding your own!


Opening Cutscene

Mercia Neutral.png So, they robbed all of us?

Tenri Neutral.png They breached Koji's mechanical defences - designs of the highest caliber.

Greenfinger Neutral.png And they've successfully avoided our hunters and security measures.

Mercia Neutral.png Hmm... These Outlaws don't mess about...

Ragna Neutral.png That means... it wasn't just me!

Mercia Neutral.png ?

Ragna Neutral.png EVERYONE screwed up!!

Ragna Happy.png IT WASN'T JUST ME!!

Emeric Neutral.png Might I suggest that we use our "indoor voices"...

Nuru Neutral.png Loud-mouth has a point, though.

Nuru Neutral.png They outsmarted all of us and left us in the dust.

Valder Neutral.png That may very well be the case.

Valder Neutral.png But I for one do not plan to let the dust settle.

Tenri Neutral.png Nor I.

Mercia Neutral.png Then, we'll have to track down and return what's rightfully ours.

Koji Neutral.png Our soldiers found them, didn't they, Mom?

Tenri Neutral.png Yes. We received news that the Outlaws have made their way to Forsaken Sands.

Mercia Neutral.png In the Lost Leagues?

Ragna Happy.png Then what are we waiting for?

(Exit Ragna)

Mercia Neutral.png Let's make a plan of action before leaving.

Emeric Neutral.png An excellent decision.

Koji Neutral.png Is anyone going to bring her back?

Valder Neutral.png No. She will return... eventually.

Valder Happy.png I suggest in the meantime that we carry on without her.

(Scene transition)
(Enter Wulfar and the Twins)

Orla Extra.png We've been walking for hours! Are we there yet?

Wulfar Neutral.png Aye, we are. This is Forsaken Sands.

Errol Neutral.png Where's Enid?

Orla Extra.png If this is where we're supposed to meet Vesper, then where is she?

Orla Extra.png Da, we gave her the money, she has to give us Enid back!

Errol Neutral.png This just isnae right, Da. Why isn't she here?

(Vesper appears)

Vesper Neutral.png Oh, but I am here!

Orla Extra.png Where's Enid, ye hag?!

Vesper Neutral.png Hm? Oh dear...

Vesper Neutral.png I seem to have lost her, don't I?

Vesper Neutral.png She's simply nowhere to be seen.

Vesper Neutral.png It's just you three, and little old me...

Vesper Happy.png ...oh, and my clan of cutthroats, of course. You're surrounded, darlings.

(Enter outlaws)

Orla Extra.png Are ye off yer head, Vesper? This is our clan.

Vesper Happy.png Quite the coup de théâtre, is it not?

Wulfar Neutral.png Bill? Phyllis?

Soldiers Extra.png Bill: Well, Chief... With all the gold you handed over to Vesper, she bought us all out!

Errol Sad.png That's what the gold was for?! But what about Enid?!

Soldiers Extra.png Bill: Sorry, kid, I've not seen her. We all like Enid, but...

Soldiers Extra.png Bill: ...Vesper offered us a really good deal.

Wulfar Neutral.png Ye think she won't stab ye in the back? That's what she does to her clans!

Thief Sad.png Phyllis: She ABSOLUTELY PROMISED she wasn't going to do that to us.

Wulfar Neutral.png A promise from Vesper... It's nothin' but black smoke.

Wulfar Neutral.png It'll blind ye, then sicken ye, then leave ye dead.

Vesper Happy.png C'est la guerre, as they say.

Vesper Neutral.png Now, shall we be getting on?

Mission Dialogue

Introduction Dialogue

Emeric Neutral.png There they are.

Mercia Extra.png Yes... But something's not right...

(Vesper appears)
(Drawbridge is raised)

Vesper Neutral.png hahaha!

Wulfar Neutral.png What're ye doin'? Just give us Enid, Vesper. There's no need for a ruckus.

Vesper Happy.png I disagree

Wulfar Neutral.png Ye've got what ye wanted. Ye demanded all the gold in Aurania, and we brought it to ye.

Wulfar Neutral.png Ye wanted our clan, and ye've got them. They're yours, the fools.

Wulfar Neutral.png So give Enid back to her family. She belongs wi' us.

(Vesper disappears)

Mercia Extra.png What?!

(Cutscene starts)

Mercia Extra.png That's what all the robberies were about! They needed money to pay a ransom!

Tenri Neutral.png A ransom paid to that mysterious woman...

Nuru Neutral.png Evil, you mean! Sounds like she's kidnapped someone! And I get the feeling she's spoiling for a fight!

Nuru Neutral.png What do you reckon, queeny? I think we can take her.

Mercia Neutral.png So do I.

Greenfinger Neutral.png Excellent.

Mercia Extra.png Empress? Lord Valder?

Valder Neutral.png Felheim requires the return of the funds that were stolen. Whoever has our gold must pay the price for their villainy.

Tenri Neutral.png Heavensong's requirements are the same. Though the object of our ire may be different to the one we had supposed...

Tenri Sad.png That individual is no less deserving of our censure. Perhaps more deserving of it.

Nuru Happy.png That sounds like a yes to me!

Mercia Happy.png Then it's settled.

(Cutscene closes)
(Commanders appear)

Mercia Extra.png We're going to help you!

Wulfar Neutral.png ?!

Orla Neutral.png Ye mean us?

Mercia Neutral.png That's right!

Orla Extra.png Good, 'cause this old hag here has stolen our clan right when we need to be kickin' her bahookie into next Tuesday!

Wulfar Neutral.png ...

Nuru Neutral.png Problem?

Wulfar Neutral.png No.

Wulfar Neutral.png We could use yer help. Let's get to it.

(Vesper appears)

Vesper Neutral.png Oh. So you found some friends.

Vesper Happy.png Well really, darlings. As if it will make any difference. You're still vastly outnumbered!

Vesper Neutral.png HAHAHA!

Allies reach Vesper's territory

Wulfar Neutral.png Hmph. I just had a thought about Barracks - we cannae recruit now our clansmen are followin' Vesper...

Wulfar Neutral.png Still, anything we capture is one less string to her bow.

Allies reach the northern half of Vesper's territory

Vesper Neutral.png Oh! Here you come! This really is most entertaining!

Caesar defeated 1 enemy

Errol Happy.png Wow, Caesar!

Orla Happy.png Yer amazin!

Caesar Happy.png Arf!

Caesar defeated 3 enemies

Caesar Happy.png Arf arf!

Orla Happy.png Good boy!

Caesar defeated 5 enemies

Caesar Happy.png Woof!

Errol Happy.png Well done, Caesar!

Emeric defeated 1 enemy

Errol Happy.png Woah! Lord-- I mean, Sir-- I mean Lord Emeric... That was amazin' magic!

Emeric Happy.png Hahaha, thank you! And you can just call me Emeric...

Emeric defeated 3 enemies

Wulfar Neutral.png Impressive work, Mage.

Emeric Happy.png I could say the same to you, Chieftain.

Emeric defeated 5 enemies

Orla Happy.png Mr. Emeric! You've got moves!

Emeric Happy.png Hahaha! Thank you!

Mercia defeated 1 enemy

Orla Neutral.png Yer great with a sword, Ms. Queen! Can ye use a slingshot?

Mercia Happy.png Hahaha! I've never tried...

Orla Happy.png Och! We'll sort that! I'll give ye some lessons, and ye'll be a dab hand in no time!

Mercia defeated 3 enemies

Wulfar Neutral.png Ye've got good form there, lass.

Mercia Neutral.png Nicer fighting beside me than against me, isn't it?

Wulfar Happy.png Aye, it's true.

Mercia defeated 5 enemies

Errol Happy.png Thanks for helpin' us get Enid back, Yer Majesty.

Mercia Happy.png Don't mention it.

Greenfinger defeated 1 enemy

Orla Neutral.png Mr. Greenfinger, how do ye make that horse thing?

Greenfinger Neutral.png My stag? It's quite simple really - there is a force called "Vis Vitae", and another known as "Pneuma" (which is not to be confused with Mana, hohoho), and-- Well before I continue are you familiar with the concept of "Prana"?

Orla Neutral.png Never mind...

Greenfinger defeated 3 enemies

Orla Neutral.png Yer really kickin' bahookie!

Greenfinger Neutral.png Um... Yes.

Greenfinger defeated 5 enemies

Greenfinger Happy.png You know, the Floran and the Outlaw clans have a great deal in common.

Wulfar Neutral.png Aye, 'cept we dinnae eat people.

Greenfinger Neutral.png Neither do the Floran! For the most part...

Nuru defeated 1 enemy

Orla Neutral.png How do ye do that flip?! Is it hard?

Nuru Happy.png Nah, it's easy peasy. I'll teach you some time!

Nuru defeated 3 enemies

Orla Neutral.png Yer so good at fightin'! How old are ye?

Nuru Neutral.png I'm... 200 years old!

Orla Neutral.png Wow!

Greenfinger Neutral.png Nuru...

Nuru defeated 5 enemies

Errol Neutral.png Do... Do Floran really eat people?

Nuru Happy.png Do you want the true answer or the comforting answer?

Errol Extra.png ...

Koji defeated 1 enemy

Orla Neutral.png Wow! That fox of yours is impressive! Could I have a go in it some time?

Koji Happy.png Yeah, sure! If you teach me how to use a slingshot.

Orla Happy.png Deal!

Koji defeated 3 enemies

Errol Neutral.png I wish I could build something like Tenko...

Koji Happy.png I bet you could! You should come and use my workshop!

Errol Happy.png You really mean it?! That would be amazin'!

Koji defeated 5 enemies

Wulfar Happy.png That puppet o' yours packs a wallop. It's a good bit of kit, lad.

Koji Neutral.png Thank you, sir!

Tenri defeated 1 enemy

Wulfar Neutral.png I never would have thought fans could be so dangerous...

Tenri Sad.png They are a little more subtle than hammers.

Wulfar Neutral.png Whatever gets the job done, lass.

Tenri defeated 3 enemies

Tenri Neutral.png These Outlaws are undisciplined...

Wulfar Happy.png Aye! We pride ourselves on it!

Tenri defeated 5 enemies

Tenri Neutral.png As undisciplined as they may be, your clansmen are not easily defeated.

Wulfar Happy.png Was that a wee compliment? Thanks, Yer Loftiness!

Ryota defeated 1 enemy

Ryota Neutral.png Your clan is... multitudinous...

Orla Happy.png Thanks!

Ryota defeated 3 enemies

Ryota Neutral.png For Heavensong!

Orla Extra.png "For Enid", ye mean!

Ryota defeated 5 enemies

Orla Neutral.png How's it feel fightin' beside a couple of wee urchins like us?

Ryota Neutral.png My Empress commands it, therefore it is an honour.

Ragna defeated 1 enemy

Ragna Happy.png Hahaha! Another one bites the dust! I'M AMAZING!!

Ragna defeated 3 enemies

Ragna Happy.png Take that, losers!

Orla Neutral.png Why d'ye act like a six year old?

Koji Happy.png Cut her some slack. She's actually only five.


Ragna defeated 5 enemies

Ragna Happy.png This battle will go down in history! They'll call it "THE SQUISHENING"!!!

Errol Neutral.png ...That's not a word.

Valder defeated 1 enemy

Wulfar Neutral.png What's it like fightin' beside flesh and blood comrades?

Valder Neutral.png ...Tremendous.

Valder defeated 3 enemies

Orla Happy.png Is that skull stuck on yer head?

Valder Sad.png No.

Valder defeated 5 enemies

Errol Neutral.png I once read that felheim has the largest library of arcana in the world.

Errol Happy.png I'd love to see it some day.

Valder Neutral.png ...You are moderately less vexatious than your kinsfolk.

Errol Neutral.png Um... Thanks?

Errol and Orla defeated 1 enemy

Orla Happy.png That was a good hit!

Koji Happy.png It really was! You two are amazing!

Errol Happy.png Thanks!

Errol and Orla defeated 3 enemies

Mercia Happy.png You two don't pull your punches!

Orla Neutral.png Aye! We're mega tough!

Errol and Orla defeated 5 enemies

Wulfar Happy.png Good goin', kids!

Wulfar defeated 1 enemy

Orla Happy.png Nice one, Da!

Wulfar defeated 3 enemies

Tenri Neutral.png Your form is a little messy...

Wulfar Neutral.png Is it, now? I'll try to be nice and tidy in future!

Wulfar defeated 5 enemies

Ragna Neutral.png Yes! SMASH 'EM!!

Vesper reaches 100% Groove

Vesper Neutral.png You know what I could use? Some sisters in arms!

Vesper summons Shadow Sisters

Vesper Neutral.png Go forth, my pretty ones! My soeurs de l'ombre!

Neutralise one of Vesper's Barracks

Vesper Neutral.png How charming! You're taking a Barracks! What an endearingly futile thing to do!

Vesper has under 15 buildings

Vesper Happy.png Keep taking things. See if I care! It will do you no good.

Vesper has under 12 buildings

Vesper Extra.png Perhaps you and your little friends could refrain from taking any more structures? It's beginning to try my patience...

Vesper has under 9 buildings

Vesper Sad.png What exactly are you all hoping to achieve here? You really think you can beat me?!

Vesper Extra.png I'm unbeatable! I'm undefeatable! I'm defatigable!

Vesper Extra.png THIS IS ABSURED!

Ally army approaches Vesper

Vesper Extra.png I see you've lost all sense of reason! Really, I tried to warn you, yet you persist in this attitude of blasé defiance!

Vesper Extra.png But this is what you want, I suppose? For me to truly unleath my full might? Well fine then, darlings! That's fine by me!

Wulfar Neutral.png Hot air and bluster, Vesper.

Vesper below 50% health

Vesper Extra.png This is farcical! The insolence! The audacity!

Caesar is defeated

Mercia Sad.png Caesar!

Caesar Extra.png Aroooo!

Emeric is defeated

Mercia Sad.png Emeric! No!

Mercia is defeated

Emeric Sad.png Mercia! No!

Greenfinger is defeated

Nuru Sad.png Greenfinger!!

Nuru is defeated

Greenfinger Sad.png Nuru...

Koji is defeated

Tenri Sad.png My son!

Tenri is defeated

Koji Sad.png Mom! No!!

Ryota is defeated

Tenri Sad.png Ryota...

Ragna is defeated

Valder Sad.png Ragna! ...This cannot be!

Valder is defeated

Ragna Sad.png NOOO!!

Errol & Orla are defeated

Wulfar Sad.png Errol! Orla!

Wulfar is defeated

Errol and Orla Sad.png Da! No!!

Defeated Vesper

Errol Happy.png We did it! We really beat her!

Orla Neutral.png Take that, ye cowbag!

Destroyed Vesper's Stronghold

Errol Happy.png We did it! We really beat her!

Orla Neutral.png Take that, ye cowbag!

Completion Cutscene

Orla Neutral.png Who's surrounded now?

Wulfar Neutral.png Yer beaten, Vesper.

Errol Neutral.png Give Enid back!

Vesper Sad.png ...Since you asked so nicely.

(Enid appears)

Nuru Neutral.png Hold on. All of this... was for a cat?

Mercia Neutral.png Hmm... Yes, that makes sense.

Vesper Neutral.png Well then, ladies and gentlemen - I think I'll be on my way.

Vesper Neutral.png You're in my way.

Valder Neutral.png We require restitution.

Vesper Neutral.png Very well. How does a clan of Outlaws sound? Used, but in good condition.

Tenri Neutral.png Return our gold.

Vesper Neutral.png Alas, I already spent it.

Vesper Neutral.png My new... associates insisted on payment up front, so your quarrel is with them at this point.

Vesper Neutral.png But as a show of good faith, why don't I help you round them up?

Vesper Happy.png If you'll just let me pass, I'll go and fetch them and come straight back.

Valder Neutral.png You are testing my patience.

Wulfar Neutral.png The clan will give ye back yer gold, I'll see to it. But in exchange they'll need their freedom.

Wulfar Neutral.png Can ye make yer peace with that?

Caesar Neutral.png Awoo...

Mercia Neutral.png It's okay, Caesar.

Mercia Neutral.png If Vesper had kidnapped Caesar and asked of me what she did of you...

Mercia Neutral.png If it was the only way to get Caesar back... I would have felt like I had no other choice...

Mercia Happy.png So, Cherrystone accepts your terms. Return the gold, and we will take the matter no further.

Greenfinger Neutral.png We too seek only the return of our property.

Nuru Neutral.png Floran aren't big on taking prisoners. Our Wanted posters say "Wanted Dead or Not at All".

Greenfinger Neutral.png And in this case, not at all will suffice.

Tenri Neutral.png As for us... You will return the gold, and then never set foot on Heavensong soil again.

Orla Extra.png That's not fair.

Koji Sad.png Mom, I had... I had kind of thought, maybe...

Koji Sad.png Maybe Errol and Orla could...

Tenri Neutral.png . . .

Wulfar Neutral.png I'm fine wi' it if you are.

Tenri Neutral.png Let me restate the terms.

Tenri Neutral.png You'll never set foot on Heavensong soil again...

Tenri Happy.png ...except for play dates and sleepovers.

Valder Neutral.png Hmm... I do not consider the terms complete.

Valder Neutral.png They account for the Outlaws and they account for our gold.

Valder Sad.png But they have thus far made no mention of the errant fumomancer who orchestrated this fiasco.

Vesper Neutral.png Oh, may I suggest a slap on the wrist followed by a contrite promise to do better?

Ragna Happy.png Let's pulp her!!

Valder Neutral.png No. I require her unpulped.

Valder Neutral.png Vesper, you will be teaching Ragna how to perform smoke magic.

Ragna Sad.png ?!

Vesper Extra.png NO!

Ragna Sad.png I don't want to learn stuff!

Vesper Extra.png Fumomancy is a family secret!

Vesper Neutral.png Besides, she's clearly a moron.

Ragna Neutral.png YOU'RE A MORON!!!

Valder Neutral.png I will make your options clearer: tutor Ragna in fumomancy, or rot in a frozen dungeon.

Ragna Neutral.png BUT--

Valder Neutral.png Ragna. Fumomancy is an arcane art of great power. If Vesper agrees to teach it to you, you will learn it.

Valder Neutral.png So, what is your fate to be, Vesper? Prisoner or tutor?

Vesper Sad.png Frankly, I'm not sure which is worse.

Valder Neutral.png . . .

Vesper Sad.png Hmph.

Vesper Neutral.png It would be an honour to serve this bel esprit...

Mercia Happy.png It seems that's all settled then, Wulfar.

Wulfar Happy.png Aye. Many thanks to all of ye for showin' up and helping us.

Wulfar Happy.png Now, let's go get yer money back. And then I've got a few things I need to say to ma clan...

(Exit all except the Twins, Caesar, and Enid)
(Enter Wulfar)

Wulfar Neutral.png Come on, kids.

Orla Happy.png Comin'!

Errol Neutral.png Sorry, Da.

(Exit Errol, Orla, and Enid)

Wulfar Neutral.png Okay. I admit it. Yer cute.

Caesar Happy.png Arf!

Wulfar Happy.png Come on then, ye daft wee beastie.


  • This mission has the most number of Commanders of any mission, with 12 controllable commanders, and 1 enemy commander.
  • This is the only instance in the game of Shadow Sisters making an appearance.
  • Despite Vesper using a Groove animation, she is not actually using her real Groove to summon the Shadow Sisters.
    • The Groove Animation is based on a hidden unit called "Vesper_(Boss)", the sole purpose of which is to have a unique Groove name for this animation.
  • This is the only time in either Co-op Campaign or Solo Campaign that a player or opponent is assigned the Orange team colour.
  • This mission features two named Outlaws, Bill and Phyllis. It is likely these are the same Bill and Phyllis of Wulfar's clan seen in Problem-Solving.
    • Wulfar address them directly by name, impyling they are familiar members of the clan.
  • This mission has by far the most dialogue of any mission in the game, with 254 dialogue messages (displayed across 261 dialogue boxes).